Hey girlie, remember, it’s your day and you can do anything that you want to! (Girls Gone Wild, Woo-Hoo!) And if doing what you want means taking your wedding guests to the “cleaners” financially, then, oh well! So be it! Ka-ching!
Hey, it’s not like you held a gun to their heads and forced them to spend their money on your service! Uh-huh, honey, it was their decision to spend their money on your service. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Faux evil laugh as I rub my hands diabolically together!)

But before I get ahead of myself (which I already have) and you begin to ask yourselves, “What the hell is this chick talking about?” (which you already have) Check this out!

There is a company in Utah named “Speaking Roses.” The company is very unique and innovative. Speaking Roses has developed a process in which photographic images and written words can be printed on the petals of a flower. How cool is that!

I mean, how wonderful is it to have the ability to send another individual flowers and a mini-greeting card all at the same time. And let’s face it, a flower smells a hell of alot better than a greeting card made out of paper. Sorry, Hallmark, American Greetings and Blue Mountain Arts but it’s true and you know it!

Other companies in the floral industry may be able to offer you the same photo and text services printed on a flower but how many of them give a person the chance to be their own boss like Speaking Roses does? Ya’ know be numero uno, the big cheese, basically the big kahuna! Not many. Alot of other companies just don’t want to share the wealth with anyone but themselves and that makes me so sad and mad! (Hey, that rhymes!)

So, listen up enterprising brides: The floral, gifts and greeting card industries make billions of dollars in just the United States alone so why not use your income tax refund to get your share of the American dream pie by becoming a Speaking Roses licensed owner and starting your own flower embossing business and kick-starting it on your wedding day!

Here are some of the benefits of this bridal business launch:

-your customers can give their recipients that “wow” factor that they just can’t get from an ordinary greeting card.

-you can pay back mom and dad the money that they paid for the wedding which is a pretty nice and much appreciated gesture. Yahoo!

-make a steady income off of your future husband’s lame-ass desperate for a date single friends.

-perfect for people with short attention spans who don’t like to read traditional greeting cards. (Loud-ass snicker and a big “omigod!)

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