Here is a poem that I wrote for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  Enjoy!

Hey snow on Thanksgiving, whoa!
You’re pretty but not yet, no!
I’m just not ready for it, oh please no!
No offense Thanksgiving snow but I
got things to do, I really gotta’ go!
For instance, going to Black Friday
sales where I can save a bunch of dough.
Christmas Tree selecting while I guzzle
down a nice hot cup of joe.
Which is why rain, sleet and especially
snow, you all gotta’ go!
I’m sorry but I don’t want to have to pay
to get my car a tow!
Or wait an hour for the snow on the streets to
get a mow!
I got ants in my pants and I really gotta’ go!
So snow on Thanksgiving Day heck no!
Hey snow be my friend not my foe!
And please please please just go!
Happy Thanksgiving not Merry Christmas
ho, ho, ho meaning no snow!
Snow on Thanksgiving Day is just plain low!
I mean am I reaping what I sow?
I mean I don’t think so.
Okay Thanksgiving snow, listen up because I
have a bribe for you, yo.
Please please please go and i’ll buy you a
nice Christmas present all wrapped up and
topped with a cherry-shaped bow!
Thanksgiving snow, please just go!

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