I’ll tell ya’ folks, there are alot of things in this world that I simply do not understand and if the truth be told, never will understand for as long as I live.

One of those things is bestiality. For those of you who don’t know what that is, bestiality is the engaging of sexual activity between humans and animals.

When I was a teenager I had a dutch rabbit named Sabastian. I really loved that rabbit!

But folks, I never wanted to “love” or have sex with that rabbit, if you know what I mean. Call me old fashioned, a prude or whatever you want but I think that sex should be among one’s own species, i.e. humans should have sex with humans, animals should have sex with animals and insects should have sex with insects, etc.

So when human beings turn to animals for sex, I really feel that it is a form of rape. Folks, let’s face it, no animal on earth can truly give their verbal consent on whether they want to have sex with a human. And if they can’t do that, to me it’s rape.

Some in the legal field would say that bestiality is the perfect crime because the animal can’t talk or complain about the sex and most people simply don’t want to go there. Bestiality is a very uncomfortable and taboo subject to talk about. But just because we don’t really want to talk about it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. And it could be happening right in your own backyard.

Whether it be that a person is not getting enough sex from their spouse, maybe their spouse is not sexually satisfying them, maybe the person is looking for something different or the person has a morbid curiosity, there are some men and women out there who unfortunately decide to turn to their beloved pets especially their dogs for sex in these situations. And as animals they are powerless to stop this form of abuse.

But you can!

Spouses, look out for the following signs!

Sign 1: Locked Doors
Does your spouse constantly lock the doors to rooms in your dwelling when he or she is alone with your pet? If so, watch out!

Sign 2: Unusual Licking
Does your pet seem to be licking your spouse’s mouth or genital area a little more and longer than they should? If so, watch out!

Sign 3: Travel Everywhere
Does your spouse absolutely insist or demand that your pet go with him or her everywhere? And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! For instance, does your spouse even insist or demand that your pet to go to the restroom with them. If so, watch out!

Sign 4: Intimate Touching
Does your spouse pet or constantly touch your pet’s genital or buttocks area? If so, watch out!

Sign 5: Online & Your Pet
Does your spouse constantly hold your pet in their lap while they are on the internet? Does your pet always seem to be with your spouse when they are online? Do you see quick finger movements on the computer’s keyboard by your spouse when you approach? If so, watch out!

Sign 6: Photos
Do you see your spouse constantly taking pictures of or videotaping your pet but they refuse to show you the photos or tape? If so, watch out!

Sign 7: In Heat
Does your spouse’s pulse seem to speed up? Do they lick their lips? Do they touch themselves? Does his member rise when they get close to your pet? Does your spouse constantly change their underwear after spending time with your pet? If so, watch out!

Unfortunately, if you do discover that your spouse has been having sex with your beloved family pet, do yourself, your spouse and your pet a favor by not covering it up no matter how embarrassing or shameful it may make you feel! You are helping noone if you do. Do the smart thing and notify the police and get your spouse psychiatric help immediately! And try to stay strong! After all, you did nothing wrong and everything right.

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  1. 1

    Mr Rabbit said,

    You are really ignorant. Bestiality is not a choice, it’s a sexual orientation. Like being straight, gay, pedophile, whatever. No, you don’t have to like it, just accept it and don’t hate others based on things you don’t understand. You can’t do anything about sexual orientation. Remember what they used to do to homosexuals?

    • 2

      Chems said,

      Sick idiot, I’m a psychologist and I specialise in helping those with sexual orientations other than what it considered “normal” such as gay and bisexual, and I have also worked on cases involving

      • 3

        bisexual said,

        DICK. define “normal” sincerely, bisexual

      • 4

        Hunter said,

        Idc if your a psychologist, bestiality us only wrong if your forcing the animal to have sex, those with zoophilia develop a relationship with the animal and if the animal so chooses to do so then they develop a sexual relationship with the animal. Zoophilia isnt anymore of a choice than being gay or a furry? So, are you going to go around saying im sick because im a furry?

  2. 5

    Chems said,

    Pedophiles and persons attracted to animals, and it it not a sexual orientation at all. It is as expected a choice made by people who are sick in the mind or have suffered trauma as children, this does not make it alright however and pedophiles and those into such things as beastiality should be prosecuted and put away for a very long time. Saying its a sexual orientation is just a get out of jail free card that has been used lately in courts to try and escape charges if such crimes.

    • 6

      Hunter said,

      Zoophilia is a sexual attraction to animals, it is no worse than being gay or a furry, sure its different but far from bad, so a person develops sexual relations with an animal, its natural for them, i have a sexual attraction to “furry”/kemonomimi anime, but u didn’t choose that. Just let those with zoophilia be because they have dine nothing wrong and fyi: you can probably tell naturally when an animal wants sex with you. So, get over it scrub, people with zoophilia treat their animals very well and only develop the relationship if the animal so chooses to do so

    • 7

      Jupiter said,

      Your a dumbass

  3. 8

    Hunter said,

    This post is very condescending towards people with zoophilia. It really is no more of a choice than being straight or gay, being normal or a furry, etc… Also beastiality is harmful to the animal unless it us forced into it when it does not want to, but people who have zoophilia have a strong relationship with their pet and would not force it anyway, essentially, if your pet wants to have sex with you you’ll probably be able to tell, this is more true if you have a very strong relationship with your pet. Lastly, I dont have zoophilia, i have just read a bit on this stuff, I a furry though :3

  4. 9

    god said,

    die you sick fucks burn in hell if I ever meet one of sick fucks ill shoot in the fucking head you sick dog fuckers

  5. 10

    Bolko said,

    You are ignorant and very close minded. Zoophilia is not rape if the animal wants to have SEX. It isn’t necessary to give verbal consent, it can give consent according to the Communication style of its species. Zoophiles don’t have SEX with unwilling or immature animals, so they have nothing to do with pedophiles. Also, animals can and do have SEX with other species on a regular basis. How can you enforce your Standard of SEX only within the limits of one’s species in that situation?
    I don’t agree completely on the sexual orientation thing. It might be plausible that a few zoophiles are mainly attracted to animals rather than humans, but most do it as a choice. Most have good relationships with humans as well. That doesn’t mean that we must not respect their choice, as long as no animal is harmed.

  6. 11

    Jupiter said,

    This is probly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  7. 12

    missykira777 said,

    my boy freind helps his dog mastrubate…is he zoophilic?

  8. 13

    Daisy said,

    People are actually attempting to defend this abnormal behavior . Anything to normalize a deep sick, twisted, perversion . Engaging in sex with animals is not ok and something of a reprobate mind. you’ll receive the penalty of your actionsp with a deteriorating body. You people should never procreate and need to simply die off . Dear God !

  9. 14

    Daisy said,

    If seeing this nonsense as disgusting.. is being closed minded, please double bolt, lock mine and throw away the mother fuckn key. Unbelievable! Nasty nasty nasty!!!!

  10. 15

    Brad. said,

    So I shouldn’t say , my dog humped the couch when friends come over and notice his huge cock is knotted and dragging on the floor because I just finished jerking him off in my mouth and was just about to sit on that huge piece of meat and glide it deep in my bum ?
    Happened a cpl times. I just said he was humping the couch and the dog is weird. The other time I jerked my buds dog and he came in and noticed him hung !! He said that was biggest he ever saw him. Little did he know I had been letting him mount me and jerking sucking him for yes. His dog always came to my place down the street. My chance to get right off ! The dog came for the same reason. He loved doing me.

  11. 16

    Yosi said,

    What a crap of shit.

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