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Shamrock Girl lay happily in a rocker recliner putting the last bite of a waffle cone that had been filled with cake batter yogurt in her mouth. She bought it at the TCBY kiosk in Jannah Park five minutes ago and already it was gone. Shamrock Girl smiled bashfully then licked two of her fingers where some of the delicious yogurt had spilled then laid back in the rocker recliner and sighed with pleasure.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and everywhere Shamrock Girl looked Jytrimillyans were having a good time. But Jannah Park always had that effect. Even the supervillians were on their best behavior. Don’t get me wrong, the superheros and the supervillians would always have their differences but if one thing united them together it was their planet founder’s mother, Jannah Janu. And the park founded in her name was spectacular!

It had everything that a Jytrimillyan could ask for in park including multiple gleaming dance floors with large booming speakers, an extensive compact disc library ready to be qued up within a nanosecond, big leafy green shady trees filled with luscious fruit waiting to be picked or sat under, numerous delicious food and beverage stands, lots of varieties of colorful exotic flowers and plants, luxuriously furnished private cabanas, it’s own private beach with a large lake surrounded by mounds and mounds of navy blue sand, huge picnic tables with an attached mini fridge and microwave, plush seating everywhere and much much more.

As Shamrock Girl continued to marvel about the many amenities of the park that she loved so dearly, Emeralda passed her. She was waterskiing in the park’s large lake. As she passed she smiled brightly and waved at Shamrock Girl. Shamrock Girl returned her wave with an enthusiastic one of her own. “This is the life!” Shamrock Girl thought happily. It seemed inconceivable to her that only one month ago she was on the verge of a total mental breakdown wondering if her beloved cat and best friend in the whole wide world was going to be sent to jail for 28 years.

Unbeknownst to Shamrock Girl she let out a loud breath of relief. But thank god everything had turned out okay! When Shamrock Girl thought of the reason why Emeralda the Cat had almost been sent to Junker Correctional Planetary Prison her blood began to boil. Burke the Bird and his lies and sick comments had cost Shamrock Girl almost everything that she loved and she would never forget it or forgive Burke the Bird for what he had done.

If Shamrock Girl was being completely honest with herself she was not only mad at Burke the Bird, she was even madder at herself. When her and Emeralda had walked into the Jytrimillya City Community Club’s Main Lounge that day and saw that the superhero side was empty, she should have taken Emeralda and left immediately. But it was her stubborn Black Irish Jytrimillyan pride that had stopped her. At this thought, Shamrock Girl’s chin inched higher. Shamrock Girl, a.k.a., Green O’Jadery was an O’Jadery through and through. O’Jadery’s were brave and fearless and didn’t run from anything. But sometimes Shamrock Girl admitted to herself, in life, you have to run. It wasn’t necessarily a sign of weakness but rather a sign of intelligent strength. “Oh well, you live and you learn! But there was so much in life to learn and not one person could ever learn it all.” Shamrock Girl thought sadly.

Shamrock Girl’s thoughts were again interrupted by Emeralda as she waterskiied by. However, this time instead of the bright smile on her face there was a no nonsense scowl on it and with expert eyeball telepathy she said firmly, “I know what you are thinking and it wasn’t your fault! Knock it off and have some fun before I come over there and kick your butt!” The scowl then turned into a big grin. Shamrock Girl immediately threw up her hands in mock surrender then laughed merrily. In fact she was laughing so hard that the rocker recliner that she was lying in only a few nanoseconds earlier swaying gently back and forth was now doing a violent shimmy that was threatening to capsize her.

It took a couple of nanoseconds for Shamrock Girl to get herself and the chair under control and when she did she immediately started laughing again along with the rest of the park when she saw Emeralda watching her and laughing hysterically as she hopped unsteadily around on her waterskis in addition to trying to hang on to the waterski pole that she was holding with her paws. After a couple of nanoseconds, Emeralda’s right waterski collided with her left one and she fell face forward into the lake. Two nanoseconds later her head broke the surface and she began treading water. At one point she caught Shamrock Girl’s eye and began laughing hysterically again. Due to all the laughing that Emeralda was doing her head kept bobbing up and down like a red delicious apple in a tub on Halloween. Shamrock Girl again burst into another fit of laughter.

