With the upcoming release of the latest Ironman movie, I have been doing some light thinking and have come up with the following ridiculous hypothesis.

The way I see it, when it comes to superheroes or superheroines, if you don’t have at least ONE spectacular film or tv series or ONE shitty-ass film or tv series made about you then you haven’t truly made it in Hollywood, America or in Andy Warhol-like Campbell Soup Cans Pop Culture so basically you are a pathetic punk-ass wannabe in waiting.  Sorry bitches, that’s just how it is!

And to prove my point I have included a couple of spectacular and shitty-ass examples below.


The Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger (Spectacular) Movie

– Batman starring Adam West (Cheesy Spectacular) Tv Series

Batman & Robin starring George Clooney (Mega Shitty-ass) Movie


– Superman 1 & 2 starring Christopher Reeve (Spectacular) Movies

– It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman! starring David Wilson (Mega Shitty-ass) 1975 ABC Tv Musical


– Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter (Spectacular) Tv Series

– Wonder Woman starring Cathy Lee Crosby (Mega Shitty-ass) Tv Movie

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