I have a question for all of you real estate professionals out there.
Have you seen an ad like the one below either online or in a newspaper lately?

If you have, great! You are in the loop!

If you haven’t, then you had better educate yourself on this growing phenomenon because it is about ready to explode! And this is one explosion that you don’t want to miss out on.

—-Blog Marketing Help Wanted – (work from home) Furniture Store


We are an online furniture company looking for someone that can write posts everyday in blogs to promote pages of our website. We need someone with experience in Blog Marketing and looking for someone that has a bunch of different blogs related to the home and garden and has good google page rank.


The explosion that I am talking about is Blog Marketing. For those of you out there who don’t know what Blog Marketing is, to put it simply, it is a relatively new and unconventional form of internet advertising that gives a business or an individual the opportunity to promote, sell or bring awareness about their product, service, company, property or cause on a blog or in blog posts.


Blog or a Weblog is basically a journal that is available on the internet. The entries are usually chronological and provide thoughts, commentary or news on a particular subject. When it comes to subject matter on a blog, the sky is the limit meaning that the content on a blog can be about anything. There are comedy, political, business, cooking and sex blogs on the internet, just to name a few. Most blogs are textual but some blogs in addition to having text also have photos, videos, and audio as well as links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its subject.

Blogging is writing about a subject in your blog.

Blogger is the author of a blog or an individual who updates or writes entries in their own blog or someone elses. An individual can do this for free or for a fee.

The Blogosphere is the total number of blogs and blog-related websites on the internet or the blogging community as a social network.

Blog Host is a server or place on the internet where people can find your blog.

Blog Url is the address of your blog on the internet.

Blog Feed is a function of special software that offers a way for people to subscribe to updates and new content on a blog. Information about the updates and new content is then published on another website like Bloglines ( This provides a way for individuals to keep up with the latest and hottest information posted on different blogs.

Reciprocal Blog Link or Link Exchange is an agreement between two blogs or websites where each site places a link on its site to the other.

Ping is a basic internet program that lets you verify that a particular internet address exists and can accept requests.

Trackback is a request by a website to notify them when an individual links to one of their documents.


The question shouldn’t be “who is blogging” it should be who isn’t blogging. People all over the world, young, old, disabled, healthy, black, white, rich, poor, college-educated, high school dropouts, celebrities and average joes are part of the ever growing blogosphere. The Blog Herald, an online newspaper, recently reported that there are over 60 million blogs on the internet worldwide. This number is expected to increase dramatically in the next five years.


For the savvy real estate professional, the benefits of blogging are endless! I have included some of those benefits below.

-Property management companies can “brand” their services or company and become a household name in the process.

-Real estate agent’s can increase their search engine ranking thereby increasing the number of people who visit their websites.

-A commercial real estate advisory firm can increase their website ranking thereby bringing them more clients.

-Landlords, can attract new tenants to a their personal website which could lead to the renting or leasing of their properties.

-Real estate software manufacturers can attract buyers and investors of their software.

-Real estate law firms can keep abreast of the new landlord-tenant laws and cases which can aid them in representing their clients better.

-Real estate professionals can establish themselves as experts in the field.

-Landlord’s can differentiate their properties from other landlords.

-Provides a healthy way for a landlord to vent his frustrations out about difficult tenants and colleagues.

-Provides a forum where landlords can warn each other about tenants who are excessively delinquent in rent and lease payments.

-Provides a forum where tenants can warn each other about slumlords.

-Provides a fun and unique way for small property owners to compete with real estate giants like Donald Trump because you don’t have to be a billionaire to have a successful blog that is read by thousands of people.

-Excellent networking tool. Real estate professionals can use their blogs for business or pleasure like meeting men or women.

-Easy way to find employees. Alot of real estate writers have gotten freelance jobs through their blogs.

-No geographical boundaries. A property owner who puts a listing on his blog of a townhouse that is located in Des Moines Iowa can find a buyer for that house in

Timbuktu Africa.

-Low-cost alternative to television, newspaper and radio advertising.

-Cheap way to get company, service, property, product or cause out to the masses.

-A real estate professional can increase his or her reputation as a leader and innovator.

