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Lately i’ve noticed that after posting a piece of writing to my blog WordPress keeps putting short messages to the side telling me how I can boost my traffic or bring even more readers to view my blog. The latest one that WordPress has really been pushing is Zemanta. Basically the gist of it is, is if I want new followers or readers to my blog I have to either go to their blog and start following them or I have to put a photo or article that they created onto my blog usually in a subject related post and then they will do the same. To put it simply, a reciprocal link.

In essence to me what is being said here is if you don’t follow me or put my photo or article up on your blog then i’m not gonna’ follow you and put any of your photos or articles on my blog, so there! No new traffic for you!

Folks, I know that this kind of traffic boosting method has been around for a long time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting reciprocal links or works on your blog to get more traffic but folks call me crazy if you want when I say that isn’t this kind of a form of blackmail?


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