As a black person myself one of the the things that really pisses me off is when an advocate in favor of making an illegal Hispanic immigrant’s status legal use the argument, “Hispanics will do jobs that even Blacks won’t do.”

Generally people the jobs that these advocates are referring to are menial labor/extremely low paying jobs.

My response to this is “Excuse me, but I thought that the United States of America was a free country where one of the luxuries is that a person regardless of race has the right to choose whatever job that they want.” And I believe that if a Black person doesn’t want to do that job then that’s their God given American right!

People, what I truly admire about these crafty advocate bastards is the way that they create a big-ass smoke screen by diverting a person’s attention away from the true issue and that issue being that these Hispanics have entered the USA illegally and not only aren’t supposed to be here but haven’t earned the right to be here either! To put it simply, they are breaking the law! And in my opinion they sure as hell shouldn’t be rewarded for it, in other words, granted American citizenship just because they will do jobs that even Blacks won’t do. That’s nothing but a copout and a failure to take responsibility for their illegal actions and that ain’t right!

Incidentally at this time, I would like to send a great big ol’ shout out to all of those kick-ass immigrants, white, black, brown, red, yellow, etc. from all over the world who have filled out a shitload of paperwork and given themselves completely over to answering many questions and being constantly investigated just so that they could enter this fine country of ours legally. Hey kick-ass immigrants, you have made our dear lady of liberty damn proud! God bless you new fangled Americans and God bless America!

Anyhoo getting back to the subject. Regarding these so-called jobs that Hispanics will do, in terms of employment, you have two kinds of employers when dealing with this issue. First, those employers who knowingly hire illegal Hispanic immigrants and second, those employers that are totally unaware of an illegal Hispanic immigrant’s legal status.

In these terms, to me it’s simple really. If you are an employer who knowingly hires an illegal Hispanic immigrant then you are just as guilty as they are (You’re breaking the law, idiot!) and you should be punished accordingly right along with them. And if you are an employer who accidentally hires an illegal Hispanic immigrant then you need to work with the INS or your local police department to rectify this situation.

People, I am not a racist but a realist. I know that everything in life is not black and white or in this case, black and brown. I know that there are alot of innocent illegal Hispanic immigrants who may be here illegally for several good reasons such as a safety issue like they will be killed if they return to Cuba or Mexico for standing up for a cause that might be illegal in their country or the illegal Hispanic immigrant is very poor and only enters the United States to make a better life for their child.

Part of me really sympathizes with them on some of these situations but however sad that these situations are these illegal immigrants are still breaking the law. And since these illegal immigrants want to be legal citizens of America so bad that they are willing to break the law they have to take all of America including their justice system. And being here in America illegally is a crime. A crime that has consequences and repercussions.

Furthermore I know that alot of these advocates will say places like Las Vegas’ economy will shut down if illegal Hispanic immigrants are deported but I laugh at these imbeciles because deep down in my heart I truly believe that America will take a major hit but like the beautiful summer sun she will rise no matter what! America is a powerhouse, an unstoppable force that you can’t stop from overcoming. And I truly believe that it can survive the deportation of millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants.

P.S. Look at our current economy, which totally sucks, with all these illegal Hispanic immigrants and tell me if it is truly better now with all of them still here.

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