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Yahoo, how could you!

Why did you have to replace the uber-fantastic classic Yahoo Mail with the ultra-shitty new Yahoo Mail?

It totally stinks!

And why do you feel the need to trick your customers who have and love classic Yahoo Mail into switching to the new stinky Yahoo Mail by any means necessary!

Bait and switch, Yahoo, that ain’t right!

Yahoo, why won’t you let those customers who don’t like the new Yahoo Mail switch back to the old but totally kick-ass classic Yahoo Mail if they want to?

Yahoo, haven’t you bitches and bastards ever heard of a democracy?

Obviously not because if you did I wouldn’t have written this blog post trashing your icky new email system.

Yahoo, I want you consider this.

Most people in life don’t want to eat vanilla ice cream all of their lives!

They want fucking variety like chocolate, butter pecan and cherry garcia!

Hey Yahoo, I hope you faux-genuises get the hint of this blog post!

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Hey, just because he’s name after English royalty doesn’t mean that he’s destined for greatness or any other kind of “ness” for that matter.

Henry Cavill, the British white boy best known for two things:

The first being playing semi-adequate second fiddle, Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, to bad boy British actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers who portrayed King Henry VIII on the former hit Showtime series, The Tudors from 2007-2010.

And second for often fucking any lady or wench with a pulse on that show.

That’s quite a resume, people!

(Loud-ass snicker!)

Anyhoo, to make a long story somewhat short, Henry Cavill is the lucky-ass motherfucker that was ultimately picked to play superhero extraordinaire, Superman in the latest installment of the popular comic book series that’s slated to be released in June 2013.

And in my opinion, I think Hollywood made a big mistake!

No offense people or Mr. Cavill, Henry may actually do a stellar job and perhaps may even win an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of this iconic character but to me, big fucking deal! I still think Hollywood made a big mistake!

To me, Henry Cavill will always be a nasty-ass sixteenth century man whore. That’s just how it is, baby!

Folks, don’t get me wrong, in Henry’s defense he’s no where near the nasty-ass new millenium 21st century man whore that Australian actor, Ryan Kwanten portrays on HBO’s hit series, True Blood as Jason Stackhouse but he’s damn close!

And this is the main reason why I have such beef with this guy portraying Superman.

And folks before I go any further it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Henry Cavill is British born and Superman is the ultimate symbol of Americana.

I personally think that Texas American born, Renee Zellweger did a kick ass job as British diary writing icon, Bridget Jones so that nationality shit doesn’t really matter to me however the nasty-ass sixteenth century man whore thing does.

Let’s face facts people, acting wize, Henry Cavill is no Renee Zellweger and he certainly is no Daniel Day Lewis, the kick-ass British actor who did a phenomenal job portraying American President Abraham Lincoln!

I’ll tell ya’ it’s a damn shame when every time that I think of the upcoming Man of Steel movie, i’m picturing sordid scenes like Superman screwing Lois Lane doggy style on top of editor in chief, Perry White’s desk!

Oh well, what’s done is done!

Being a big fan of Superman, I really hope that Henry Cavill does a great job and doesn’t turn the iconic superhero character into a soft core porn joke.

Anyhoo, Superman, you go Man of Steel!

P.S. Christopher Reeve and George Reeves portrayals of Superman were the best and still are the best to this day so suck on that Henry Cavill!

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Get your raunchy, nasty ass gifts here for all occasions!

With the new movie, Spring Breakers, out starring former Disney stars, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens combined with the fact that some college students were out last week and some college students are out this week for Spring Break 2013 furthermore combined with my regular viewing of porno videos on one of my favorite porn sites, Slutload, I have begun to do some semi-serious thinking and have a question to ask in particular to college boys pledging fraternities and that question is . . . . . .

Dudes, is it really worth it for a straight guy to suck the dick of a senior fraternity member, another pledge or a paid stripper during the initiation/hazing process while a bunch of the other nasty-ass senior fraternity members voyeuristically look on while at the same time filming it just to get into a fraternity? (And this also applies to gay men pledging a fraternity as well as girls pledging sororities too.)

Dudes, if only mom and dad and your pastor could see your naked nasty-asses now!

