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Verse 1/Chorus:
Hey brother,
did you have a bad day so you took
it out on your woman and brought
her verbally down?
Wanna’ rebound?
Then Johnson up!
Straight up!
Say Sorry up!
Admit yo’ ass was to blame and you
was wrong up!
Buy your woman some flowers or
candy or cook her dinner as a nice
way to make up!
Commit to doing better in the future up!
But most of all, verbally lift your Queen’s
spirits because she damn well deserves
it the hell up!
Get the picture up!
Verse 2/Chorus:
Hey brother,
did you get a girl pregnant then say the
kid ain’t yours being all damn low down?
Wanna’ rebound?
Then Johnson up!
Straight up!
Take paternal parental responsibility up!
Take any decent job or take yo’ ass back
to school to provide for your new kid up!
Pay as much as you can in child support
or open up a savings account and save,
save, save up!
Take a lamaze class and meet other new
parents up!
Go out and buy a colorful onesie up!
But most of all, support the mother of your
child, despite any differences, because she
sure as hell needs you at this time the hell up!
Verse 3/Chorus:
Hey brother,
when you and your homeboys are clowning
around, do you often refer to women as
bitches and hoes stupidly thinking ya’ll are
getting down?
Wanna’ rebound?
Then Johnson up!
Straight up!
Ask yourself would you want your homies
calling your mama, sister or female child
these sick-ass names, come on brother,
real up!
Remember brother that a strong sensual
woman can do anything that a stereotypical
macho male can do so wake up!
And dude, if a woman has a so called
tramp stamp on her back, you can have
your opinions but keep them to yourself
because it ain’t none of yo’ business up!
And baby boy, just because a women dresses
sexy or barely wears any clothes doesn’t mean
that she’s easy or a slut up!  So shutup!
Bro, work to free your mind of these stereotypes
by educating yourself and your homeboys the hell up!
But most of all, try to be a gentleman to women as much
as you possibly can by verbally respecting women
especially in front of impressionable young men the hell up!
Verse 4/Chorus:
Hey brothers,
now that I have given ya’ll the ultimate female low down …..
Now you have all of the tools to maintain and if need be to
always rebound!
So Bro, if ever in the future you screw up, simply direct
your dick skyward and Johnson up!
Again bro, dick skyward, literally straight up!
Bro, do it all old school R&B Temptations style and
“Treat Her Like A Lady” up!
And if you majorly fuck up then go to prison, serve
your time and rehabilitate the hell up!
Always try to be a good role model to young and other
brothers because you have the ability to inspire and
educate up!
Don’t be scared to show love and affection outwardly
towards your woman for fear you’ll be called a pansy up!
Scream it from the tree tops that you are a strong-ass,
grown-ass woman supporting equal opportunity man
till you die up!
And most of all, tweak, be creative and do anything else
that you can think of to make yourself a better man who
exhibits respectful behavior towards women up!
Again bro, direct your dick skyward, straight up!
Always and forever bro, remember to Johnson up!

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Do you want to take a stand against a certain politician but due to such things as being too shy or having flat-ass feet may prevent you from picking up a homemade sign and hitting the streets and protesting the usual way?

Well, don’t be damn discouraged!

Baby, just change your mind set!

Remember, every damn person on the planet is good at something!

So first, determine what the hell that is then go out and do it till you’re satisfied whatever it is!

For example:

-If you are a writer, then start a political blog or compose political blog posts about the politician in question.

-If you are a musician, then write a song about the politician and do some public performances of it at your local park, coffee house, house party, etc.  And don’t forget to post that baby online!

-If you have a culinary degree, then bake up a batch of cookies stuffed with a strip of paper inscribed with a political fortune message on it and then pass them out at political fundraising events.

Et cetera!  Et cetera!  Et cetera!

Just use your strengths and imagination and I guarantee you that you will make one hell of a stand!



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Some lawmakers in states like North Carolina try to do everything under the sun to make it as difficult as possible for people who are eligible to vote, to actually cast a vote for fear that their political party won’t reign victorious.  And we all know what that bullshit is called…..voter suppression!

Here’s a tip on how to stop voter suppression:

-Go to a reputable fundraising website like and start a campaign to raise money in order to be able to give out vouchers to cash strapped eligible voters in all 50 states who are unable to purchase a state issued i.d. card or passport which includes a photo so that they can prove definitively who they are and thus be able to cast a vote for the candidate of their choice!

Hooray for democracy!




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I recently watched an episode of the tv news/entertainment show, Inside Edition where they did a feature story on Purity Balls.

And for those of you out there thinking that Inside Edition did a story on males with squeaky clean testicles, your dead wrong!

A Purity Ball is a formal party that is thrown where young girls wearing beautiful white ball gowns make a solemn vow to their fathers wearing black or white tie to abstain from having sex until they are married.

And folks, they are becoming more and more popular! Go figure!

Here are a few thoughts that I have on Purity Balls:

– In terms of teenage girls abstaining from sex until they’re hitched, i’m all for it because let’s face it a girl only gets to be young once in her life and for me that means going to college, traveling to different places and doing fun things without the encumbrances of adult life, i.e taking care of a constantly crying newborn baby when the girl who just gave birth to this baby is practically a baby herself!

– But in terms of Purity Balls when it comes to me personally I have to honestly say that I could never make such a solemn vow to abstain from sex until marriage because to me one of the most important parts of a healthy lasting relationship is good sex. It is an absolute requirement that I be sexually compatible with my man and for me the worst Purity Ball fear is that if I waited until after I was married to have sex with my man and found out that he was lousy in bed could I stay with this person forever knowing this no matter how much I loved him. Folks, i’m a person who likes to know exactly what I am getting when I buy or invest in something. I mean don’t get me wrong I like surprises every once in a while but in terms of the Purity Ball thing, no freakin’ way!

