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Whether he is a cold-blooded murderer or simply a man who was justifiably protecting himself from harm or whether he is a die-hard racist or a man who simply made a negative remark without thinking because let’s face it, it does happen to all of us at one time or another, even if George Zimmerman doesn’t get charged with second degree murder or a hate crime or a civil lawsuit or any other charge that people can think of to throw at him to avoid a race riot, basically this man’s life is over.

And to me that’s sad.

People let’s face it, even though in Mr. Zimmerman’s case there is compelling evidence to suggest that he was indeed acting in self-defense (although in Mr. Martin’s defense I do believe that Mr. Zimmerman did instigate the scuffle that broke out between them) his life is still over in America and especially in  Black America.  (Because to most of Black America he will always be the ultimate symbol of injustice for blacks in the American legal system.)

For instance, if Mr. Zimmerman is ever convicted of one of the crimes that he will eventually be accused of and eventually goes to jail, he’ll have to deal with the black inmates of that prison either wanting to kill him or beat the shit out of him on a regular basis for what he did to Trayvon.


If Mr. Zimmerman is never charged with any crime related to the Trayvon Martin case he’ll still have to deal with the many angry black people all across America who think he got away with murder and alot of people in this case are not willing to let this issue go so Mr. Zimmerman’s only options in this case is to either go into hiding, move out of the country or get extensive plastic surgery which totally sucks!

It is unfortunately a no-win situation for this man all around.

So people always remember that on February 26th 2012, not only did a 17 year old black boy’s life end but a 28 year old white/hispanic man’s life ended as well.

And that’s a damn shame for both of them being so young and all.

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Chapter One:

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!

One day Tina was sitting in Math class.
She was so bored, she found herself looking outside the window at the grass.
Right next to it, some kids were sitting on the playground.
Above them a honeybee was flying around.
The kids were drinking milk and eating cinnamon rolls.
And the radio was playing some good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll.

All of a sudden the honeybee stopped flying around.
And sat down by the radio which was on the ground.
The honeybee stayed through three rock n’ roll songs.
Then moved on when the kids started playing a game of ping pong.

All of a sudden an idea hit Tina right away.
She was so excited she could hardly wait for the end of the school day.
The idea was about a cute little honeybee.
That was later to be me, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!

Chapter Two:
Once Tina got home, she worked on Rock N’ Roll Honeybee right away.
She even skipped dinner, it didn’t matter because she wasn’t hungry anyway.
Three hours later, Tina looked at the finished picture of Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
Her smile was bright, she was so very happy.

Rock N’ Roll Honeybee’s body was striped black and yellow.
He was quite an amazing looking fellow.
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee had all the things a normal honeybee had.
But he also had a lot of other things that would make all the other honeybees mad.

On paper, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee looked so very small.
But if he were real, he’d be six feet tall.
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee had beautiful, long blonde hair.
To keep it off his face, a black leather scarf tied around it he would wear.
His eyebrows were blonde and very thick.
He kept them that way because he didn’t want to get a cut or nick.

Rock N’ Roll Honeybee had big oval black eyes.
When you looked into them, you knew he would tell you no lies.
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee had a small black button nose.
When it was cold, turned the color of a bright red rose.
You would see his beautiful white teeth whenever he would smile.
To keep them that way, he brushed them 3 times a day for quite awhile.

A small silver earring in the shape of a star hung from his left ear.
He wore that earring proudly as part of his gear.
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee wore a shiny black leather jacket.
When he moved it made a whole lot of racket.
His black leather jacket also covered up his big white wings.
He didn’t need them to fly, he barely had use for the things.
On his hands, legs, arms, and feet he wore black leather.
All his clothes went perfectly together.

Tina looked happily at the picture she had come to adore.
But something was troubling her, because deep down in her heart she knew that she could do so much more.
Tina began to daydream about where Rock N’ Roll Honeybee would live and what kinds of things he would do.
Tina quickly went back to work because she wasn’t even close to being through.
Three hours later, Tina had filled a sheet of notebook paper of things about Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
Tina smiled even brighter, she was even more happy.