Dudes, I know that to some young men getting into a fraternity is a very important things especially if a legacy is involved but in my unsolicited opinion you shouldn’t have to suck dick to get into a fucking fraternity.

Call me crazy pledges but what about those crazy fraternity hazing days of the past that consisted of drinking contests, wooden paddle ass spanking like they did to Kevin Bacon’s sweet firm ass in the classic fraternity film, Animal House. I mean whatever happened to senior frat members making pledges do stupid-ass and sexist-ass things like ranking a woman’s hotness online or making pledges do illegal things like stealing a rival college’s mascot or a big ass box of condoms from the drugstore? Whatever happened to making pledges do degrading-ass shit like wearing women’s clothing or carrying around barnyard animals for a whole week? I mean, where did all that acceptable fraternity hazing shit go?

I’ll tell ya’ dudes, having to suck another man’s dick just to get into a fraternity is just wrong and goes way over the line!

Pledges, I know that you are 18 and over and therefore old enough to make your own decisions but for the love of god have some self-respect for yourself and the next person that you have sex with!

So to all of you future college boys out there thinking about pledging a fraternity one day where you will most likely be asked to suck a dick during the initiation process, let me school you guys by giving you a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea! And here we go!

Reason 1:
Although the senior frat members tell the pledges that what happens in the frat stays in the frat, this is not always the case. Dudes, you wouldn’t believe the astronomical number of college hazing porn videos floating out there on the internet today just waiting to be viewed by me and any Tom, Dick or Harry simply because of one disgruntled senior frat member. And dudes, the majority of those videos involve straight men sucking dick for the first making them even more profitable and valuable to porn sites everywhere. So dudes, you better think!

Reason 2:
Dudes, this one should be the most obvious. STD’s! Sexually Transmitted Diseases! Because let’s face it, most fraternities don’t require their members, pledges or paid strippers to take AIDS tests before they are allowed to pledge that fraternity or put that dick in their mouth. And most fraternities don’t have an onsite doctor or nurse either. So again dudes, you better think!

Reason 3:
Dudes, what if you pledge a fraternity and suck a dick and don’t get in! No pun intended, but that not only blows but it also sucks big time! Dudes, basically you sucked a dick for nothing and if you are straight you’ll have to live with that shit for the rest of your life and also put it on your list of regrets. So again dudes, you better think!

(P.S. And to avoid ruffling any feathers, I just want to say this to all of my gay male readers out there, sucking dick rules! Straight men just don’t know what they are missing which is some good-ass tasty-ass sausage!)

Moving on!

Reason 4:
Dudes, what if the guy’s dick you sucked one day becomes famous? For instance, let’s say that the guy becomes a United States Senator who vehemently tries to pass legislation to ban gays from marrying and all other sorts of things which really pisses off a gay writer from GLAAD or the National Enquirer and they start an investigation in order to get some serious dirt on them to discredit them and accidentally stumble upon a college hazing video of you sucking the Senator’s dick to get into a fraternity! What if this happens years later and you are married with children and have a well paying career! Omigod, the fallout for the both of you! So again dudes, you better think!

Reason 5:
Dudes, what if you do decide to suck a dick to get into a fraternity and successfully get in and after you graduate from college life is good to you then one day 25 years later your son decides to pledge the same fraternity and he gets into the fraternity too but without sucking dick. Dudes, just picture the disgusted and shocked look on your son’s face when on a cold rainy day with nothing to do but drink warm beer and look at old pledging videos your precious son come upon the video of you doing a damn fine job of sucking some guy’s monster dick! Dudes, do you think your son will ever be able to look your nasty-ass in the eye or crotch region ever again with out gagging or even laughing his ass off or squealing on you to the Mrs.! So again dudes, you better think!

Reason 6:
Dudes, what if one day you decide to obtain a conservative type job like a missionary man or Archbishopship? In the past, dick sucking in the church was pretty much swept under the rug but not nowadays! Dudes, a fraternity pledging video of you sucking dick just to get in isn’t the best thing to have on your resume and is also a surefire way that you’ll get fired from your conservative type job asap! So again dudes, you better think!