–  So in terms of Purity Balls not being the right thing for me personally i’m glad that they are the right thing for alot of other people out there especially teenage girls. And I hope to see more young girls making that solemn vow to abstain from sex until marriage and I really hope to see Purity Balls with young teenage males and their mothers making that solemn vow too!

– And last but not least,  no offense,  Purity Balls and people who participate in them are also a tad bit creepy to me.

P.S.     Although I applaud the general theory of the Purity Ball, I ain’t gonna’ lie and say that there is a little part of me that totally delights in a girl who thinks that she is better and more god fearing than you and has sworn up and down that she will not have sex until she’s married only to get knocked up and busted a short time later for being a total fraud and hypocrite.

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Teachers, here is a fun self-esteem game that your students can play. Parents, this game can also be played at birthday parties, too. This game is called, “Blow Your Own Horn.”

-A roll of paper towels for each student
-A couple of wastepaper baskets
-A couple of brooms and dustpans
-A portable radio or cd player


1. At the beginning of class, give each child their own roll of paper towels.

2. Have each child tear off a couple of paper towels from the roll and then rip them up and put them into the wastepaper baskets. Repeat this step until all of the paper towels have been ripped up.

3. Turn on some music and encourage the kids to dance while they are ripping up the paper towels and putting them into the wastepaper baskets.

4. Once all of the paper towels have been ripped up and placed into the wastepaper
baskets. Have each child pick up the empty paper towel roll and place it to
his or her mouth and talk into it like a bullhorn.

5. Go around the room and ask each child to say something positive about
themselves into the makeshift bullhorn such as: “I’m great!”
“I’m a winner!” “I love myself!” “I’m a hardworker!”

6. Once all of the children have had a turn. Ask the children to stand up and
march around the room, single file, and have them say more positive
things about themselves into the makeshift bullhorns.

7. Encourage them to clap their hands and have a grand ol’ time.

8. Once all of the children have had another turn at saying positive things
about themselves, have each child take some of the shredded paper towels
out of the wastepaper baskets and throw them into the air and onto each
other. Teachers, let them go wild and have a grand ol’ time.

9. In between bouts of saying positive things about themselves and throwing
the shredded paper towels at each other, have each child pick a song
that they can all sing together. For the rest of the class period,

10. About 10 minutes before the class period ends, sweep up the shredded
paper towels and discard them into the wastepaper baskets and tidy up the
rest of the classroom. Have all the kids help do this. Teachers, let
any child who wants to keep their bullhorn, keep it.

-This game’s objective is to make a child feel good about his or herself
through their own positive reinforcement. Teachers, it is important for you to tell the children that although it is good for a child to hear positive things about themselves from other people, sometimes they need to hear those positive things from the most important person of all, themselves. Remember, that a person every once in a while needs to “blow their own horn.” To basically say good things about themselves because there is a chance that nobody else will.

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1. I absolutely cannot exercise because:
-I have an I.Q. of 175, and it wouldn’t be fair to have brains and brawn
-I don’t want to look like Lara Flynn Boyle
-I don’t want to perpetuate a Hollywood stereotype that young girls have to live up to
-I want to look like a “real” man

2. I don’t have to exercise because:
-I’m already thin and if I exercise there won’t be anything left of me
-I have superior metabolism
-I only chew one tin of tobacco per day
-I already have lots of energy

3. My idea of  “Warming Up” before a workout is to:
-Go lie under an electric blanket for 15 minutes
-Go sit in front of a fireplace with a good book for 15 minutes
-Go down to the local bar and order a “Boilermaker” and nurse it for 15 minutes
-Go into the kitchen and make a cup of hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows and 15 different kinds of cookies

4. My favorite weight-loss reality tv show is:
-The Biggest Loser
-Celebrity Fit Club
-The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie

5. I exercise everyday by:
-Walking 12 feet to my mailbox to retrieve the mail
-Skipping 3 blocks down to the local Dunkin’ Donuts
-Jumping up 2 times to use the bathroom during the commercial breaks on the six-o’clock news
-Twirling round and round in my swivel chair for 30 seconds

6. Organic Foods:
-Are made from the organs of humans and animals
-Make a person poop every 3 hours
-Are only eaten by people who have squirrels as pets
-Taste bland and are indigestible

7. The best fashion/exercise moment in history is:
-Richard Simmons sweatin’ to the oldies in Daisy-Duke short-shorts
-Jennifer Beals dancing like she’s never danced before in a torn sweatshirt in the movie, Flashdance
-Jamie Lee Curtis, aerobics instructor extraordinaire, doin’ kick-ass fun-ass 80’s style aerobic moves in her exercise classes decked out in crazy-ass leg warmers and a spank-ass waistbelt in the 1985 campy cult exercise movie classic, Perfect
-Olivia Newton-John sauntering around in the “Physical” video wearing a headband, leotard & leg warmers

8. I can’t afford to exercise because:
-the Air Jordan tennis shoes I need cost $150
-I have to pay for my kid’s college education in 18 years, so I have to start saving up NOW
-I am a member of a one-income family
-Let’s face it, Band-aids ain’t cheap

9. All of the above answers are not only incredibly ridiculous but they are the worst excuses in the world for not exercising and eating properly?
A. True
B. False

10. Excuses will help you lose weight and support your family, mentally and financially, when you drop dead from coronary heart disease?
A. True
B. False

P.S. Tell me the worst excuse you have come up with to get out of exercising?

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