-Can give a property owner the opportunity to reach a younger more affluent consumer base. Generation Y is considered to be the “internet generation” and more financially sound than previous generations.

-Saves big money on focus groups and research. Most blogs have a comments or feedback section that a consumer can fill out free of charge and let a business know their opinion or thoughts on a product or service.

-Improves internal company relations and creates a better working environment. Blogs give employees a forum to express their ideas and opinions. It’s possible that a company could find an idea from an employee on a blog that could make them millions of dollars.

-Builds credibility for an individual or their business.

-Can raise a real estate professional’s profile in the industry.

-Can be a less time-consuming form of communication. A president of a property management firm can get his or her message out to staff and clients all at the same time instead of having to do it individually.

-Allows you to keep up-to-date with all of the latest trends in the real estate industry.

-Can generate buzz about your product, service, property, company or cause.

-Gives you the chance to make your voice heard on an issue that you either agree or disagree with in the real estate industry.


Starting your own blog is very easy. The only thing that is required before you can set up your blog is an email address. Once you have a functioning email address, the next thing that you have to do is pick a blog host. The number of blog hosts on the internet is astronomical so as a blogger myself I am going to share with you the blog hosts that I use. I personally recommend WordPress, TBlog and Blogger. The primary reasons why I recommend these blog hosts is because they are free, easy to set up and gives you instant traffic to your blog. I have included some of the features from each of these blogs.

-Fast and free blog setup.

-Public or private blog option. You get to choose whether you want only your colleagues to see your blog or if you want it seen by anyone with an internet connection.

-Numerous templates and themes to choose from which lets you give your blog the look that you want.

-Easy tag system which makes it easy for people interested in the same topics as you to find you through specific keywords that your blog posts are classified under.

-Excellent grammar features such as spell-check and preview.

-Photo and videos upload features which gives you the opportunity to share your images.

-Excellent stat system which tells you how many people are visiting your blog, where they are coming from, your most popular posts and which search engine terms are sending people to your blog.

-Superior spam technology which prevents you from receiving junk mail.

-Large blogging community which brings instant traffic to your blog.

-Superior page and blog management tools that help to give your blog a polished and professional look.

-Feed stats system which tells you how many people are subscribed to your blog via your blog’s feed.

-Multiple blogs & authors features which gives you the opportunity to create as many blogs as you want and lets visitors make entries on your blog.

-Custom HTML which stands for Hyper Text Mark-Up Language. It is basic software language that is used to create webpages.

-Hyperlinking feature that allows you to use keywords to link to another blog or website.

As with anything in life, there are alot of good things about TBlog, WordPress and Blogger but there are also some bad things about these blog hosts too.

Let’s take TBlog ( for example. Sometimes it takes a long time for webpages on this server to load which can cause you to lose the post that you were writing about so you have to re-write it again. The post doesn’t get automatically saved. And the worst thing about TBlog is the “Visits Counter” feature. After writing a new post on TBlog, I like to bring up the blog itself while I am still logged into the system so that if there are any errors I can correct them without having to log back into the system. Unfortunately, TBlog counts this as a visit. Sometimes I will check my new post three times and the “Visits Counter” will go up by three.

There are two things that I dislike about Blogger ( The first is minor. The “Dashboard” which lets you access all of the features in your Blogger account isn’t as comprehensive as TBlogs and WordPress’. However, they do have the necessities. The second is major. There is no “Stats” feature on Blogger at all. So basically you don’t know how many people are or who have visited your blog and if an individual happens to locate your blog, you don’t know where they came from. However, an individual can put a hit counter on their blog at Blogger. I tried to do this many times but I had so much trouble doing it that I gave up.

I guess that I spoke too soon when I said that there was good and bad about all three of the blog hosts that I have mentioned in this article. When it comes to WordPress, ( I really don’t have any complaints about this blog host due to the fact that I am a basic blogger meaning that I don’t put any photos or music in my blog posts. Out of all three of them, WordPress would be at the top of my list followed by TBlog and bringing up the rear would be Blogger.


After selecting a blog host, a real estate professional has to decide who will do the blogging for their business. A real estate professional has two choices. They can do the blogging themselves or hire a professional blogger to do it.