Reason 7:
Dudes, what if you are only the straight suckee in a fraternity hazing video? Even if you didn’t personally suck pipe yourself, in alot of eyes of gay bashing homosexuals, you are just as guilty and a closeted gay. And if you are a say it proud and say it loud i’m a straight man and proud, this could look extremely bad for you if the video ever got out. Dudes, you would be literally outted! So again dudes, you better think like me and mega soul singer, Aretha Franklin said!

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Lately i’ve noticed that after posting a piece of writing to my blog WordPress keeps putting short messages to the side telling me how I can boost my traffic or bring even more readers to view my blog. The latest one that WordPress has really been pushing is Zemanta. Basically the gist of it is, is if I want new followers or readers to my blog I have to either go to their blog and start following them or I have to put a photo or article that they created onto my blog usually in a subject related post and then they will do the same. To put it simply, a reciprocal link.

In essence to me what is being said here is if you don’t follow me or put my photo or article up on your blog then i’m not gonna’ follow you and put any of your photos or articles on my blog, so there! No new traffic for you!

Folks, I know that this kind of traffic boosting method has been around for a long time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting reciprocal links or works on your blog to get more traffic but folks call me crazy if you want when I say that isn’t this kind of a form of blackmail?


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A Couple of Reasons Why Associated Content Should Let Their Writers Put a Tip Jar or “Donate” Button on Their AC Pages!

More Money, Money, Money for Associated Content, PayPal & AC Writers!
Knowledgeable, Yahoo! Contributor Network

First of all, I want to say that I am not a greedy person.

Second, I am very grateful for the extra pocket change that Associated Content pays me per month for my work. Plus, extra kudos for making the payments by PayPal and getting them out to me in a timely professional manner. Thanks AC!

But pushing that all aside, I gotta’ be honest. I want to make as much money as I possibly can for my writing because the articles that I write for AC are good and I put alot of hard work into them.

Lately, a little idea has been brewing in my head about this subject so I am going to put it out there folks.

In my personal opinion (which I know may mean diddly squat to some of you out there) I think Associated Content should allow their writers to put a tip jar or as PayPal calls it a “Donate” button on their AC pages if they so choose to.

It’s simple to do this. All a AC writer would have to do is to go to the PayPal website, open a premier account (which is free) and then create a “Donate” button. PayPal provides the HTML code in which a person must copy and paste to the website that they want people to donate to. Donors can then click the “Donate” button to make donations or tips, i.e. give money to you for your articles.

However, in order to do this either AC would have to create an area where their writers could paste in the PayPal HTML code or the AC staff would have to do it themselves.

But either way, it would be a win-win situation for Associated Content, PayPal and AC writers. Albeit, some extra work.

Below are some specific reasons why.

-The quality of the writing on AC would not only improve but diversify because additional income is a powerful incentive.

-The number of partners would also increase due to the improved quality and diversified writing.

-If Associated Content decided to advertise the fact that they are allowing AC writers to put a “Donate” button on their AC pages the number of writers will definitely increase. Let’s face it, the more writers AC has, the more income they can make.

-The “Donate” button program may also give AC writers that extra boost of confidence which can take their writing to a whole new level plus the incentive of added income may be just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the dreaded writer’s block that some AC writers may be facing.

-Gives fans, faithful readers, those individuals truly inspired by an AC writer’s work or a mere web surfer who happens to stumble upon an AC writer’s article by accident and is helped by it an outlet to show their appreciation monetarily.

-Puts AC veteran writers and newbies on equal ground when it comes to earning additional income.

-PayPal is a safe and trusted website which accepts payments in 22 currencies from 190 countries. How cool would it be to be an AC writer who lives in Des Moines Iowa and have someone read and decide that they want to tip you for an article that lives in South Africa. Wow!

-PayPal’s income would increase too due to the fees that they could charge when a sender uses a credit or debit card to send money to AC writers.

-PayPal would also benefit by aligning themselves with a reputable site like Associated Content.

-PayPal also accepts donations or tips made with credit cards and debit cards right away! Plus, their donors don’t need a PayPal account to make their donations! Plus, there are no monthly, set-up or cancellation fees only low transaction fees. AC writers could gets daily or weekly tips or donations and not have to wait monthly to get paid.

