Last Friday I was riding the bus on my way out to Walmart. I had been on the bus for no more than 5 minutes when a middle-aged white lady got on the bus and sat down in one the seats upfront and catty corner to the bus driver. The very second her bum hit the seat she immediately starts telling the bus driver about her SSI benefit situation.

Apparently from what I heard, the woman gets $674.00 a month from SSI. Recently, she received a letter from SSI telling her that due to the increase in the cost of living that her SSI monthly payment was going to increase from $674.00 to $698.00. The woman then told the bus driver who was politely listening to her while deftly steering his way through 5:00 traffic that she was happy for a micro-minute. Apparently 2 days later she receives another letter but this time it was from the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services informing her that due to her increase in cash benefits from SSI that they were going to cut the food stamp benefits that she received by $10.00. And that’s when this chick really went off!

After involuntarily hearing her story, I don’t blame her! I mean people let me ask you this, if the federal goverment deems that there has been a rise in the cost of living and gives a person an increase in their benefits how come the state doesn’t? Unless of course the cost of living hasn’t gone up in New Hampshire which I know is totally untrue since I live in New Hampshire. People, my rent, food, utilities and clothing costs have all gone up. So I wonder how come instead of the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services penalizing this lady for getting an increase in her cash benefits and taking away $10.00 from her food stamp benefits you would think that with a rise in the cost of living that they should be increasing her food stamp benefits by at least $10.00.

I’ll tell ya’ an increase in one thing is just an excuse for Obama and the state governments to screw you in something else!

Geez, louise!!!

Cost of living increase my ass!

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