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Hey vain rich guys, since it is a new year, here is some unsolicited advice to help you get off to a good start.  So picture this fictional scenario.

Vain rich guys, you are currently in the “so damn glad that Christmas is over” cycle but unfortunately due to consuming all of those 180 proof eggnog cocktails on December 26th, 2013 white hot needles of hangover pain have thrown a less than glowing spotlight on your love life.

Looking back now at Christmas day 2013 you think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to insist on carving your blind date’s apple cranberry stuffed turkey with your new $90.00 gold-plated locker key to the fancy schmancy gym/spa that you belong to.  But unfortunately your bloodlust for control, attention and expensive worthless material shit clouded your judgment along with all of those damn 180 eggnog cocktails.

(Note to self:  I’m never drinking anything 180 proof ever again!  Well, at least not until Super Bowl Sunday at the country club.)

Anyhoo ……….

Vain rich guys, you also came to the realization that it also didn’t help your love life on Christmas day either when you threatened to tell all of the kids in your date’s neighborhood that Santa didn’t exist, pissing off your date even further, if they played one lyric of the classic Christmas song, “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives in lieu of playing “Santa Baby” by Madonna because in your humble opinion even though Burl Ives can sing his big-ass off he still is so damn unattractive that he makes you want to puke Christmas tree shaped multi-colored vomit all over the place.


So all in all vain rich guys, even though the above things may not have specifically happened to you, THE POINT IS, every vain rich guy should know that going through life judging people harshly by their looks, not using their noggin before saying stupid-ass things, shamelessly flaunting material possessions and acting like a moronic control freak will not only get you a well deserved kick in the ass and your ass kicked to the curb by any sane female but eventually will leave you a lonely pathetic masturbating fool.


So vain rich guys, instead try turning over a brand spankin’ new $5,000 Ralph Lauren jock strap for the new year!  Vain rich guys, turn that stupid-ass trait upside down by using your material fortune to buy a small gift for a friend or purchasing some tasty but expensive-ass food for a homeless shelter!  And vain rich guys,  if you do feel the need to make a negative comment about somebody’s looks simply think the bad thing in your head and keep your damn mouth shut!

And vain rich guys, I really do hope that you have a happy and prosperous new year!

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Hey, check out this oldie but goodie post that I wrote back in October of 2008!

Recently I was using a public computer at the library when all of a sudden a woman with 2 under the age of 3 years old children peers into the computer center.

Involuntarily my eyes began to move heavenward and I said a mental prayer that the woman and her 2 kids wouldn’t sit at the empty computer station next to me.

Apparently my prayers were answered a few seconds later when they moved on to another part of the library.

After silently rejoicing, I got to thinkin’ a bit.

A huge part of me was so happy when the mother and her 2 kids didn’t sit down next to me at the empty computer station because I came to use the computer in semi-peace and folks I know that in a public library there is obviously going to be noise but I just didn’t feel like hearing it from the mother and her 2 kids in so close proximity to me.  And also because I knew that or assumed that the noise that the mother and her 2 kids would be making would be noise on a grand central station type scale.  And to put it plainly,  I just didn’t want to hear that shit!

And folks, I know that the world doesn’t revolve around me, but I honestly have to say that at that particular moment in the library it did.  And that really pissed me off!   Which is why the other part of me was so sad and disappointed in myself because of my blatant discrimination of these 3 people who had just as much of a right to sit down at a computer station in a public library as me.  And who knows, all three of them could have been as quiet as a church mouse.

You see folks, this is what you get when you assume.

Folks, it is my sincere wish that discrimination of all kinds will end forever someday and soon!

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