-The “Donate” button program would also put a little power in the AC writer’s hands which is always nice. (Associated Content decides what to pay the writers for their work since it is their website but by allowing the AC writers to put a “Donate” button on their AC pages, the AC writers have a little more control over how much money they can make for their work which is always a nice thing.)

-But the best thing about this program would be the massive amount of money that could be made on one article. For instance, back in November 2004, a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary sold for $28,000! Who knows, something like this could happen to an AC writer too! If you get that one reader who clicks big time with an AC article, the sky’s the limit! Alot of people forget that there are a tremendous amount of people with means who read Associated Content too. It’s possible that their idea of tipping $5,000 for an AC article may be peanuts but to people like me that’s alot of money.

Another example: Unfortunately there are alot of sick people in the world. What if a doctor, medical care provider or parent of the sick individual stumbles upon something in an AC writer’s article that really helps the sick individual? The money that these individuals could tip an AC writer for their help could be astronomical!

That’s why this “Donate” button program is such a win-win situation for Associated Content, PayPal and AC writers!

I also had another idea that Associated Content might want to think about in considering whether or not to allow AC writers to put a tip jar or “Donate” button on their AC pages.

Associated Content could put a separate page on their website. The page could be called “The PayPal Associated Content’s Tip Jar Honor Code Society.” (PayPal could also put a version of the page on their website too. Plus, AC just might want to simply approach PayPal on an exclusive partnership on this whole “Donate” button venture. Since AC writers already receive their payments from PayPal it seems like the perfect partnership between these two giants.)

The society would be comprised of AC writers who gave a specific portion or percentage of the donations or tips that they received from their “Donate” buttons to Associated Content and PayPal. It would be a beneficial partnership based on honor between PayPal, Associated Content and it’s AC writers. Associated Content and PayPal would be receiving this money based on the AC writer’s word which is one of the most invaluable things on earth. The AC writer could give whatever amount of money that they wanted to PayPal and Associated Content, even if it is only $1.00, they would just have to be honest or honorable about it. Or the AC writer has the option of not giving any money to Associated Content or PayPal and keep all of it. It’s up to them.

The names of the AC writers and the amounts that they gave to Associated Content and PayPal could be published monthly on the webpage too. Plus, special awards can be given out as well.

Associated Content could also create unique status titles for it’s tippers/ donators too. For instance, an “AC Partner Tipper.” This could be a featured line of text in green on article(s) that the partner gave a tip or donation to along with the name of the partner. For a partner, this could mean more name recognition for their product or service. This could really pay off for the partner if the AC article receives alot of page views.

People let’s face it, bartenders who work in bars and restaurants get tips for their work as well as waiters and waitresses, why shouldn’t the AC writers get tips or donations for their work too. After all, they deserve it! The AC writers work hard on their articles! Associated Content deserves some cash too for all of the hard work that they do too! (Again let me say to AC, good work guys and gals!) PayPal deserves to earn more money too! (Thanks, PayPal for all of the safe timely payments that you have given me over the years! I really appreciate it!)

So people, now that you have heard my opinion, I want to hear yours. Be sure to leave me a comment on this article and let me know what you think. Or if you really like my idea and would like to see it implemented, leave Associated Content and PayPal messages too. Make some noise!

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Hey folks, do yourselves a favor and watch out for Tripology which is a company that specializes in interactive travel referral service.  Basically what they do is try to connect travelers with  travel specialists online.

In my opinion they suck rancid piss through an ultra genital warty three millimeter penis.

Folks, if you are too damn lazy to arrange your own travel, for the love of god, do yourselves a favor and stay the hell away from these idiot cocksuckers!

Instead try Expedia, Travelocity or Trip Advisor who in my opinion are a whole lot better and don’t have such a lame-ass affiliate program like Tripology has!

My major problem with Tripology’s lame-ass affiliate program is that you send alot of clicks to their website with few conversions.  At least in my opinion.

So folks, you are thoroughly warned!

Stay away from these cocksuckers!