Eleven minutes later, Emeralda was happily waterskiing again while Shamrock Girl picked herself up from off the ground, dusted herself off then returned the capsized chair to its original position. Shamrock Girl laid down on the rocker recliner and closed her eyes and thought only happy thoughts.

Shamrock Girl breathed in deeply and drank the smells of Jannah Park in. There were so many of them that her nostrils were happily overwhelmed by the fresh air itself, the scent of the lake, popcorn popping, roasting pecans, fresh cut grass, different perfumes and so many other things. The smells of the park were intoxicating. Shamrock Girl smiled lazily and said a silent prayer to Jannah Janu, their planet founder’s mother. “What a terrific lady she was!” Shamrock Girl thought proudly as she began to fall asleep. “If it hadn’t been for her there would be no Jytrimillya.”

Back in the year 1513 in Zaire Africa a beautiful young black girl named Jannah Janu had run away from home because she didn’t want to marry the leader of the Janu Tribe, Zulaki. A week before Jannah ran away she did admit to herself that the Janu Tribe leader was a very good and wise man but he was simply too old for her. Jannah was 18 and Zulaki was 83. Jannah’s chest grew tight and a huge weary frown appeared on her face because she realized that it was probably the umpteenth time that she had disobeyed her parent’s wishes by not doing what they asked and she knew that it would always be the same.

Jannah and her parents were entirely different people who would never agree on anything. That’s the way it had always been ever since Jannah had been born and the situation with Zulaki was nothing new. Deep down in her heart Jannah knew that she did not love Zulaki and never would. So Jannah defiantly refused to marry him. This angered her parents particularly her father.

Secretly, Jannah knew that she did not want to marry anyone. Her dream was to travel the world and have exciting adventures. She did not want to be tied down to anyone or anyplace. Jannah was very strong, self-sufficient and proud. This of course made her a prime catch in the Janu tribe and that wasn’t the only thing that made Jannah a prime catch either. Jannah had a unique beauty. She was six feet tall, much taller than the other girls in her tribe, had a lush curvaceous figure, gorgeous cinnamon brown skin that had a beautiful glow to it, gorgeous light golden brown eyes and extremely long waist length chestnut brown hair streaked with light golden brown highlights that she wore loose and unbraided further declaring her independence.

But up until then luckily for Jannah her father had turned down the many suitors that had asked for Jannah’s hand in marriage until last week. Zulaki’s wife had just died recently and when he asked Jannah’s father for her hand in marriage her father had shocked her by saying, “Yes.” Jannah was not only shocked by the news but deeply hurt. If she even wanted a husband, which she didn’t, she at least thought she had the right to choose one for herself but she was a Janu and that was impossible. In the Janu Tribe in 1513 the women basically had no rights and the men made all of the decisions. So her father got to choose a husband for Jannah and her father chose Zulaki.

On the last night before Jannah ran away she finally told her parents her secret that she didn’t want to get married to anyone but instead wanted to travel the world and have exciting adventures. To add fuel to the already blazing fire Jannah told her parents a secret that she had never told anyone and that she barely acknowledged herself. Jannah hoped one day that after she had traveled and had many exciting adventures to give birth to a girl child just like herself. One girl child. She didn’t want a lot of children. And she definitely didn’t want any boy children.

Boys in the Janu Tribe got everything and the girls got nothing which is why she didn’t want any boy children. Upon hearing this her father was so enraged that he banished Jannah to her room. He told Jannah in no uncertain terms that she was going to marry Zulaki, give him many sons, stop these evil thoughts and couldn’t come out of her room until the wedding.

It took Jannah less than a half an hour to come to the decision that the only way to solve her problem was to run far away where her father could never find her. So at 1:00 am in the morning Jannah put a couple of things into an old sack and crept quietly out of the cave that had been her home ever since she was a small child and ran for her life. That was six weeks ago. What kept Jannah going despite the extremely hot weather which she could never find any cover to escape from and the lack of hardly any food and water was the fear that her father would catch up with her and drag her back and force her to marry Zulaki. Every time she felt herself wanting to give up she thought of this fact and would keep trudging onward. After six weeks of walking with barely no food and water and no cover from the stifling heat, Jannah was near collapse.

