I originally wrote this article for back in January 2010.


I know what you’re thinking. Daddy Lamar sounds like some kind of exotic cajun delicacy from down south. And in a way he really is. (Except for the fact that he is from Utah.) Guys, I kid you not! Get this! This unique daddy was born in 1930 and began his illustrious porn career in the year 2000! For those of you up to doing the math (I know that it is my job to do the math but since I am writing this article dammit i’m gonna’ ask you anyway! Cut me some slack would ya’!) this daddy was actually 70 years old, that’s right, I said 70 years old when he performed in his first film! Holy smokes! (Basically, anyone under the age of 50 is a twink when it comes to this daddy. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!) And guys do you want to know the best thing about this beautiful gay man (Drumroll, please.) He is now 80 years old and still going “fucking” strong! (Pun intended!) Guys, take Daddy Lamar’s lead, when it comes to good ol’ fashioned daddy sex, age ain’t nothin’ but a number baby! (Literally!) Have and enjoy sex, no matter how old you are!


There’s an old saying that nice guys always finish last but when it comes to this
good-looking boy next door daddy, alot of gay men will undoubtedly argue that Jay definitely “comes” first! (Pun intended!) Incidentally guys, when Jay comes it’s usually all over your face, in your mouth and in your anus. Let the semen fall where it may, huh guys! (Omigod, I can’t believe that I just said that, oh, i’m such a nasty boy, and I love it! And according to Jay’s work, so does he!) For an example, check out his films, “Daddy Flies Solo” or his ass spanking daddy masterpiece, “Feed Me Sir” and you’ll discover like so many other Jay Taylor fans have discovered that this 51 year old ass-strapping, dildo-boinking clothespin-using daddy is the bomb!


Singer Diana Ross and alot of fun-loving intoxicated gay guys at the local karioke bar have at one time harmoniously sang together the following lyrics: “I want muscles, all, all over his body, make him strong enough, from his head down to his toes, I want muscles, all, all over his body, make him strong enough, from his head down to his toes!” Hey guys, let me stop you before you go any further and that nasty hangover that you’re about to have sets in and you lose the capabilility of understanding any word that I say, WISH GRANTED! Boy oh boy do you get muscles not to mention Spike gives his boys the most important muscle of all in his films. (Pun intended!) With a body of a greek god and the swagger of The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison (Ironically his last name is Morrison as well.) this muscle daddy is sure to get a sharp rise out of anyone who is lucky enough to be blessed in his presence. Spike is quite a sight to behold! For those of you who require proof, buy a copy of “Daddy Chain” or “Built To Last” and you will become an instant Spike believer too! This daddy is for men who like their sex rough and tough and that’s exactly how Spike gives it to them!


With films such as “Daddy Fantasies”, “Daddy Knows Best”, “Daddy Cruising”, “Daddy Buddies” and “Daddy’s Weekend Layover” (Gee whiz, i’m totally out of breath just saying all of that!) you know that you’re in for some hot daddy lovin’ all night long! And when it comes to Michael’s appendage, long is definitely the appropriate word to describe it! (Loud-ass low down dirty snicker!) This 55 year old 165 pound 5′ 8” daddy powerhouse known as the silver-haired boy fucker (Ahhh, what a lovely name and such beautiful words to the gay ear.) just loves to give lots of cock and receive a shitload of it too! What a guy! In Michael’s films you will get to see lots and lots of expert fucking and sucking which is exactly what we want to see in our daddy porn. Hallelujah! Ya’ know there’s just something about a man with a double letter at the end of his name that makes me hard and after watching some of Michael’s films they will definitely make you hard too (Pun intended!) because he is the daddy porn star with the cock that totally rocks!


Even though it isn’t well publicized, alot of gay men have issues with their bodies just like women do. Some of us may be self-conscious about our vericose-veined legs, saggy bottoms or big ol’ gut bellies. (Enter Daddy Darby!) But when it comes to sex every gay man should keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Another man’s turn-off may be another man’s turn-on meaning some gay men may like a good saggy ass or couldn’t care less if a man has a receding hairline or whatever other flaws that they may have. Some gay men may only be concerned about what kind of person that their partner may be inside, screw all the superficial bullshit or there are some gay men out there who don’t want any kind of serious relationship all they want is to get laid and have a good time! Whatever the reason, enter Daddy Darby! And when I say enter Daddy Darby boy oh british boy does this daddy know how to enter a british boy! (Pun intended!) With his oversized gargantuan belly leading the way this master fetish disciplinarian and spank master can be counted on to put bad little twinks in their place and remind them who is in charge. No matter whether he uses his hands, a sneaker or some hot wax there is no doubt that when you watch one of his many films that Daddy Darby is in full control and all the little boys love it and so do we!

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