I originally wrote this article for DaddyLover.com back in November 2009.

Let’s face it, some things suck (pun intended) about the gay dating scene. And one of the biggest suckfests of them all is onLIE, oh i’m sorry, I meant online dating. (Wink, wink!)

I mean, one would think that with all of the technology today that dating would not only get better but be a whole lot simpler, In some ways it has gotten better and some what simpler but unfortunately when it comes to online dating some things have just gotten worse.

You want proof? Read on.


When it comes to online dating, it’s just a fact of life that there are alot of bad people out there who only want one of two things from you.

The first being your hard-earned money. And a professional scam artist will do absolutely anything to get it including posting a bogus profile on a dating website like justguys.net or gaysinglesonline.com or pretending to be something they are oh so not in an internet chatroom. So, watch out for these scumbags. Always remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Online dating tip: Use extreme caution when conversing with anyone online especially if it is by webcam. Take things slow and avoid sharing any deeply personal or financial information. Also, you might want to consider opening up another email address apart from your primary email address to receive emails and messages just in case you decide to not further pursue or end the relationship.

The second thing that a scam artist may be interested in is a weird one. The scam artist may simply be interested in making a damn fool out of you. Again, let’s face facts, there are some people out there who love to play practical jokes on other people. Some of these people may not be doing it maliciously but rather doing it to amuse themselves and others but regardless of the reasons all gay men need to be prepared for the fact that the sweet young thing he has been instant messaging for the past couple of weeks may be laughing his bony-ass off on the other end along with a couple of his buddies at having fooled you by posting a phony profile and rubbing it in about how gullible and stupid you are. Ain’t a pretty thought now is it fellas?


Are you a law abiding citizen, ya’ know a relatively straight arrow when it comes to the law? If the answer is, yes, then reach deep down to your very soul and ask yourself these questions:

“Could you truly be involved with another man who has raped, murdered, molested, robbed or committed some other serious crime in the past?”

“Could you really and truly live with yourself if the man you met and fell in love with online harmed another person or committed a felonious act while you were together?”

I know that this situation may be unusual but when it comes to online dating, anything goes! And let’s keep it real, there are alot of active criminals on the net looking for love and alot of naive gay men who may fall for their spiel, hook line and sinker and are put into this predicament. This may be hard for a gay male to hear but in today’s world this is not something that could only happen in the movies or to somebody else, accept the fact that this could happen to you too!


I think that this one is self-explanatory. While you might think that you have found the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with and he might claim that he is looking for a long-term relationship, warning, this may be just a smoke screen. All the so-called perfect man of your dreams may be interested in is a one night stand. Remember, some guys will say anything to get some penis including lying their asses off. Watch for signs like him wanting to have sex or excessively talking about sex on your first date.

Guys, common sense and thinking with your big head instead of the little head can go a long way in avoiding some of the unfortunate pitfalls of online dating. Always be smart and in the beginning, a little stingy with your heart and maybe just maybe you may find the man of your dreams online who will love you forever and not break your heart.

Good luck!

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