Are you a greasy spoon owner?

Do you want to turn over a new leaf?

If so, here are some tips.

First, get rid of the 6 cans of used grease that you store in Crisco cans in your kitchen.

Second, get rid of the 29 bags of frozen hamburger patties and 30 bags of frozen french fries in your freezer.

Third, get rid of the 175 packages of Twinkies and 80 cans of Mountain Dew sitting on your counter.

Fourth, take a nice long break because getting rid of that much junk food can really wear a person with clogged arteries the hell out.

Fifth, do what a lot of health conscious people in the world do and replace the junk food that you threw out with alot of green leafy salads chocked full of vegetables or try serving some turkey burgers or lean ground round and healthy beverages like fruit juices and smoothies instead and turn over a healthy new leaf!

P.S. Just because a sandwich or burger wrapped in paper doesn’t have a big ol’ grease stain on the bottom doesn’t mean it can’t make a healthy profit!

Healthy food rules!

But so does junk food in moderation, of course.

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