It would be so much simpler if content writing websites like and would put a notice on their websites stating that if they ever get successful or start making lots of advertising dollars that they will give their writers the finger and sell their asses down the river.

In the past couple of years, I have written for both of these websites. In the beginning or in their early years when they needed all of the writers that they could get to get their websites going, both websites accepted 99% of the articles that I submitted. I even got a significant amount of page views on both. HOWEVER, after both websites became successful and started making those advertising dollars, that quickly changed.

In approximately 2009, I had about 20 articles posted on then the next day about half of them disappeared. When I emailed them to ask what happened I was basically told that the articles that they removed from their website without even a courtesy email saying that they were going to remove them were deemed “inappropriate.” As you can imagine this really pissed me off because I put the majority of the articles onto the website in 2008 and nary a negative word from them but now that the website was getting those advertising dollars and trying to be “respectable” they kicked my ass to the curb. In return, I kicked their asses to the curb by cancelling my account with them. Take that! My only regret is that I didn’t make a copy of some of the articles that I put on meaning all of my hard work on those articles was erased, gone forever. Bummer! you suck!

People don’t get me wrong. I know that websites like and have to make money to survive but it pisses me off when websites like these forget that it was us little people who helped them out in the beginning and get where they are today. Is there no loyalty anymore? Certainly not when it comes to websites like

In July 2011, I had approximately 17 articles on that I had written over a span of several years but again one day I woke up to find that the majority of them were gone too. I, of course emailed to find out what had happened. According to it wasn’t really their fault that they had to erase my articles, it was Google Panda‘s fault. (For those of you who don’t know what Google Panda is to put it simply it’s basically a algorithm/program that determines whether content on a website is low quality.) So the gist of it is not only erased many of my articles that I did alot of hard work on they also told me in their response email that my articles are crap (or Google Panda did anyway) and not good enough to be on their website. (Hypocrites!) As you can again imagine this pissed me off because some of the articles had been on for a long time (years in fact) and had received a huge amount of page views and now they’re telling me they had to erase them because of Google Panda. I’m sorry you’re full of shit! you had a choice, you just chose money over loyal writers who had been with you in your early days. It’s as simple as that. Why not be a man and say so instead of blaming Google Panda. The ultimate decision was yours. Man up!

ADVICE FROM A LOYAL WRITER WHO GOT SCREWED BY EHOW.COM AND BUZZLE.COM: Watch out for these two websites and make copies of your work! Writers protect yourselves and your precious work!

And if you are a new content writing website or thinking about starting one, study and and learn from their mistakes.

What do you think of &

A. I love and! (P.S. Like Tony the Tiger says, “They’re great!”)

B. I hate and! (P.S. I too got the shaft from these bozos and I ain’t talking about the penis either baby! Although, I wish I were! Low down dirty snicker!)

C. I never even heard of either of these websites! (P.S. Maybe because I have a life! Ha, take that Tina!)

D. I have content currently on at least one of these websites and I haven’t had any problems so far. I think that they’re okay. Hey, Tina, give them a break!

And fellow writers another company to watch out for is Instablogs/Instamedia!  Here’s my story:

And to make a long story fairly short here’s the real story about my experience with the PR 5 online global newspaper, Instablogs/Instamedia.

In 2008, I saw an online ad on Craigslist looking for bloggers at Instablogs so I sent an email expressing my interest and I was eventually asked to create some short articles containing hyperlinks to other websites for $5.00 per article. It was a pretty easy writing gig and an easy way to make a little extra cash while gaining a little extra writing experience. I wrote for Instablogs for a few months until life and better writing assignments happened and I eventually totally forgot about them.

In approximately early 2011 I was surfing Google trying to find any content that I had written in the past in order to get rid of old outdated writing when my name came up in internet searches. In one of my searches some of my old Instablogs writing came up. I then immediately contacted them to ask them to delete all of my writing from their website. I received an email fairly quickly from them stating in no uncertain terms that this was entirely impossible due to the fact that practically all of my old blog entries on Instablogs contained paid sponsor links and they could not delete any of them. I’ll admit that I conveniently forgot that important tidbit and grudgingly accepted that the writing that I did for Instablogs would stay on their websiter forever.

Having fully accepting this fact in my spare time I went back and thoroughly re-read all of my blog entries on the website and conceded that although the writing wasn’t up to my level of expertise now the majority of it wasn’t half bad so I eventually decided to include some of my old Instablogs entries on my new WordPress blog called The Adventures of Shamrock Girl & Friends, Etc. The very blog that you are currently reading this entry on.

I quickly said a silent prayer to for their good judgment, loyalty and professionalism for not granting my wish of deleting my old writing containing paid sponsor links from their website. And to thank them and also get visitors to my new WordPress blog to go visit and read my old blog entries on I decided to give them a little taste on my WordPress blog by putting a paragraph or two from my Instablog entries in a new blog post on my WordPress blog and using a hyperlink to redirect them to my Instablog articles if they wanted to finish reading the rest of the article. Folks after awhile I was surprised to see when I looked at my WordPress stats that I was getting some good traffic to both my WordPress and Instablog websites because of my genius. To try to further my success, I even posted a new blog entry which is something that I haven’t done in years and planned to add a couple more new blog entries every once in awhile. Folks, I was a happy camper until a few weeks ago.

As I was doing a periodic check of the links in some of my blog posts a few weeks ago to make sure that they are still working properly, I started to notice that I was getting a lot of 404/the content was no longer there messages on the links to my old Instablog entries. I recently found out that Instablogs did some kind of major overhaul to their website and got rid of alot of their old content including mine. And folks I can’t tell you how pissed I was about that fact especially since the bastards had sent me an email back in 2011 telling me in no uncertain terms that they could not get rid of my old Instablogs entries because they contained paid sponsor links in them. The lying backstabbing bastards!

Thanks to those cocksuckers I may have to either delete a couple of my Instablog entries on my WordPress website or try to rewrite the content from the deleted Instablogs posts.

Thanks alot, Instablogs!

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    gente said,

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo
    News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

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