His full name was Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
But his nickname was “Rock” for short, you see.
Rock lived on a small, invisible, magical planet named Colony Park.
Where everyday spent there was such fun, a tremendous lark.
Rock was very popular, especially with the girl bees.
About this his boy bee friends would always tease.

Rock N’ Roll Honeybee was so very hip and cool.
He always told kids to stay and study hard in school.
When you looked at him you saw nothing but good.
He was the kind of person that welcomed you to the neighborhood.
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee was a bee who would never sting.
Instead he liked to use his beautiful voice to sing.
His hobbies were riding motorcycles and playing the electric guitar.
His dream was one day to become a famous rock star.

His favorite music was of course, rock n’ roll.
But he liked all kinds of music, because music was in his heart and soul.
Rock also had special magical powers.
He could do things in a second, that would take most people hours.
He came into a room by a big bright yellow cloud.
Then a special song Tina had written would start to play very loud.
After the song was finished, the cloud would disappear.
And standing where the cloud had been, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee would appear.

Tina looked at the picture and the sheet of notebook paper on her desk with pride.
She was so very happy deep down inside.
For the next hour, all Tina did was daydream about Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
But then her stomach growled, so she went downstairs to get something to eat because she was suddenly very hungry.
After Tina ate, she took a bath, and climbed happily into bed.
But after a couple hours of tossing and turning, she couldn’t get to sleep because visions of Rock N’ Roll Honeybee filled her head.

Tina could hardly believe that only today she had created Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
But she knew with all her heart she already loved him so very dearly.
“Gee, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee, I wish that you were real!”
Then an idea hit Tina that made her squeal.
Tina jumped out of bed, put her robe and slippers on.
Tina shook a penny out of her piggy bank, opened her bedroom window and in a flash she was gone.

Ten minutes later, Tina stood in front of the wishing fountain in Baker Park.
Tina was a little scared because it was so very dark.
Tina slowly took a fresh breath of air in.
Then quickly threw the penny in.
The penny hit the bottom of the fountain with a soft plink.
Then a second later, Tina saw something that made her eyes three times blink.
A big bright yellow cloud appeared right next to the fountain out of the blue.
Tina’s mouth fell open, she was shocked and didn’t know what to do.
Then the Rock N’ Roll Honeybee Song started to play.

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!

Tina got scared, she turned and ran away.
After the song was finished the cloud disappeared.
And standing where the cloud had been Rock suddenly appeared.
Rock saw Tina and said, “Tina you don’t have to run away.”
“Just say the word and I’ll simply go away.”
Tina stopped running and turned slowly around.
She didn’t even notice that she was standing on top of the pitcher’s mound.

Tina asked, “Rock, is it really you?”
Rock nodded his head and said, “Yes Tina, it’s true.”
Tina asked shyly, “Rock N’ Roll Honeybee may I please hug you?”
Rock smiled and said, “Oh yes! Tina please do!”
Tina smiled and ran over to Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
She threw her arms around his waist and hugged him very tightly.
A few minutes later, Tina looked up at Rock with a question in her big brown eyes.
She looked so sweet she made Rock want to cry.
“Rock N’ Roll Honeybee, how did you come to life, I mean however did you come to be.”
“Tina, I came to be because you believed and you really loved me.”

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!

Chapter Three:

“Rock N’ Roll Honeybee, I don’t understand, you came to be because I believed and I really loved you?”
Rock nodded his head, “Yes Tina, that’s true.”
Tina frowned, “Rock, I still don’t understand what you mean.”
“I know you don’t kiddo, so I’m going to explain it to you, and in a minute you’ll understand because your pretty keen.”