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I watched the inauguration on NBC and I loved the following:

– All the tweets from Twitter that NBC would broadcast throughout their coverage of the inauguration.
(My personal faves: A tweet from a person who said that back in 2009 both her and her spouse were unemployed but as of 2013 they both have jobs! Hooray! And a tweet from a mother watching the inauguration with her young son who thought the inauguration was boring! P.S. Hey kid, when I was your age, I thought the same thing too!)

– President Obama’s speech where he advocated the rights of Gay Americans! Hooray! (P.S. To all gay Americans, I hope one day that you get the respect and rights that other Americans takes oh so for granted!)

– The two beautiful sculptures of Dr. Martin Luther King!

– Al Roker’s hilarious attempts and success when it came to getting both President Obama and Vice President Biden to acknowledge him. P.S. Hey Al, you rock! You ain’t no ordinary weatherman you are superman!

– The attention that Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden got from the media, the political community, Americans in general and the whole wide world. P.S. Jill, I thought you looked fantastic on Inauguration Day and it made me very happy to see some of the spotlight focused on you instead of entirely on Michelle Obama! You go, girl!

– Vice President Joe Biden darting here and darting there during the Inauguration parade and looking so damn young and spry doing it!

– Young first daughter, Sasha Obama yawning during the inauguration.

– Seeing former President Jimmy Carter’s beautiful infectious smile!

– Seeing the Republicans and the Democrats come together in lieu of their usual fighting.

– All of the beautiful people from all over the world who braved the cold to watch history in the making.

– President Obama acknowledging Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

– James Taylor’s stint as a political correspondent and his performance of the song, America the Beautiful, of course.

All in all, I thought it was a great inauguration and I am looking so forward to Inauguration 2017!

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With the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season making me feel oh so grateful and happy for what I currently have, I also find myself thinking back to holiday’s past when things were not so great and today I remembered something unusual that occurred during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday four years ago back in 2008.

Four years ago during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday when I was staying at one of the better homeless shelters in New Hampshire (One that was super clean, didn’t allow intoxication or theft of any kind, had plenty of good food, had less than a handful of the employees stealing only 10% of the donations that came in for the residents and one that let you stay in the shelter all day long just as long as you weren’t sleeping and didn’t kick your ass out between the hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with no place to go other than the library even in the freezing cold) one night at about 8:00 pm I went down to the lower level of the shelter to clean the bathroom which was my assigned chore for that day.

Sitting in the living room area of the lower level on the couch were two nice White guys in their 50’s named Jerry and Dan. All through the day the two men were talking about some football game that they were dying to watch later that night so not wanting to disturb them I dragged my cleaning supplies with me as quietly as I could in the direction of the bathroom that I had been assigned to clean but as I passed the two men they turned their attention away from the tv and started chatting with me and I happily obliged after taking a quick peek at the tv and seeing that the game had not formally started yet.

Anyhoo, as we were all talking, all of a sudden the song, The Star Spangled Banner started to play and both men quickly but nicely shushed me. I instantly became quiet. Dan, even rose to his feet and placed his hand over his heart. After the song was finished, Jerry startled the hell out of me when he said, “I hate it when they do that!” in a voice filled with extreme irritation. “Do what?” I quickly asked perplexed. “Sing The Star Spangled Banner like that.” he replied, extreme irritation still visible in his voice and now on his slightly flushed face.

And yet again I was perplexed because the plump Black woman who had just finished singing the song in my opinion had done a great job singing the American anthem, whoever the hell she was. So, I didn’t understand what Jerry meant. Jerry obviously seeing that I had no clue about what the hell he was talking about quickly and vehemently clued me in fast. “You’re not supposed to sing The Star Spangled Banner like that. The song is supposed to be sung plain and simple! No theatrics!” he said, still extremely irritated and flushed.

After Jerry said his peace I then immediately understood what he was talking about. It was clear that Jerry was upset that the Black woman had done a very soulful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and it was oh so obvious that Jerry didn’t like that one little bit. After a few seconds of taking this in, I immediately thought that was ridiculous. So, I defended the vocalist because in my eyes she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“She was only putting her own personal spin on the song. Ya’ know, just adding a little flavor.” I said to Jerry. But Jerry and Dan, who I now noticed was still standing but his right hand was no longer placed over his heart but rather at its side, were having none of it. “The Star Spangled Banner is supposed to be sung plain and simple! No theatrics!” Jerry said again, with a firm chin and a note of finality in his extremely irritated voice.

