Do you want your real estate development company to make an indelible impression on the public?

Is it one of your goals to separate your property management firm from your competition and truly stand out?

Real estate agents, do you want to give your clients a unique calling card instead of the standard business card?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to create some buzz for your business.

BUZZ BUILDER TIP NUMBER 1: Put YOUR OWN stamp of approval on all of your business correspondence and advertising material by printing up some personalized postage stamps for your business.

For those of you out there who haven’t read the latest edition of PERSONALIZED POSTAGE STAMPS FOR DUMMIES, a personalized postage stamp is a United States Postal Service approved mailable stamp that has a picture, photograph or text message added to it by a member of the general public or a non-governmental entity. Personalized postage stamps are hot sellers and have become very popular with the public. An individual can put a picture of their newborn baby, their wedding picture, a beloved pet, their business logo, company website address, and so much more on a personalized postage stamp. These stamps can be put on envelopes, flyers, brochures and postcards just like regular postage stamps.

For a start-up business who really wants to get their name or product out to the public, this is an excellent and reasonably priced way to do it. It is also a good way for those well-established or large chain businesses to take a more personalized marketing approach toward their customers.

There are so many benefits of personalized postage stamps that anyone from New York Real Estate Services Giant, Terra Holdings LLC to individual Bronx Brownstone Owner Joe Schmo can take advantage of. To name a few:

Personalized postage stamps can help a business gain new customers. For example, millions of business correspondence travels throughout the United States every day. A single piece of mail is passed around and seen by numerous people on a daily basis. An envelope with a personalized postage stamp that has a moving company’s logo, slogan and other contact information on it could virtually gain them new customers before the envelope is even delivered to the addressee.

Personalized postage stamps can generate excitement and awareness. A beautifully shot photograph of an antique fireplace in a loft on a personalized postage stamp could cause people to excitedly talk about who took the picture and make them want to learn more about the real estate photographer and perhaps obtain his or her services. A snazzy photo of a new luxury apartment building, the date that it opens and the building’s website address printed on it combined with a private golf club giving away a sheet of 20 stamps to its new members as a welcome gift could alert wealthy prospective tenants and possibly create a frenzy to get into the luxury apartment building.

Personalized postage stamps can be used to announce special events to the public. Property management companies can announce a gala on a personalized postage stamp one year in advance to give their clients, invited guests and the press ample notice of the event so that they can attend and avoid any scheduling conflicts. If year-after-year the gala grows in popularity and becomes a hot ticket event, a personalized postage stamp can become a treasured memento of the event. A personalized postage stamp could also become a valuable stamp if a famous or even infamous person attends the gala at one point and does something newsworthy. Die-hard fans of famous people tend to snatch up as many items as they can with their favorite celebrity on them. These stamps could become a unique collector’s item that both fans and stamp collectors will pay big money for.

Personalized postage stamps can be used to launch your product or brand. For example, if you are a software development company who has created new real estate legal forms & contracts software and you want to promote it, a good way to do it is by putting your company’s personalized postage stamps on postcards with a picture and info about the product and then mailing them directly to real estate agencies, brokers and developers.

Before an individual or business can put personalized postage stamps on their business correspondence or advertising material they first have to create a logo for the stamp if they don’t already have one. When it comes to creating a logo, make it as unique as possible to distinguish yourself from other companies and your competition. The logo should jump out at a person and make them take a second glance. Use your imagination and your heart to create images that you think your target market wants to see. Also, seek imput about your logo from a couple of people from your target market. For a text logo, use different fonts and play around with colors to come up with the best creation. Remember to buy the best logo making software that you can. This is no time to skimp and be cheap. Your logo will define you, your business and your product so buy only the best. If you don’t feel that you are qualified enough to create your own logo, consult a professional and have them do it. Also, remember that a logo doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, I have seen some companies and graphic artists on the internet who charge as little as $20.00 for a logo. But always remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” So proceed with caution.

Although it is a little bit more important for a business to have a logo than a slogan, having a unique catchphrase coupled with a picture image can only help the public identify your business or product even more. When it comes to creating a slogan for your product, make it short and catchy but also keep it simple. When I say simple that means that even an older child should be able to say the words to your slogan. Remember that children grow up and may purchase your product or service someday all because of a catchy slogan embedded in their head at an early age. Also, remember to stay away from long multi-syllable words, technical words & phrases and words in a foreign language when composing your slogan. If you need proof of my advice, take a look at these slogan gems: “Where’s the beef?” (Wendys 1980’s), “Don’t leave home without it!” (American Express 1970’s) and “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” (M&M Candies 1950’s). All of these slogans are short, catchy, simple and get to the point which is why they are so beloved by the general public even to this day.

