When Yahoo purchased the content generating website Associated Content back in 2010 I personally knew that it was the end even if noone else knew it at the time. I mean a big-ass corporation like Yahoo buying a small-ass innovative up and coming company like Associated Content and destroying it was inevitable.

Yahoo proudly claims that ever since they bought Associated Content the quality of the writing from their writers has gotten better but for all of you people not in the know, that is total bullshit! The only people it has gotten better for is the executive staff at Yahoo. It’s barely conceivable to me at times that Yahoo has single-handedly destroyed the creative process on Associated Content in such a short period of time.

For example, in the golden years of Associated Content one of the luxuries bestowed on a AC writer was the ability to have his new content published immediately after three of his or her previous works had been previously published thereby instilling in their writers a sense of trust, freedom and flexibility that makes the creative process heavenly flow but now thanks to those idiots at Yahoo that unfortunately is no more because every single piece of content that a writer composes is reviewed by a totally incompetent lame-ass content manager and sometimes it takes that totally incompetent lame-ass manager two long-ass weeks to get around to reviewing the content which totally sucks! I mean heaven forbid if a new article is put up immediately on Associated Content that is not deemed good enough to generate Yahoo a shitload of money or may offend one of its precious advertisers!

People i’ll tell you that when the late great vocalist, Freddie Mercury of the kick-ass rock group Queen once sang, Another One Bites The Dust, who the hell knew that he would be referring years later to the creative downfall of the once glorious website, Associated Content!

So to all of you greedy corporate bastards at Yahoo Voices which the company is now called (By the by dudes and dudettes, the name Associated Content was much better) I want to take the time to say that you guys and dolls totally suck! And shame on you for ruining the creative process at the formerly glorious website known as Associated Content! You oughtta be sooo ashamed of yourselves! I mean even if the great writer Jane Austen was alive and totally starving and had no other means to make money other than on your website i’ll tell ya’ even she wouldn’t go near your crappy corporatized website!

Anyhoo, I also want to take the time to thank you for being everything that a greedy stereotypical corporation is. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the Wall Street/Gordon Gekko of this new decade and thereby only caring about your fat wallets and not caring if you screw the little guy (Your writers and their creativity) in the process. You guys truly are corporate pigs! Gordon Gekko would be so proud of you! Yahoo, you have truly proven that greed is good!

I said it before and i’m going to say it again, Yahoo you totally suck! And I want to implore you if ever in the future you are thinking of pulling a “Google” meaning thinking of opening up a “Adsense” kind of program, for the love of God please don’t! At the rate that you are going you will muck that up too! So please don’t even start the madness! Oh, i’m sorry! You already did and it’s called Yahoo Publisher.  Forgive me!  Update:  But you also mucked up your Google Adsense ripoff program and ended it in 2010 which is no surprise.

(Loud-ass snicker!)

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