She was so tired and miserable that when she felt the ground move at first she thought that she had imagined it. But when Jannah was almost knocked off her feet from the strong vibrations she knew that it was real. She then began to look frantically around trying to find out what was going on. A few seconds later Jannah had her answer. On the horizon Jannah could see horses galloping toward her and suddenly she was filled with a great sense of panic. As the horses came nearer Jannah saw three riders on the horses. The faces were white. A realization hit Jannah immediately. They were slave hunters who were going to try to take her away and force her to become a slave. Jannah instantly became angry.

Over the years, several white men had captured some of the Janu and took them away and Jannah never saw them again. Her parents and other members of the tribe told her stories of the white man. Most of them were bad and involved slavery. A slow burn immediately ignited in Jannah. Well if these white people thought that they were going to take her and force her to become a slave they had another thing coming. Jannah was a Janu. Her chin instantly went up. Janu’s were not only brave but good fighters. Even though she was dead tired the slow burn inside her had turned to an inferno. Jannah dropped her bag and squared her weary shoulders ready for battle even though she had no weapon.

One minute later, the three horses with the three white riders came to a stop two yards from where Jannah stood. With eyes of steel Jannah looked into the eyes of all three riders and was immediately taken aback. The three riders were all looking at her with smiles on their faces and obvious concern in their eyes which is the primary reason why Jannah didn’t move a muscle when they one by one dismounted and started walking toward her.

There were two men and one woman. The two men she quickly noticed were very good looking and tall. One of them was older approximately in his thirties with black hair and bright green eyes and the younger one looked like he was about her age. He also had black hair but his eyes were a darker green. “Brothers.” Jannah thought. The woman looked like she was about the same age as the older man. She had pale blonde hair and big blue eyes and was considerably smaller than the two men but just as handsome.

And that was all that Jannah was able to decipher about them before the older man reached her. He extended his hand and said in a very friendly voice, “Hello, my name is Shameous O’Jadery. Are you alright?”

For a moment Jannah was speechless. This is hardly what she had expected. She started violently when the younger man said, “Shameous, I don’t think that she speaks any english.” Upon hearing this Jannah immediately found her voice and startled the three white strangers when she replied a bit sharply, “Yes I do! I speak english! I’m not dumb!” This time it was the three white strangers turn to be taken aback. After a couple of seconds the older white man called Shameous asked her, “Where did you learn it?” Jannah noticed the curious look on his face and again she was speechless.

After all she didn’t know this man and it was none of his business where she had learned the english language. But there was something in his eyes which were a beautiful shade of green that made Jannah want to tell him everything. “Madness!” Jannah told herself but in spite of this Jannah heard herself blurting out, “A couple of years before I was born some slave hunters captured five members of my tribe including our tribe leader, Zulaki, but several miles later they were rescued by some good white men who were against slavery. The good white men scared away the slave hunters then set my people free. With the good white men’s help the Janu Tribe moved their home many miles away from their old home into the caves high above the Elanhu river. Over the years the good white men came back with other good white people and brought us food, wine, swords, books and many other things. In exchange for their kindness my people taught them our ways, beliefs and language. Again in return, some of the white people taught some of my people their language, english. My mother and father taught it to me.”

“Fascinating!” the older white man said and the other two white people nodded their heads in agreement. But Jannah was not listening. Her thoughts were on the food the good white people had brought her tribe. Her mouth began to water when she thought of the meat, bread, cheese and wine her mother told her that they had brought. All of a sudden a loud rumble erupted from her belly. Jannah’s hand flew instantly to it and she quickly lowered her eyes. She was thoroughly embarrassed. The younger white man scared the bejesus out of Jannah when he suddenly slapped himself hard on the side of his head and said to Jannah, “Oh my goodness, where are our manners! Would you like something to eat.”

Jannah didn’t even try to lie or let her pride get in the way instead she quickly nodded her head up and down and said, “Yes, please!” Before Jannah realized what was happening, the younger man quickly lifted her off her feet, walked briskly back to his horse with Jannah in his arms, put Jannah on it, then climbed up right behind Jannah. A second later he had the reins of the horse in his hands. Jannah didn’t know when but she found herself laughing outloud. Pretty soon she was not alone. The three white strangers joined in. “I think that’s our signal to leave.” The older white man said after they had all stopped laughing a couple of minutes later. He then helped the woman onto her horse then mounted his own and they turned around and started galloping away side by side.