At Jerry’s words, I immediately let my eyes roll heavenward and said in an equally firm voice, “This is America, a person has the right to sing The Star Spangled Banner anyway they want to!” This time Dan joined in the dispute and said, “Your wrong, Tina. The song is not supposed to sung that way. It’s supposed to be sung plain and simple with no theatrics just like Jerry said before. To sing The Star Spangled Banner any other way is vulgar and disrespectful to the country, veterans and the flag.”

Again, I let my eyes roll heavenward and not really wanting to get into a more in depth dispute over how The Star Spangled Banner should be sung, I theatrically shrugged my shoulders and said, “Whatever.” and went off to clean the bathroom.

Folks, let me tell you that over the past four years every once in a while this patriotic ghost has come back to haunt me from time to time and get me thinking. And here are a few of my thoughts:

Since I know for a fact that Jerry and Dan didn’t have one racist bone in their bodies after knowing them for awhile I had to rule out the fact that they were complaining about the song The Star Spangled Banner being sang that way only because the woman who sang it was Black because I knew damn well that if a White man had done a little blue-eyed Righteous Brothers soul to the song, Jerry and Dan would be just as upset as well. Or even if a White man had performed a country rendition of The Star Spangled Banner (Jerry and Dan both like country music) with a little twang in his voice or even if a White man classical trained in the theatre had performed the song The Star Spangled Banner as if he were performing it on Broadway in a dramatic opera like Les Miserables or The Mikado, Jerry and Dan still would not have liked it and would have been upset by it.

I have long surmised that with these two men, who I like to think of as conservative Americans, when it comes to The Star Spangled Banner there is no middle ground, no compromise. Part of me wonders if they are just both products of their time being that they were both born approximately in the 1950’s or 1960’s where things were more black and white back then. Hmmm? Even though I disagree with them on how The Star Spangled Banner should be sung both men do have a right to their own opinion but so do I which is why I finally wrote about this subject.

Anyhoo, however you think that our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner should be sung in my opinion is up to you as long as it is not sung in a hateful or perverted way. It is and always will be one of the best songs ever written! On that fact both, Jerry, who now lives up in heaven and Dan, who still lives on earth in New Hampshire just a couple of blocks away from me, will most definitely agree! And folks, finally we have some common ground. Hooray!!!

P.S.    Francis Scott Key you totally rock!  And lip syncing the American anthem totally sucks!  Did you hear that, Beyonce?

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Why do people on soap operas particularly the popular soap opera, Days Of Our Lives often drink from empty cups as if they were full?
I mean don’t get me wrong I know that they are “acting” and don’t want to spill anything on their precious ten thousand dollar clothes or smudge their precious lipsticks but would it be a crime to drink some actual liquid from a damn cup?
I don’t get that.
I mean come on Hollywood don’t you think us television watching public know the difference between a person lifting a cup filled with liquid to their mouths and drinking opposed to a person lifting a cup full of air to their lips and drinking?
Hey Hollywood, us television watching public ain’t stupid!
Hey Hollywood, take my unsolicited advice!
Hey Hollywood, for the love of god just show some balls and just show an actor or actress drinking some actual liquid from a damn cup on a soap opera instead of faking it!
I mean come on!
Soap operas are already incredibly fake as it is so this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you guys.
And Hollywood, us television watching public don’t care if the liquid in the cup is some coffee, orange juice, Pepsi cola or even some eggnog with extra nutmeg in it, just please for the love of god have the actors or actresses actually drink something out of the cup instead of damn air!
I mean Hollywood, the drink doesn’t have to big a big gulp drink that you buy at your local Seven 11 convenience store!
Hell you guys could just put a drop of liquid in a cup for all I care just for the love of god put some damn liquid it it!
That’s all i’m asking!

P.S.     Hey Hollywood, I don’t get you guys! And I stress the word, “guys!” I mean you guys usually show every part of a woman’s body in a Rated “R” movie so I don’t know what your deal is about showing an actor or actress drinking some actual liquid in a cup on a soap opera. That’s not only hypocritical Hollywood guys but extremely weird! Hey Hollywood guys, i’m just puttin’ that piece of info out there for you and the rest of the television watching public.

