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With the upcoming release of the latest Ironman movie, I have been doing some light thinking and have come up with the following ridiculous hypothesis.

The way I see it, when it comes to superheroes or superheroines, if you don’t have at least ONE spectacular film or tv series or ONE shitty-ass film or tv series made about you then you haven’t truly made it in Hollywood, America or in Andy Warhol-like Campbell Soup Cans Pop Culture so basically you are a pathetic punk-ass wannabe in waiting.  Sorry bitches, that’s just how it is!

And to prove my point I have included a couple of spectacular and shitty-ass examples below.


The Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger (Spectacular) Movie

– Batman starring Adam West (Cheesy Spectacular) Tv Series

Batman & Robin starring George Clooney (Mega Shitty-ass) Movie


– Superman 1 & 2 starring Christopher Reeve (Spectacular) Movies

– It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman! starring David Wilson (Mega Shitty-ass) 1975 ABC Tv Musical


– Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter (Spectacular) Tv Series

– Wonder Woman starring Cathy Lee Crosby (Mega Shitty-ass) Tv Movie

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As a fan of the reality tv show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, I decided to check out one of their sister shows, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last week on cable on the station ON DEMAND when I was bored and had nothing else better to do and received the shock of my life!

As I was watching the show I couldn’t believe it when I saw one of my favorite child stars, a barely recognizable Kim Richards and heard about her problems with alcohol and Brandi Glanville‘s tale of her carrying around a shit-stained travel pillow!

As an adult child of an alcoholic who has severed all ties with her alcoholic father and hasn’t seen his sorry ass in over ten years due to the fact that he refused to stop drinking, hitting his wife, verbally abusing his children and at times threatening to harm them physically, I really hope that Kim’s children have not severed all ties with her because of her alcoholism.

I also wanted to say that as a fan of your films, Escape to Witch Mountain and Tuff Turf Kim, I hope and I know that with perseverance, hard work and will power that you can conquer your demons with the bottle and have a happy life and hopefully return to the big screen again!

Fans of yours like me really miss you!  Good luck to you Kim and may God bless you!

P.S.     When I was a youngster I always wanted a black cat named Winky, a starcase, to be in a fun yet cheesy 80’s cult movie with brilliant actor Robert Downey Jr.  and to dance around seductively for hunky talented actor James Spader in a fun yet cheesy 80’s cult movie and give him a big kiss too!

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