Every couple of seconds the three white riders would look at Jannah to make sure that she was alright. All three strangers were suddenly filled with enormous happiness as they watched Jannah. “This is one of the happiest moments of my life!” Jannah thought then let out a loud whoop of joy. This was the first time in her life that Jannah had ever been on a horse and she loved it! She felt so happy, free and light! She wriggled around excitedly, kept yelling joyously and leaned down and whispered sweet words into the horse’s ear while stroking his head affectionately. And Jannah was not the only one enjoying the ride, the horse himself galloped carefreely and every couple of seconds he too would look back at his female rider and whinny happily.

The journey went on and on until finally it started to get dark and just as the sun was about to completely set for the night all three riders pulled firmly on the reins and the horses began to slow down eventually coming to a stop. All three white riders immediately dismounted but not Jannah. She continued to whisper to the horse how beautiful and special he was while stroking the horse’s silky mane. The horse again whinnied happily. Jannah then straightened herself up and threw her right leg over to where her left leg was and jumped down. She then quickly walked in front of the horse until they were face to face. She looked the horse in the eyes and said, “Thank you for the wonderful ride! I loved it! I love you too!” And as if the horse had understood every word Jannah had said he moved his head quickly toward Jannah’s until they were touching and were nose to nose.

They stayed that way for several seconds until the excited whinny of another horse who Jannah guessed was female came from close by and broke the horse’s attention. Jannah chuckled heartily then kissed the horse on top of the head then said, “Go have fun with your girl and i’ll see you later.” She then steered the horse into the direction of the girl horse. The horse gave her one last look of affection then trotted away. The other rider’s horses were already gone.

As the horse trotted away the three white strangers looked at Jannah with wonder. She quickly brought them out of their wonderment when she clapped her hands together loudly and said to them, “Let’s eat!” Jannah ate the tender buffalo meat, soft crusty bread, juicy grapes and cold milk with gusto. When her plate emptied, the three white strangers would fill it again. The only time she stopped to talk was to tell the white strangers, “thank you,” between bites. Jannah ate and ate and ate until she couldn’t eat anymore. After a long while Jannah became full and sated. She patted her now full belly happily and lay down on the ground. She told herself and the three white strangers that she was only going to rest for a few minutes. Those few minutes turned into 26 hours.

When Jannah awoke at first she was scared because she didn’t know where she was but her memory quickly returned when she saw a large bushel of grapes and a big cup of water on a small table right beside her. Jannah smiled. “The white strangers are so nice and good people.” Jannah prided herself on one thing, instinct. And Jannah’s instincts were almost always right. She couldn’t explain it but she knew in her heart that the three white strangers were good people and would not harm her. As this fact was now settled in her mind, Jannah began to look around. In addition to the table with the grapes and water on it, Jannah also noticed that she was lying on top of several very soft blankets and covered with an extremely thin one. A candle also was burning bright in a holder in the corner. Jannah further discovered that when she stood up she was in a small tent of some kind. The tent had a large slit in the middle of it. Jannah walked over to it and lifted up one side of it and stepped out.

For a minute Jannah was momentarily stunned. The sky was pitch black except for all of the tiny stars lighting it up. Jannah fully expected it to be daylight but it was obviously night. “Hmmm.” Jannah said thoughtfully then her thoughts were interrupted by a signal. A bathroom signal. Jannah looked around and a couple of feet away she saw several trees and bushes and a small lake. Jannah quickly walked over to the first tree and relieved herself. She then quickly washed her hands in the lake and walked back to the tent. She now noticed that next to the tent that she had been sleeping in there were five more tents but they were alot bigger. Her curiousity getting the best of her, Jannah walked over to each tent, stopped and listened. By the first two tents she heard no noise but by the third one she heard muted voices and light coming through the slit. After exhaling a loud breath of air out, Jannah lifted the flap of the tent and stepped inside. The three white strangers immediately stopped talking when they saw her. Jannah smiled shyly then said a quiet, “Hello.”

