Cigarette butts, coffee cups, plastic bags, half-eaten food thrown onto your property by passerby’s or debris brought onto your property by storms or strong winds can be a real nightmare for real property owners and managers because it not only makes your property look unkempt and tacky but it can also bring down the value of your property and drive prospective home buyers and renters away. What’s a property owner to do? Below are a few tips on how to keep your property beautiful and litter-free.

Place a few signs strategically all over your property to let people know where to dispose of litter. Try to place signs near garbage recepticles for maximum effect.

If you see illegal dumping taking place copy the license plate, make of the vehicle, the time, date and the location the dumping took place and report it! Don’t let these law-breakers get away with it! Illegal dumping not only de-beautifies a property but it can also be a major health hazard. If you see illegal dumping taking place and you want to report it discreetly, do it online. Just about every state has an online illegal dumping action/complaint form that an individual can fill out that only takes a couple of minutes. To find an online illegal dumping action/complaint form simply go to a popular search engine like Google and enter in the following key phrase, “report illegal dumping.” Also include the state where you reside. For instance, I live in New Hampshire so I the key phrase that I would enter in at Google would be “report illegal dumping new hampshire.” Also, you can report illegal dumping to your local law enforcement agency as well.

Recycling keeps your property looking beautiful, is good for the environment and puts a little money in your pocket. So, recycle, recycle, recycle! Landlords, place labeled bins for cans, bottles, newspaper and plastics in the common areas on your property and encourage your tenants to do this in their apartments as well.

Adopt-A-Street programs are sprouting up all over the United States. The concept is simple. Groups or individuals agree to adopt a street or an area and take responsibility for keeping it clean. Landlords and managers join an Adopt-A-Street program and encourage your tenants to do the same to keep your property looking picture perfect.

Sometimes it takes more than a sign to get people to stop littering. An incentive like a small cash reward, a free watch or perhaps some gift certificates to a retail store or restaurant to a person who has picked up the most trash or reports individuals who are littering can really go a long way in keeping your property beautiful and litter-free.

Landlords or property managers, if you or someone else reports that one of your tenants has been littering impose a fine to let the individual know that littering is unacceptable.

One of the best ways to stop people from littering an keep your property beautiful is one of the simplest. Open your mouth but only if you can do it safely! If you see an individual littering, say something. Let them know where the nearest trash recepticle is, tell them that littering is wrong.

If you see another individual throwing something on the ground, be a good samaritian and pick it up! If you have the time and see litter on the ground, take a few minutes and pick it up and dispose of it properly.

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