Another P.S.     Hey Hollywood, haven’t you guys ever heard of equal opportunity nudity rights! In simple terms, if guys can show every body part of a woman in a Rated “R” movie then you should show every body part of a man in a Rated “R” movie too! To put it even simpler, there are alot of women out there like me who are not perverts who want to see more dick and balls in movies!

Yet Another P.S.     Having actors and actresses in soap operas constantly talking to themselves outloud is also extremely weird, too! Again Hollywood i’m just puttin’ this shit out there for you guys and gals.

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What kind of person are you?
(Choose one of the answers below.)

If you see a bluejay sitting peacefully on top of a satellite dish right outside of your window avidly watching the traffic go by out on the street, what do you do?

A.     Say “ahhh, isn’t that cute” then avoid opening your window or curtains fully so that you won’t scare the sweet creature away.

B.     Hurriedly find your digital camera and capture the shot so that you can try to make a little money off of this cute little scene on one of the many stock photo websites like

C.     Tap on the window loudly in an effort to get rid of this traffic-watching loser.

D.     Hurriedly fill a glass half full with water then quickly and quietly open the window with one hand and as soon as that sucker is open literally give that bluejay “a bird bath” by throwing the half full glass of water at the bird then laugh your ass off about it for 30 minutes when you hit your target.

E.     Immediately call the satellite dish provider and report that the bird has been stealing cable television for over 6 minutes then hang up and laugh your ass off about the call for two hours.

Well folks, whatever kind of person that you are and hopefully you aren’t a letter “D” person, make a New Year’s Resolution to be better this year and do whatever you can within the law of course to make that happen.


P.S.     Bluejays rule!

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This is an oldie but goodie article that I wrote and posted on Dreamstime back in July 2010.  Enjoy!

The worst fear for any writer is to get writer’s block! It is truly a nightmare! For some writers, it is a nightmare that they so desperately want to wake up from but find that they can’t.

As a writer myself, writing to me personally is my love and my heart. So not being able to write something when I specifically want to is like death because part of me dies a little when I can’t do the thing that I love so much.

It’s sad to think about but just about every writer on this planet and probably some on Mars and Jupiter have been through a period where they haven’t been able to write a single word. And it’s sheer agony! Sheer hell! No writer ever wants to go through a period like this but unfortunately it happens alot. Usually if the writer’s block doesn’t last too long we don’t get too upset but when the days start to stretch into weeks and possibly months then Houston, we got a problem!

The best way to get rid of writer’s block is to stop it dead in its tracks before it can even start. Become proactive! And when it comes to writer’s block that exactly what a writer has to do, become proactive!

So here are some tips on how to kick writer’s block to the curb!

Writers, buy yourself a printer. It doesn’t matter if it is a dot matrix, ink jet or a laser printer, just buy yourself one! Make it a habit to regularly print off a page or two of your writing and hang it up on the wall of a place that you look at frequently throughout the day such as your bedroom wall, the bathroom or even take a couple of pages of your novel to your place of employment and hang them up in your cubicle. We writers are often inspired to write even more when we have hard proof of our accomplishments.
For you writers who are low on cash and can’t afford to buy a printer now be sure to put some of your writing in an email message or on a disc and print out a couple of pages at your local library. Also, most libraries have Microsoft Word or some other word processing program already installed on their computers so you can also write at the library too.

People let’s face it, laptops and desktops have made the typewriter cumbersome and virtually obsolete but who cares! Be a rebel and write on a typewriter sometime. Writers use this relic from the past as another way to inspire you! For instance pretend that you are a writer like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, Walter Cronkite or any of your other favorite writers who had no choice but to use the typewriter to write on back in the day then create a fake pressing deadline and commit yourself to writing at least 200 words on any subject that you want. Just do it on the typewriter!