“You see Tina, the wishing fountain in Baker Park is a magical fountain.”
“It can grant any wish, even a wish to move the Rocky Mountains.”
“But there are two things you must do.”
“Or your wish will not come true.”
“First, you must believe that the fountain can really grant your wish.”
“That it is not fake and filled with just fish.”
“Second, your wish must be made with true love.”
“A love so strong that it was sent down from heaven above.”
“Tina, always remember that LOVE IS A VERY POWERFUL THING!”

“So you see Tina, those are the two things you must do.”
“For your wish to come true.”
“And Tina, you did what you were supposed to do.”
“So your wish came true.”
“Tina, your love for me was so strong, that it could do anything.”
“Like I said before, LOVE CAN DO ANYTHING!”
Tina thought about what Rock had just said. Alot was going through her head.

Tina knew 100 percent that she loved Rock N’ Roll Honeybee and wanted him to come to life with all of her heart.
He was real to her, not just some stupid drawing she had made, not just a piece of art.
“And Tina, this time, you really believed that the wishing well was real, AND IT IS REAL, that it was not fake.”
“Tonight, you didn’t listen to the bad stuff that some people say about the well, or the other bad comments they make.”
Rock pointed, “Tonight, you didn’t even pay attention to the sign.”
“You went ahead and made your wish, you didn’t buy that corny line.”
Tina looked up and for the one millionth time in her life and read the corny sign.

Tina and her friends thought that was such a stupid and corny line.
“Yeah, right!” Like they would really come out looking and smelling like a fish if they threw a penny in a well.
They never believed that, it was such a tough sell.
Tina looked at all the fish in the Baker Park Wishing Well swimming around.
And looked at all the pennies on the wishing well ground.
Tina suddenly thought, “Rock N’ Roll Honeybee was right!”
Tina suddenly saw the light.

Tonight, Tina didn’t pay any attention to the sign because she wanted her wish to come true.
So for once, she did believe the fountain was real, but at the time she had no clue.
Tina smiled brightly and hugged Rock again.
She was so happy, surely it must be a sin.
She now knew that she did everything she was supposed to do.
So her wish came true.
Tina said, “Now, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee I understand, now I see.”
“I now understand how you came to be.”

“Now, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee I want to hear all about you.”
“And please don’t stop until you are through.”
“Okay Tina, but not tonight.”
“Kiddo, you should be in bed with the covers tight.”
For a minute, Tina felt like such a fool.
It was very late and tomorrow she had to get up early and go to school.
Rock then took Tina’s chin in his right hand and looked her in the eye.
For a moment, Tina was very shy.
Rock said, “Tina, I want you to promise me that you will never go out by yourself so late at night.”
Tina promised Rock because she knew that he was right.

“Okay, I promise never to do it again, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.”
Rock said, “I know you won’t, honey.”
“But, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee, when are we going to talk?”
“Tina, tomorrow after school we will talk and take a little walk.”
“Gee Tina, I hope that is okay?”
Tina jumped up into the air and yelled, “Hooray!”
Tina and Rock walked back to her house hand in hand.
She was so happy, she felt like hiring a marching band.
Ten minutes later, Rock put Tina in her bed.
Then kissed her gently on the forehead.

“Goodnight my sweet little Tina.”
“Tomorrow I will see ya’.”
“Goodnight Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.”
“I really do love you so very dearly.”
“Thank you Tina, I really love you too.”
“Now you get some sleep and tomorrow we’ll have a lot of fun, just me and you.”
“And Tina, remember if you ever need me.”
“Just say three times, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.”
“Tina always remember that I am a good ol’ bee.”
“You and anyone else can always count on Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.”

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!

Chapter 4:

Well kids, I hope you enjoyed the story and song.
I hope you thought it was good and not so very long.
Kids, this is not the last time you will hear from Tina and me.
Kids watch for more adventures with Rock N’ Roll Honeybee.
Kids I must say one last thing before I go.
After reading my story and singing my song you should already know.
Knock, knock, kids guess who really loves you?
Times up, Rock N’ Roll Honeybee, that’s who!

Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
Rock, Rock, Rock
Rock N’ Roll Honeybee
I’m a good ol’ bee
You can always count on me!


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