Two days ago, I just finished reading a fictional novel by one of my favorite authors, Terry McMillan.

The novel was called The Interruption Of Everything.

Even though the book kind of reminded me of one of her previous books (i.e. part of me feels like she plagarized from herself), it still was an entertaining read.

The reason why I am mentioning reading this book at all is because I found out an odd but interesting little tidbit in it.

P.S. Of course, i’m always the last to know these things.

In the last part of the novel, the main character’s sister, Joy, is tragically killed and her sister learns that she can make all the arrangements for Joy’s cremation ONLINE!

Furthermore, she also learns that the coroner’s office encourages this option and more and more people are using it!

P.S. Would you use it?

Plus, get this people!

They could also send her sister’s ashes in a box that was available in a multitude of styles (because let’s face it people, everybody wants a flashy urn displayed prominently on their mantle) and gave her the choice of using UPS Ground or FedEx to send it!

P.S. When your dead aunt’s ashes absolutely, positively, have to be there over night!

(Loud-ass snicker!)

Another P.S. I am being such a wise-ass! But I just can’t help it! I mean is nothing sacred?

Anyhoo, in one of the best passages of the novel, the main character Marilyn says something that’s totally spooky, totally true and totally sad.

And I quote, “Living is definitely hard but apparently dying and being put to rest is a whole lot easier these days. Too easy.”

(Loud-ass clapping!)

I totally agree with this statement!

People, no offense, but let me ask you a question.

Call me crazy or old-fashioned or whatever the hell you want to, but is burying a dead person you obviously know such a hardship that you can’t even take the time and go into an actual funeral parlor and make the funeral arrangements IN PERSON?

I mean, must everything be done online?


Is nothing sacred?

Must everything be about convenience, even in death?

Yet Another P.S. Part of me really misses the 1970’s when there was no internet.

But then again part of me doesn’t because I wouldn’t be able to share this article on WordPress with you if there were no internet.

Sometimes technology can really be a double-edged sword!

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