If you decide to do the blogging yourself, before you get started you might want to check out some blogs on the internet that are similar to the one that you want to create. Make note of blogs that have a large number of visitors and comments. Also remember that you don’t have to be William Shakespeare to have a successful blog. For example, take 15 year old blogger Michael Yurechko from Vancouver Canada who not only works for a few blogs online but has co-founded one of his own. When it comes to blogging there is no education or age requirement to be a good blogger simply have a basic knowledge or be passionate about the subjects that you write about in your blog and you’ll be just fine.

A second option would be to hire a professional blogger to do the writing for your blog. If you do decide to do this, first read a wide array of the blogger’s work to make sure that their writing style will be compatible with your blog. Next, find out the blogger’s search engine and website rankings. If you can, try to get references from other individuals or businesses who have obtained the blogger’s services. Once you have chosen a blogger, the following things need to be decided.

-Do you want to obtain the blogger’s services on a part-time, full-time or freelance basis.

-Does the writing need to be done onsite or will the blogger work out of their home.

-How often does the blog needs to be updated.

-How much time does the blogger needs to devote to updating the blog.

-If there will be any deadlines for the content of the blog.

-How much the blogger will be paid, how often and the form of payment (i.e. paypal, money order, company check, etc.)

Once all of the terms have been worked out between you and the blogger have a contract drawn up to protect yourself.


Do you want to take advantage of the blog marketing phenomenon but you don’t want to start your own blog or have a professional blogger write the content for your website? I have an option for you. Another unique way to enter the blog marketing world is to pay someone else to mention your business, property, service, product or cause on their blog. If you are interested in this option, I am going to recommend the following company.

The company is called Blogsvertise which is a blog marketing company who runs a program where they pay bloggers to write about companies, products and services on their blogs and put a link to the website or product page as well.

The reason why a company should consider this option is because it not only builds buzz and increases your search engine ranking but it also gives you the opportunity to reach a large consumer base. The majority of blogs accepted into Blogsvertise’s blog marketing programs are blogs that are hot, read by alot of people and have a loyal following. Let’s face it, when anyone starts a blog it takes time to build a following but this option nips that in the bud. Plus, it’s easy to do and you don’t have to do any work, you simply pay someone else to do it. Pricing for this service varies so if you are interested in this option you’ll have to contact Blogsvertise ( personally.


Real estate professionals, if you really want to promote your business, property, product, service or cause on a blog, here are a few tips that will increase your success.

-Submit your blog’s url to all the major search engines like Google ( There are alot of search engines who will do this for free but you might also want to consider paying for this service. There are some search engine submission services that can submit your blog to hundreds of search engines all at the same time. Just remember that it can take weeks for a search engine to include your url in their index.

-Submit your blog’s url to blog directories like Blogarama (

-Place free ads on websites like Craigslist ( and Backpage ( to spread the word about your blog.

-When writing a post include keywords and phrases in the blog post itself and in the blog post’s title so that they can be easily found on search engines preferably on the first or second page. When the majority of people are having trouble finding something on the internet they will enter some keywords on a search engine like Google to find it. So, make sure your blog is search engine optimized.

-Commit to putting interesting content on your blog.

-Try to update your blog at least 3-4 times a week but it is best to do it daily.

-Stay away from foul or profane language on your blog unless it is warranted.

-Print off a couple of copies of your best and most interesting blog posts and put them on community bulletin boards in your area, at your local library, take a couple of copies to networking events and business seminars.

-Have some business cards printed up with your blog’s name, url and short description then pass them out liberally.

-Submit your blog to feeds like Yahoo ( and Blog Digger ( for increased exposure.

-Participate in reciprocal link and link exchange programs like BeLinked ( to bring more traffic to your blog which is a highly effective marketing tool.

-Monitor links, traffic, comments and mentions of your blog with services like Google Alerts ( or Blogpulse (

-Enable automatic trackback and pings.

-Search engine optimize and distribute a press release announcing your blog.

-Always respond to comments on your blog and when you are alerted of a mention of your blog on another blog thank that blogger in the comments of the post.

-Most importantly, have fun and keep blogging!

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    Antony Abegg said,

    Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

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    Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and great style and design.

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