I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t know which is worse…………………

Cellphone Pictures or Webcam Pictures??????

I mean both of these bitches are worse than a Driver’s License Photo put together!

It’s sooo weird!

You would think that with the invention of all of this new-fangled technology that we have today that the quality of the pictures would only get better but in my opinion they’re only getting worse!

Hell at this rate, we might as well go back to those days when they used all of those big-ass cameras with the lightbulbs in them Al Capone/Eliot Ness 1930’s days when the quality of the pictures was fantastic!

I mean what the fuck is going on J. Edgar Hoover?????

I mean it’s a sad fucking day for new-fangled technology when a Polaroid Camera can take a better picture than any Cellphone or Webcam can!

And this is making me extremely suspicious!

I hate to say it but I am going to.

Can anybody out there say conspiracy?

It seems to me that for some unknown and some weird-ass reason some person or entity doesn’t want the quality of the pictures to get better they only want them to suck ass!

I mean it shouldn’t take a decent hardworking earthling like myself 1,000 tries to take 1 decent passable picture that only a handful of people on the internet will laugh at when I upload it to my Facebook page!

I mean something’s definitely wrong!

Something stinks to high hell in suburbia!

And people I am telling you that it is a nasty-ass, raunchy conspiracy stench!

And I think that the above paragraphs have proven my point!

Case closed but my stinky-ass conspiracy theory definitely remains open!

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