One of the things that I find that works for me when I feel writer’s block sneaking up on me is to leave notepads, notebooks, post-its and any other kind of paper such as a grocery slip everywhere around my house.
I leave paper in the kitchen, the living room, the basement, etc. and when the inspiration hits me I write whatever it is down on the paper and leave it in a special spot in that area then when I get stumped about what to write i’ll go to any one of those areas and look at what I wrote on any of those pieces of paper and the writer’s block quickly disappears.  I also find that buying different sizes of notebooks and notepads helps too plus I try to get them in different colors to really jazz things up a bit in my writing life.

This is an absolute must for me! When I write I have to use an Erasermate pen. To me, there is something so inspiring about writing with a pen that leaves blue or black ink on your hand as your jotting down a first draft of an article. I’ll tell you I have written many jokes and funny stories from this experience which is yet another way to get rid of writer’s block. Plus, it’s one of the only pens that actually erases! Cool!

Writers do yourselves a favor and tune the tv to one of your favorite television programs and during the commercial breaks do a little writing. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get written during a half hour to a one hour show. Sometimes I have gotten into my writing so much that I forgot to watch the tv show when it came back on after the commercial.
Writers, you might also want to try watching tv shows or movies whose main characters are successful or struggling writers. For instance, I used to love the 80’s tv show, Murder She Wrote! The main character, Jessica Fletcher was a popular and sucessful mystery writer. The episodes often inspired me to get off of my lazy butt and write!

When I say write the ultimate short story, I mean write the ultimate short story in 160 characters or less. Sometimes when I am out and about on the town and hit with an idea instead of using my portable notebook that I always carry in my purse, I use my text messaging system on my phone. I key in the important words and then I send a text to myself. Sometimes I can do it all in one text message but one time I sent 57 text messages to myself on one short story.
EXTRA TIP ON THE HOUSE: To prevent my phone from getting damaged or wet I carry it around in my purse in a plastic eyeglass case.

One of the things that I do to really get my creative juices going is to write short paragraphs or even a sentence or two regularly on my blog. And writers if you don’t have a blog consider starting one of your own. There are so many places that you can do this for free such as WordPress, Blogspot, TypePad, Blogger, etc. Start a blog and write about anything. Remember, nobody’s judging you! Write about whatever you want and get feedback, positive and negative, which can also fuel your creative juices too!

Go online to CafePress or CustomInk and create your own custom buttoms, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, etc. They provide the items, you provide a few short words which is another way to combat writer’s block. Plus, you actually might make a few dollars in the process.

This is one of the most fun ways to get rid of writer’s block. Go to your local library or Barnes & Noble and select a book that you like and read it from cover to cover. I often find something in a book that I would like to know more about which leads me to research and eventually writing.
Also, try going to the library and selecting a book on a subject that you hate and write down why you hate it. When you do this you’ll find that your writer’s block has quickly disappeared.

Whether it be a group that meets every Tuesday at the local roller rink or a group that you can join online, joining a writer’s group can put you in an environment where you are around other people with your goals and dreams. You can hear stories of the triumphs and the heartaches of other writers which can also inspire you to put pen to paper and get rid of that writer’s block.
Yahoo has an online group for just anything and Craigslist has a community section which often lists local writer’s groups.

Sometimes the latest hot thing in technology can inspire us to write as well. One of my favorite things is the Dana Wireless made by AlphaSmart. It is often called the ultimate palm-powered writing tool. A Dana Wireless is basically a portable word processing system with internet access. You can do alot of cool things on it like write a story or read an ebook. The Dana Wireless is a fun and useful thing for a writer to own. Writers consider making an investment in this new fangled contraption!

As we all know, the learning process is a lifelong one. So continue to build on your knowledge by taking a class, seminar or workshop on any subject of your choice. For instance, I personally love comedy. One day in the future I am going to take a stand-up comedy workshop offered by the American Comedy Institute in New York.
Remember writers when we take classes in a subject that we are really interested in, it makes us happy and gives us the desire to want to learn. Often times, this can lead to writing about what we are learning.

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing but I want to write, if that makes any sense. To clarify, sometimes I don’t feel like typing or writing with a pen and paper but I want to compose a story or a poem so i’ll use either my microcassette recorder or the recording device on my phone to take down my words. Easy breezy! And yet another way to kiss writer’s block goodbye forever!

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