With June 25, 2010 marking the one year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death, it is a very good time to honor Michael’s legacy by using his music as a guide to improve our own lives.


People, literally go to your own mirror and really look at yourself. Think about what negative things about yourself that you can change such as cutting down on the use of profanity or smoking and work on changing them.

Also, try to think about how you can make a change in other people’s lives as well. I mean, really look at that “man in the mirror.” Perhaps try giving $10 or more to a charity that you would like to help or try volunteering your time at a homeless shelter, hospital or even your children’s school. Just do like Michael said and make that change!


People, I want you to live for a long time. One of the things that has been proven to extend one’s life is exercise. So for your assignment, I want you to dust off the old cassette player, put on a pair of leg warmers, ala Jane Fonda 1984, and do a little exercise routine to one of Michael’s earlier hits. Work it, baby! Really feel the burn!

Or if you don’t feel like being that nostalgic, simply download this song onto your Ipod then go out for a nice walk to burn off those unwanted calories and get into great shape. Don’t forget to soak in all the beauty of the great outdoors as you walk. Really feel it!


Do you love to be scared? If so, then treat yourself to a good ol’ fashioned scary movie at your local movie theatre or try renting a scary movie from your nearest Blockbuster video store. If you have Comcast cable, then try going to Fearnet on Demand and watching a scary movie there and really enjoy and scare yourself! Boo!


Did you have a bad day? Do you feel frustrated? Then try going someplace private and screaming at the top of your lungs for a few seconds. Let it go! Get it out! Don’t keep it bottled up inside! Scream! And you just might find that you feel better.


Guys, do something special for that lady in your life. Buy her a small gift, take her out to dinner or simply tell her that you love her. Just be sure to let her know what she really means to you. And most importantly, don’t forget to take her in your arms and slow dance to this lovely song. (And ladies, don’t forget to do the same for your fellas!)


People, every once in a while do something totally unconventional or bizarre! Try to do something completely different that you normally wouldn’t do. For a moment live your life “off the wall.”

It doesn’t matter if it is bungee jumping, performing a song on karioke night or putting mayonnaise on your french fries instead of catsup, just do something different! Be spontaneous and don’t think about things sometimes, just do it! And you’ll discover that there is a brave adventureous person living inside of you that wants to come out more and more.

People, put on any one of Michael Jackson’s songs and dance, cry, laugh, tell stories or show pictures and enjoy life because it is a precious gift that can unfortunately be cut short at any time.

Enjoy life and Michael Jackson’s music!

P.S. I really miss you, Michael!

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    Magnificent website. A lot of helpful info here. I am sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks to your sweat!

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