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Whip out a pair of granny panties or a thong on stage then put them on but stop when the panties or thong is just above the male comedian‘s knees.

Then I would like to see the male comedian whip out a big ol’ bulky ass sanitary napkin, tear off the adhesive strip and throw it at one of the male audience member’s forehead then fasten the sanitary napkin securely to the panties or thong. Then I would like to see the male comedian whip out a 20 oz bottle of Hawaiian Punch and pour that sucker directly into the sanitary napkin then throw the bottle to one of the ladies in the audience.

Then I would like to see the male comedian proudly pull the granny panties or thong up into the correct position over their rump and go out into the audience and walk around a bit while stopping periodically to hug some of the female audience members.

Hey, I would pay big money to see that!

And I would also give an additional monetary tip to the male comedian if they allowed me to get some pics with him while he is wearing the faux menstual period sanitary napkin as well.

Man, that would make me feel like a superior woman!

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Going back to school for teenagers can be very difficult but for teens with acne it can be devastating. A couple of bumps on the face can truly be a teenager’s worst nightmare in the image conscious world of high school. It is said that in the United States over 20 million teens have acne and 100 million dollars is spent every year on over-the-counter acne medications. I know that this isn’t a cure for acne but I hope it helps because I also had acne when I was a teenager and I swore that one day I would do something to help other teens with acne. Here is my contribution. In this series of articles, I am going to make helpful suggestions on a variety of ways to make going back to school for teens with acne a more pleasant experience.

Tip 1: Start a Stand-Up Comedy Group for Teens with Acne

When most people think of stand-up comedy, they picture a famous comic like Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld or Dave Chappelle telling jokes and performing comedy routines up on a stage in a huge auditorium filled with thousands of laughing people.
But stand-up comedy doesn’t have to be that formal. ANYONE can perform stand-up comedy and that includes teenagers! Age doesn’t matter. And you don’t need to have a thousand-plus audience either! All you really need is one other person to give you constructive feedback. Stand-up comedy can be performed anywhere. Teens can perform in their living rooms, in their backyards, at a local park, etc. For teenagers there are so many wonderful benefits to performing stand-up comedy including making new friends, getting support from their peers, it’s a fun and healthy way to boost self esteem, it can help to overcome shyness, improves public speaking skills, it can toughen a person up and make accepting criticism a little bit easier and it can bring much needed laughter into a teenager with acne’s life.


First, find a place to have your group. Teens, ask anyone with decent space and a bathroom. Consider asking a dermatologist if you can use their office, a teacher if you can use one of the classrooms, a parent if you can use their basement, etc. Be creative, don’t give up! Trust me, since this is for a good cause you will definitely find an adult willing to help you out. Always remember that adults used to be teenagers too and some of them had acne as well. Many of them remember what it was like to have acne and would really like to help you out. So have patience, you WILL find a place to have the group.

Once you find a place to have your group, it’s time to put the word out and let other teenagers with acne know about the group. Good places to start are at your school, local teen websites, concert halls, drug stores, fast food restaurants, the mall, etc. The best place to start is with your dermatologist. Most teenagers who have acne usually see a dermatologist from time to time. Ask your dermatologist if you can put up a few flyers informing teens about the stand-up comedy group for teens with acne. Remember to keep the wording on the flyer short and simple. Write in
big and bold letters.
Example: “Are You A Teenager With Acne? Do You Want To Make New Friends And Have Lots Of Fun? Well, Join The Stand-Up Comedy Group For Teens With Acne Today! No Experience Required! For More Info, Call___ Or Send An Email To ___.”
Be sure to leave a contact email address or phone number on each flyer. Next, ask a parent if they can print you off some copies of the flyer at their place of employment or ask a teacher if you can print off some copies of the flyer on the school copier. If those options are not possible, then go to your local printer or the library and print off 10-20 flyers to get you started. Most printers and libraries usually charge 10 cents a copy. So your out of pocket expenses would be one to two dollars. A pretty small price to pay.

Once you start receiving calls and get a couple of teens willing to join the group, arrange an informal party at your meeting place. Ask each teen if they can bring a cheap bag of chips, candy and soda to the party to break the ice and make the atmosphere more festive. At the party decide how long the group should be, what day(s) of the week it should be held on, what time should the group meet, any ground rules, etc. Try to pick times and days convenient for everyone which may be hard, but try anyway. Once all of the arrangements have been made, it’s time to have your first stand-up comedy group.


-Tell jokes.
-Partner up and create comedy skits.
-Play the game, Charades.
-If any of the group members plays an instrument, have them write a comedy song and perform it for the group.
-Have each group member pick out a famous or notorious person and have another group member parody them.
-Talk about your favorite comedians or comedy movies.
-Bring silly toys to the group to discuss with the other group members.
-Create new and hilarious things for the group to do at each meeting to keep it fresh and exciting.
-Spread the word about the group. Remember, word of mouth is the world’s best form of advertising.
-Have lots of fun!
-Laugh your butt off!
-Be daring!
-Give constructive criticism!
-Act your age or act immaturely!
-Allow teenagers with clear skin to join the group too!

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