Before you break out the triple decker fudge pot brownies and pop in the movie, Dazed and Confused (P.S. Ben Affleck, you were such an asshole in that movie! By the by, keep up the good work! And don’t forget, air raid bitches!) take a minute to remember the old childhood rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a screaming baby in a stinky-ass poopy diaper in a baby carriage. Or a pram as they say in jolly old England. (At this time I would like to send a shout out to Victoria “Posh” Beckham of the now defunct girl’s bubble gum pop group, The Spice Girls and her good-looking lying cheating soccer playing husband, David Beckham who was brought over here to put soccer on the map in the United States but failed miserably except with mothers who drive station wagons and metrosexuals. Howdy! And David, The L.A. Galaxy? Loud-ass snicker! I never even knew that the U.S. had a major league soccer team! Another Loud-ass snicker!)

But getting back to reality which is something that you might want to do David Beckham, anyhoo, in this post’s case, first comes marijuana, then comes long island iced teas then comes fudge-a-mania in a hot bed issue baby carriage. (At this time, I would like to send out another big shout out to uber writer, Judy Blume who was one of the first author’s to school me on sex, zits, menstruation or menstrooation, the handicapable, jewish people and middle class white people who nickname their kids, fudge and tootsie. Thanks alot Judy!)

Anyhoo, getting back to the subject of this post once again, people consider this hypothetical situation.

There is a guy named John who receives SSDI benefits because he has been diagnosed with PTSD which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is a type of anxiety/mental disorder. It can occur after a person has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death, etc. For his PTSD John has been prescribed the prescription drug, Lexapro to help him with his condition but makes the decision not to take the medication that the doctor has prescribed for him because it makes him too lethargic. After a short time he finds an alternate solution to his dilemma. Instead of taking a 10 mg Lexapro tablet daily, he downs two six packs of Bud Light beer daily. Some of you out there may say, ” to each his own” but here’s where the trouble begins. Once John has made his new found revelation, he still continues to drive his vehicle but under the influence of two six packs of Bud Light claiming that he used to drive the same vehicle under the influence of a 10 mg Lexapro tablet now he’s simply driving under the influence of two six packs of Bud Light beer, what’s the difference? He further goes on to say that when he is behind the wheel he is not breaking the law by drunk driving because he is medical alcohol driving.

What do you think?


In terms of medical alcohol……….

A. If people can smoke marijuana to alleviate their medical problems then why can’t people drink alcohol to alleviate their medical problems too! Let them drive and shutup!

B. I think it is a bunch of bullshit! There is no such thing as medical alcohol it is only an excuse for a loser to drink. Hey losers, hit the bottle! And i’m not talking about the Jack Daniel’s bottle i’m talking about the prescription bottle! Stay off the damn streets if your intoxicated, losers!

C. If these people get caught driving under the influence of alcohol whether they have PTSD or whatever medical condition, they should be punished like everybody else! No exceptions! Drunk driving is drunk driving! I don’t want these people driving on the same streets as I do, it’s dangerous enough for a fully sober person out there let alone an intoxicated person! Stay off the streets or take a cab if you are going to drink!

D. I think there really are people who do some things better like driving when they are under the influence of alcohol. I know that it is not politically correct to say this but that’s just how it is. So deal with it! However, I don’t think they should be driving. Stay home and keep yourself and other people safe if you have consumed alcohol.

E. I think the Social Security Administration should allocate disability benefits to people who qualify to use medical alcohol right away!

F. A special section in grocery stores should be set up for medical alcohol.

G. Doctor’s should give out prescriptions to patients who need medical alcohol and they should get a 50% discount on the alcohol purchase.

H. There needs to be legislation created to regulate medical alcohol. This is a hot bed issue!

I. 10 mg of prescription Lexapro is totally different from two six packs of Bud Light beer! Omigod!

J. Driving under excessive amounts of prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of two six packs of Bud Light beer however driving under the influence of 10 mg of Lexapro is generally considered okay. I would suggest checking with a doctor to make sure though.

K. Hey idiot, it’s illegal to drive under the influence of medical marijuana or marijuana period so how can driving under the influence of alcohol be okay!

L. If you get caught driving under medical marijuana or medical alcohol you should be put in jail and if you receive any kind of disability benefits they should be cut off permanently! It’s only fair! Hey some of us have to work for a living and drive to their jobs!

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