This is much easier said than done.

Ending any relationship requires a few of the following: strength, a certain fed-up factor, willingness to embark on a new chapter in one’s life, acceptance of a shattered dream and the right timing.

But one of the most important things that women fail to remember when ending a relationship is that it is very important to be very careful and to proceed with extreme caution!

Our primary goal when ending any relationship is to get out of it as quickly, painlessly and safely as possible.

Sometimes when there are big or fragile egos involved this can make ending a relationship extremely unpleasant or downright dangerous!

Reality check! Some men in a relationship just won’t take no for an answer when it comes to a breakup, so watch out and be prepared!

Ladies, if you can avoid entering into a potentially bad relationship beforehand, then you can save yourself a whole lot of heartache but the fact remains that most us when it comes to relationships tend to leap with our hearts and our vaginas first rather than with our big heads and fail to see what was right in front of us in the beginning. This is called a red flag.

Ladies, when entering or deciding to exit any relationship, it is extremely vital that you know the basic red flags.

They are not difficult to learn.

Here are a few:

-This is a major red flag that it’s time to kick his ass to the curb. This is when your partner tries to drive everyone that you care about or cares about you, away. They will put their foot down when anyone tries to come over to your dwelling or invites you over to theirs. Some men don’t even want their partners to talk to or make eye contact with staff in restaurants, drug stores or movie theatres that they go to. Sometimes the toxic partner will go as far as encouraging mean or rude behavior towards these people. And when it comes to isolation it does not only include trying to prevent physical contact from other people but also contact from other people by telephone and email as well. The toxic partner’s ultimate goal is to make you defenseless. lonely and completely dependent upon them.

-A second red flag is the controlling alpha male! This man wants to basically be the master of your universe. He wants to control what you do, where you go, who you talk to, what you eat, how much money you spend, what kind of clothing you wear and yada yada yada! He wants to completely take over your life! In essence, he wants to be your daddy but not in a good way.

-Rule of thumb: If a man hits you once it is usually safe to say that he will hit you again. Ladies, no woman is another man’s personal punching bag! Every woman deserves to be in a healthy non-violent relationship that involves respect. If a man hits you just once, get the hell out of there! There is absolutely no excuse for domestic violence no matter what the abusive partner may say.

– If the words, “bitch”, “stupid”, “loser” “worthless” or any other putdown starts to come out of your partner’s mouth frequently, leave! This is a clear sign that your partner no longer respects you. Whether intentional or unintentional, the toxic partner is trying to hurt you by destroying your self-esteem and you deserve so much better than that.

-When a woman and his partner stop communicating, the relationship is over baby! When people in a relationship stop talking to each other, this is bad news. When one partner constantly avoids discussing topics that are important to the other partner there is no way that the relationship can last. A requirement to a healthy long standing relationship is positive and sometimes even negative communication. When the communication stops, the relationship is over.

-When your partner talks to other women at work, occasionally arrives home late or even goes to a friend’s bachelor party, for a relationship to work their partner has to have a certain level of trust in them and can’t get jealous of every little thing at the drop of a hat. If constant suspicion and the green-eyed monster keep rearing their ugly heads, then it’s time to call it quits for both partners sakes.

-If you just can’t seem to turn off the waterworks or the tears appear at the drop of a hat whenever you or your partner are in the same room with each other, kiss the relationship goodbye. You deserve to be in a relationship that lifts you up not brings you down.

-If your partner stops verbalizing that he loves you, fails to bring you flowers or gifts or stops showing you affection like kissing or making love to you regularly like they used to do in the dating phase of your relationship sometimes we have to face the fact that the spark may have went out of our relationship and it’s time to move on.

-I believe that this red flag is self-explanatory. Nobody but nobody has the right to force sex on anybody! If a woman tells her partner no, that she doesn’t want to have sex but the partner totally disregards her wishes and makes her have sex anyway regardless of whether they are married or not, this is rape! Healthy sex requires the consent of two or more people.

In closing I just want to say that I hope that the red flags that I have shared with you in this article will help you better decide when it’s time to exit a relationship. Remember, one of the keys to any successful relationship is knowledge. So do yourself a favor by frequently visiting your local public library if you don’t have a computer of your own or doing some research from your home computer online about dating and relationships and other matters of the heart. Let me assure you that this knowledge will make knowing when to call it quits in a relationship a little easier and gentler on your heart and your ex-partner’s too.

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