That’s a hard question to answer because bottom line, no matter what you say you’re going to upset somebody. Basically there is no clear-cut black and white answer to this question due to the fact that:

On one side, you are going to have some people say, “yes,” sex is just like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.

While on the flip side of the coin, you are going to have some people say that you have the best sex of your life when you are young, dumb and full of you know what.

And then there are some people who will simply say that you can have great sex at any age.

But who is truly right?

Unfortunately, that is another question only each individual can answer for themselves.

But since I am 40 years old and on the cusp of the mature sex spectrum, I am going to say that sex is better when you are older and I am also going to give you a completely unbiased (Wink! Wink!) list of reasons why sex is better as an older adult.

P.S. Don’t hate me because I’m older, beautiful and want to have sex honey!.

Anyhoo, let us begin with the number one benefit of mature sex which is obviously, experience. Remember the old addage, “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Usually by the time that we are in our forties and fifties we are experienced enough to know how to perform fellatio properly, kiss our partner without drowning them in saliva and know where the hot spots are on our lover’s bodies that drives them wild.

One of the primary advantages of experience comes a little old thing that I like to call confidence which is something that the youths of today lack when it comes to sex.

When a person is confident he has the ability to take it all in stride when he can’t get an instant erection or sustain one or gets tired after a short while during sex unlike as a young man when failing to perform on cue seems like a matter of life or death or extreme embarrassment.

Bottom line, experience rocks!

A second benefit of mature sex is the most fun of all, experimentation!

For instance, whether you are single, committed or married, alot of older men want to keep their relationships fresh, prevent them from growing boring and most importantly prevent their partner from straying so are therefore less afraid than their younger counterparts to explore new horizons when it comes to sex which is so important today considering the massive amount of competition out there and especially in this world of sexually transmitted diseases and Glenn Close-Fatal Attraction psychos.

Let’s face it, nobody truly wants to grow older alone.

So many older adults know this, which is why they are more open to experimenting because they have so much more to lose than their younger counterparts.

Experimentation rocks baby!

A third benefit of mature sex is yet another obvious one.

It is called financial solvency.

Again sometimes when we want to spice up or experiment sexually in our love lives, let’s get real, our minds may scream, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” but our bodies may scream just the opposite.

Leading studies often show that at any age (18-80) sometimes performance problems can often arise whether they are physical or mental. Smart individuals eventually accept this fact and then seek some form of help.

Sometimes this help may include resorting to something a little more drastic or unorthodox such as seeking out a sex therapist, psychologist or even a sexual surrogate.

It may also involve things like high-tech sex toys, hotel rooms with room service, four star restaurants or even some salsa lessons.

And guys again let’s face it, these things ain’t cheap!

This is where having some money or kick-ass insurance definitely comes in handy!

Usually by the time we are of a mature age we are more financially stable or have more monetary or insurance help available to us than we had in our youth.

Basically being financially solvent can definitely help make mature sex lives better, rewarding and more fulfilling than in our youth!

Hooray for insurance, money and mature sex!

Case closed.

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