Hey fellas, here is an imaginary get well greeting card that is sure to make you feel better if you’re feeling under the weather.
(Guys, use your imagination! Picture this…….)
Name of imaginary greeting card:
Hoo-Ha Pie
Script Text:
(Pretty girl is in a blank setting then says in a sexy but sympathetic way)
“Poor baby, I heard that you weren’t feeling so well, so I decided to do something to make you feel a whole lot better.”
(Pretty girl is now in a kitchen setting)
“Honey, I stopped by the grocery store and picked you up (pretty girl holds up each item) some chicken soup, crackers, orange juice, vitamin c and a can of whipped cream so that I can make you my extra special “get well” dessert.”
(Pretty girl smiles coyly and holds on to the can of whipped cream)
(A recipe card for Hoo-Ha Pie now appears on the screen)
Hoo-Ha Pie
1 can of whipped cream
1 Hoo-Ha
(Camera pans down to a close up of the pretty girl wearing sexy underwear, basically a crotch shot)
(Camera then slowly moves upward to the pretty girl’s face)
“Let me show you how to make it. (Pretty girl demonstrates) Spray whipped cream liberally on the hoo-ha area, then eat and enjoy!”
“And honey, remember that Hoo-Ha Pie is best served hot!”
(Pretty girl winks at camera)
“Bye, hope that this made you feel better.”
(Pretty girl then says in sweet voice)
“And incidentally if it didn’t…………..”
(Short pause)
(Pretty girl then says in a loud fake joking voice)
“Screw you, sucka’! You deserve to be in pain!”
(Pretty girl returns to the sweet voice)
“Bye, sweetie.”
(Pretty girl waves goodbye)
(End of imaginary greeting card)

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