This article appeared in the Issue 13 of Dig This Real Magazine.

A. Signs That You Have Come Into Contact With A Bridezilla

1. Do you have a friend or relative who used to be as “sweet as apple pie” but has done a complete 180 and turned into a Witch, ever since she got engaged?

2. Is the only thing that you hear roaring out of her mouth since she got engaged is: MY WEDDING! MY WEDDING! MY WEDDING!

3. Would you happily prefer to have a root-canal over having to be within a 10 foot radius of your newly-engaged friend or relative?

Well, CONGRATULATIONS! You have just come into contact with your first Bridezilla! (God help you!)

And, just in case some of you out there reading this article don’t know what a Bridezilla is, the following is a definition written by author and etiquette expert, Gail Dunson, that pretty much sums it up.

BRIDEZILLAS are a new breed of soon-to-wed women who abuse the idea that weddings are “their day.” They terrorize their bridal party and family members, make greedy demands and break all rules of etiquette to insure that they are the single most important person on the planet from the time that they are engaged to
the time that they are married.

The transformation from good to evil is truly astounding! For a real-life example of this phenomenon, tune into the television show, Bridezillas which comes on at 10 pm ET and 7 pm PT on The Women’s Entertainment (WE) channel. For more info, visit their website at

B. How To Get Rid Of A Bridezilla

There are a lot of ways that a person can get rid of a Bridezilla, but most of them are against the law. Basically, if you don’t want to wind up in jail or in the electric chair, I am going to suggest this less controversial method. Buy her a journal and encourage her to use it frequently.

One of the main reasons why a Bridezilla acts the way that she does or any other
bride for that matter, is the extreme stress that usually comes with planning and
executing a wedding. Go out and buy her a journal so that she can record her thoughts and experiences, good and bad, leading up to the big day.

Frequent journaling can help a Bridezilla get the little things as well as the big
ones off of her chest. This release can actually make her feel better mentally and physically because
some of the weight that she has been carrying around has been lifted.

Also, by recording her thoughts and experiences and then going back and re-reading
what she has written can sometimes make things much clearer and give her some
fresh insight that she didn’t have before. Journaling really can help you solve some of your problems.

When deciding what type of journal to buy for your friend or relative, remember anything goes! The journal that you give to her can be of any size or of any medium. The journal can be small and portable like a pocket-sized notebook or it can be big and bulky and require a forklift to carry it. It doesn’t matter! Also folks, remember that the year that we are currently living in is 2006. The journal has come a long way baby!

– -For those Millennium Bridezillas, you might want to consider giving her a microcassette recorder with a pack of microcassettes. This method of journaling is highly effective for those Bridezillas on the go and for those who love
to hear the sound of their own voices.

– -For those Voyeuristic Bridezillas you might want to suggest to her that she create her own online journal or wedding blog. There are so many sites where she can do this. And do it for free! and are some
good ones. is another excellent one.

At Blogger, she can publish her thoughts and get feedback from other Bridezillas, professional wedding planners, cake decorators, florists, etc. Blogger also lets you post photos! So basically, a Bridezilla can snap a shot of her wedding dress and then upload it for all the world to see and drool over. They also have two other cool features worth mentioning. The first one is called Blogger Mobile. It lets you send photos and text to your blog from your phone. A must for the Bridezilla on the go! The second is Audio Blogger which lets you call Blogger from any phone and leave a message that is instantly posted to your blog as an MP3 audio file! How cool is that!

Remember, whatever method a Bridezilla uses to journal doesn’t matter, just as long as she does it, FREQUENTLY! The main objective in helping a Bridezilla get rid of the stress that is making her act irrationally is for her to get what is bothering her out on paper, cassette, an online journal or blog, or even on a video/dvd. And not to take it out on innocent friends, relatives or hired staff who just want to help.

It’s important as a friend or relative, that you make her see that journaling during this extremely stressful time has so many benefits that she should take advantage of.
For instance:

1. She can use her journal to set goals and deadlines of what she wants to accomplish each day before the wedding.

2. She can really get herself organized which may help to alleviate some of the chaos that comes with planning and executing a wedding.

3. She can keep track of her expenditures. Nothing creates more stress for a Bridezilla than spending money that she doesn’t have.

4. Her journal can serve as a beloved memento that can be shared with the kids one

– -In the case of an online journal, she can help other brides-to-be, by sharing
valuable info like: who are the best caterers in town, the photographers who
are most likely to rip you off, etc.

And do you want to know what the biggest benefit of all is?

Frequent journaling has the power to get rid of a Bridezilla!

And let’s face it, that is exactly what everyone involved in a wedding wants, including the Bridezilla herself.

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