For those companies who choose not to put their logo or slogan on their company’s personalized postage stamps, there are other options. An eye-catching photograph can be just as effective as a logo. Just remember to obtain the services of the best photographers in their field of specialty. If you choose to use photographs that you took yourself, make sure they are high-quality images that upload easily. Animated and computer generated images are a popular and unique way to go but tend to be a little more expensive. If you know how to draw and would like to create an image for your personalized postage stamps with a “personal” touch? Well, take out a sketch pad and some colored pencils and draw it by hand. Next, take a picture of it with a good camera with a zoom lens. If you don’t know how to draw, obtain the services of a professional artist.

When your artwork and slogan are completed, it’s time to put them on a personalized postage stamp. The United States Postal Service has approved three vendors for this service. They are Endicia Internet Postage (, ( and Pitney Bowes who teamed up with Zazzle for this venture. Zazzle is an online marketplace where an individual can buy or sell custom products that they create on the Zazzle website. To order personalized postage stamps from Pitney Bowes/Zazzle, go Each website has easy step-by-step instructions on how to upload your artwork and text to the stamp. The websites tell you in detail what file and image formats they will accept, the type of content the U.S.P.S. will accept on the stamps, postage denominations, etc. You normally have to register first on these websites to create your own personalized postage stamps but it is free to do so. So, get out there and do it!

Once your personalized postage stamps have arrived. It’s time to put them to work for you. Here are some suggestions:

-Put 3 or 4 of your company’s personalized postage stamps in your press kit. Include a short story about how you came up with the idea for the concept of your stamp(s).

-Send a sheet of 20 stamps to local reporters and writers as gifts to introduce your business. Who knows, they may do a bang-up story about your business in addition to using the postage stamps.

-Ask public and college libraries if you can leave a few sheets of stamps for their patrons periodically. If a patron needs a stamp all they have to do is go up to the reference desk and ask for one. Limit one stamp a day per patron.

-Always keep a steady supply of your company’s personalized postage stamps at the front desk of your business office for tenants, clients, business colleagues, etc. It is also a good idea to keep a few stamps in your purse or wallet just in case someone needs one.

-Are you giving a party or special event? If so, as a parting gift, give your guests a couple of your company’s personalized postage stamps for attending.

-Create a separate webpage for your personalized postage stamp creations on your company’s website or put one of them in the upper right hand corner on the home page of your website.

-Do you want to make some money in addition to promoting your business? Go to and create some personalized postage stamps for your business on their website and become a “contributor” so that you can open up a custom gallery to share your creations with not only the Zazzle community but with anyone who has an internet connection. You not only can make at least 10% profit on each personalized postage stamp that is purchased from your gallery but Zazzle is an extremely popular website, stamps with your company’s info could be seen by thousands of people who may be interested in obtaining your company’s services.

-If your personalized postage stamp meets certain criteria, upload it to stamp collecting sites for additional exposure for your business.

-Send a couple of sheets of your company’s personalized postage stamps to moving companies or housecleaning agencies and encourage them to use them on THEIR business correspondence. This “move” is an easy way to obtain prospective clients or tenants.

-Be sure to mark your territory by putting your company’s personalized postage stamps on ALL of your business correspondence and advertising material.

-Has there been a recent change of leadership at your company or is your company a start-up and would like to introduce the owner or individual in charge? If so, put a photograph of the individual on your company’s personalized postage stamps and send out a notice to shareholders, your competitors and newspapers to let them know of this event.

-If a tenant sends his or her rent payment through the mail, provide them with a return business envelope with one of your company’s personalized postage stamps on it.

-If a valued tenant or client has a birthday coming up, send them a gift that they will actually use. Send them a sheet of 20 personalized postage stamps inside of a birthday card that was signed by all of your company’s employees.

-Do you attend any networking events or belong to any trade associations? If so, attach a couple of your company’s personalized postage stamps with your business info on them to your business cards.

Owning a real estate or real-estate related business requires more than just the usual like collecting rent from tenants, buying rental property or drawing up contracts. So much more is required. For example, to stay a viable entity a business must also keep their offices and rental properties clean and sometimes that means that an owner may from time-to-time have to vacuum the floor, dust the furniture or clean a toilet. It just comes with the territory.

There are so many things that an individual in the real estate industry has to do to remain viable and one of those things is advertising. Rental properties don’t get rented if a landlord does absolutely nothing. A landlord HAS to advertise! It is a must! One of the things that a landlord has to do is put an ad in the newspaper and let people know of an opening in a dwelling so that they can fill it. If they don’t they not only lose money but they will get left behind or blown away by their competition.

The business world can be extremely cutthroat and businesses are always looking for the “next big thing” that will catapult them to household name status and put more dollars in their pockets. Well, the “next big thing” is here! Take advantage of this cost-effective advertising tool! Print up some personalized postage stamps for your business and use them to promote your company, services, product or properties and create some buzz!

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