It took alot of sweat and hard work to get here but I did it!

I just posted my 100th post on WordPress!


At this time, I want to take the time to thank everyone who have posted comments on my blog, positive and negative! Thanks a heap!

I also want to thank everyone who hit the “Like” button on some of my posts on WordPress! Thanks!

And I want to thank Tatiana Foster for clicking the “like” button on some of my posts on Facebook! Thanks, kitten!

In addition, I would also like to thank everyone for the linkbacks and sharing my blog posts on the social media websites too!

And last but not least, I want to heartily thank WordPress for giving me a wonderful blogging platform to express myself! Thanks a bunch, WordPress! You guys are the best blogging platform in the whole wide world! And I am not just saying that to suck up to you, I really mean it, sincerely! I love the way you guys really care about your bloggers by giving them excellent customer service and valuable tips and tools on how to increase their traffic!

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