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(Verse 1)
-Come and join
-Give a coin
-Praise the lord
-Salvation’s the reward

-In the God club, you’re in
-Cleanse the soul of many a sin
-Gain a new family who wants you to win
-Learn bout Jesus, fish, loaves and wine, sorry no gin
-The church gives you a chance to start over, be born again
-Amen, hallelujah, i’m ready, so let the baptism and my new spiritual life begin

(Verse 2)
-Bible study
-Bring a buddy
-Priest in black
-Confessional yak


(Verse 3)
-Christmas mass
-Beautiful stained glass
-Birthday Jesus
-Joyous day pleases us


(Verse 4)
-It’s okay if you’re not a sweetie
-Remorse and change absolutely must be
-We all have in life crosses to bear
-I will do my best to overcome them oh God, I swear


(Verse 5)
-Now that I am a God club member I will pray
-Diligently serve you by doing good everyday
-Forgive me God for the past, today hear my new voice
-Hooray, I am now a christian, it’s time for me to rejoice



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