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Recently I moved to another city in New Hampshire and because of that I had to purchase a different cable tv package from a different cable provider. Because of being so busy these last couple of weeks, I haven’t watched alot of tv until one day last week on a very rainy day I took the day off and just vegetated.  During my vegetation and while lying down on the couch I took the time to flick through the hundreds of cable channels that I had purchased when all of a sudden I stopped in delight.

Back in the day (specifically the late 80’s to the mid 90’s) I was a huge fan of a dramatic tv show called Matlock which starred Andy Griffith as a brilliant veteran Atlanta Georgia defense attorney named Ben Matlock.

And even though this show went through more facial changes than Lil’ Kim and Heidi Montag Pratt combined, it still was a big hit.

And for me the episode that truly made me a cult superfan of Matlock was the 1991 episode called “The Strangler” which had Ben Matlock matching wits with sadistic “like to humiliate em’ before he killed em’ serial lawyer killer,” Jeffrey Spidell who was portrayed brilliantly by veteran character actor, Richard Gilliland who just happens to be married to Jean Smart who starred in the hit tv show, Designing Women which was also set in Atlanta Georgia.

Anyhoo, with me catching up on many episodes of the show over the past couple of days some of which I haven’t seen in 21 years and all the media hoopla surrounding the latest reboot of the movie, Superman, this got me to thinking.

In an unimaginative keep rebooting the same old shit over and over again Hollywood millenium world, I am going to throw my hat into the ring and propose a semi-imaginative reboot.

CBS Television Studios or any tv or motion picture studio who wouldn’t mind partnering up on a venture with CBS needs to hire a kick-ass writer to either write a full fledged novel or screenplay called “Spidell” and then turn it into a Hannibal Lecter style movie/tv franchise.

As a fan of Matlock and the Jeffrey Spidell episodes I always wished that the writers of the show would have made a companion mini-series while the show was on the air back in day that delved into the early life of Jeffrey Spidell like the book, Red Dragon did in regards to Hannibal Lecter.

Another anyhoo, since there are alot of fans of the Matlock tv show and the late great, Andy Griffith himself, like me, i’m pretty sure it could be a box office hit especially with the older generation which Hollywood often overlooks.

So hollywood, have at it and don’t you wish that you guys and dolls had imagination like me?

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Why do people on soap operas particularly the popular soap opera, Days Of Our Lives often drink from empty cups as if they were full?
I mean don’t get me wrong I know that they are “acting” and don’t want to spill anything on their precious ten thousand dollar clothes or smudge their precious lipsticks but would it be a crime to drink some actual liquid from a damn cup?
I don’t get that.
I mean come on Hollywood don’t you think us television watching public know the difference between a person lifting a cup filled with liquid to their mouths and drinking opposed to a person lifting a cup full of air to their lips and drinking?
Hey Hollywood, us television watching public ain’t stupid!
Hey Hollywood, take my unsolicited advice!
Hey Hollywood, for the love of god just show some balls and just show an actor or actress drinking some actual liquid from a damn cup on a soap opera instead of faking it!
I mean come on!
Soap operas are already incredibly fake as it is so this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you guys.
And Hollywood, us television watching public don’t care if the liquid in the cup is some coffee, orange juice, Pepsi cola or even some eggnog with extra nutmeg in it, just please for the love of god have the actors or actresses actually drink something out of the cup instead of damn air!
I mean Hollywood, the drink doesn’t have to big a big gulp drink that you buy at your local Seven 11 convenience store!
Hell you guys could just put a drop of liquid in a cup for all I care just for the love of god put some damn liquid it it!
That’s all i’m asking!

P.S.     Hey Hollywood, I don’t get you guys! And I stress the word, “guys!” I mean you guys usually show every part of a woman’s body in a Rated “R” movie so I don’t know what your deal is about showing an actor or actress drinking some actual liquid in a cup on a soap opera. That’s not only hypocritical Hollywood guys but extremely weird! Hey Hollywood guys, i’m just puttin’ that piece of info out there for you and the rest of the television watching public.

Another P.S.     Hey Hollywood, haven’t you guys ever heard of equal opportunity nudity rights! In simple terms, if guys can show every body part of a woman in a Rated “R” movie then you should show every body part of a man in a Rated “R” movie too! To put it even simpler, there are alot of women out there like me who are not perverts who want to see more dick and balls in movies!

Yet Another P.S.     Having actors and actresses in soap operas constantly talking to themselves outloud is also extremely weird, too! Again Hollywood i’m just puttin’ this shit out there for you guys and gals.

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Here is an article that I wrote and put on Instablogs in June 2008 and i’m sad to report almost four years later not much has changed.

Back in the day when a crew was shooting a porno and a guy’s penis was exposed you could immediately hear the word “pickle” shouted from every rooftop until that shot was erased.

With movies like “9 1/2 Weeks”and tv shows like “Sex and the City” shattering taboos on human sexuality there is one thing that has unfortunately remained unchanged.

And that’s Hollywood’s refusal to show “pickle” in mainstream Rated “R” movies.

And as a 38 heterosexual Black Female, I gotta’ say that’s a damn shame!

I mean, oh sure, we gotta’ glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “pickle” in the first “Terminator” movie and we got to see Richard Gere’s “pickle” in “American Gigolo” and thank you God, we got to see a snippet of Denzel Washington’s “pickle” in the movie, “Ricochet” but basically other than a scattering you really see little “pickle” in mainstream Rated “R” movies.

Which is the biggest hypocritical double standard in Hollywood because in alot of mainstream movies including PG-13 movies you see every part of a woman’s anatomy including her vajayjay.

I wonder when will this double standard stop!

When will the predominantly male studio heads stop being so stupid and show more “pickle!” I mean it’s not like we’re asking to see theirs!


If the truth be told, if you ask the average woman, i’ll bet she wouldn’t mind seeing more “pickle” in main stream Rated “R” movies.

I mean why do women basically have to rent a porno to see some “pickle?”

Hey Hollywood, stop the insanity and give women what they really want which is equality in nudity among the sexes in the mainstream motion picture industry.


Hey ladies, one day in the mainstream motion picture industry we will overcome too!

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