The three white strangers immediately smiled back at her and motioned encouragingly for her to come and sit down with them. Once Jannah was sitting on the ground cross legged the older white man asked her, “How did you sleep?” Jannah lowered her eyes then smiled sheepishly. “Very well, thank you.” she said. She looked so cute and sweet that the three white strangers couldn’t help but laugh. A few seconds later, Jannah joined them. After the laughter died down the woman asked her softly, “What’s your name?” And with those three words a great friendship was born.

As if a dam had been broken, Jannah told Shameous, Caite and Jamie everything that she could about herself. Jannah told them about her restricted childhood as a girl in the Janu tribe, her troubled relationship with her parents, her refusal to marry Zulaki, many famous legends of Africa, her favorite foods, her hopes, her dreams and basically anything that she could think of and in return they told Jannah everything about themselves.

The older white man’s name was Shameous O’Jadery which he had told Jannah earlier but she forgot. He told Jannah that he had spent twenty-eight of his thirty-three years living in Dublin Ireland where he was a doctor and scientist. In fact his father was a doctor too. He told Jannah how much he hated his childhood and early adult life because of his money hungry social climbing parents. And his three older brothers and other relatives were no different. He told her many tales of being dragged over and over again to countless boring parties and balls and being forced to talk with an endless amount of overprivileged spoiled girls from the right families and backgrounds who he couldn’t stand just so his parents could increase their standing in the community.

His only way to fight back against them was to not marry any of the girls that his parents practically shoved at him which of course angered them but he didn’t care. He told them that because of his love for science he began to read books by other scientists who his father thought were works of the devil. That was basically the last straw. For most people being disowned by your family would be the most terrible thing in the world but for Shameous it was one of the happiest moments of his life! He was free! After his family had disowned him he bought a large house on the other side of Dublin and began living his life. When he went out he socialized with everybody not just people who came from the right backgrounds or who had fat purses. And he loved it! He began to make friends everywhere. He was often invited everywhere and began to travel all over Ireland. One of the perks of this travel was that he got to sample some of the best food the country had to offer. He often began dining at eatery’s all over Ireland and it was at the O’Harelin Inn and Restaurant where he met his wife, Caite.

Caite O’Harelin was the 14th and last child of Thomas and Eileen O’Harelin. From the very minute that Caite had entered the world she was miserable. Caite’s mother had died while giving birth to her and Caite’s father and brother’s never let her forget it. They were very vocal about who was to blame. From the time that Caite could understand what people were saying, Caite was the girl who had killed her mother. This made her an instant outcast in the service community of downtown Dublin. At home Caite had noone, at school Caite had noone, in church Caite had noone. And to make matters even worse, when Caite was eleven years old her father sent her to deliver an emergency message to his cousin five blocks away on horseback. During the ride the horse had been startled by a loud noise and threw her off and dragged her on her bottom for three blocks. When all was said and done, Caite had suffered a broken pelvis. The doctor told Caite’s father that she would heal in time but she would never have children.

After learning this instead of giving Caite the love and sympathy that she so desperately needed, her father developed an outright hatred for her. “What was he going to do with her now!” he would often rail angrily. She was already a huge burden for him now. No man would ever marry her and take her off his hands no matter how much of a dowry he could give them if she couldn’t give him any children. Particularly, male children. He was going to be stuck looking at this murderer for the rest of his life. Shortly after the beatings began. Every night Caite would cry herself to sleep and pray the next day would never come. But it always did and her father would always hit her. She would often ask her brothers to help her but they never did. They thought that she deserved it. On and on the torture went until two weeks before Caite’s seventeenth birthday her father suffered a fatal heartattack and died. But the damage was already done. Caite was broken mind, body and spirit.

Caite was completely numb when she overheard her 13 brothers arguing heatedly over who Caite would live with now that their father had died. All of them wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. They often cursed her for not being the one who had died instead of their father. Her brothers all thought that she was extremely evil because she had killed their mother and did not want her around. It was eventually decided that for the time being Caite would remain living in their parent’s house until they could all agree what to do with her. Every week her brothers would trade off on living with her in their parent’s house and they all hated it.

Over a year later after their father had died one of Caite’s brothers heard from an old university friend offering them a partnership in several stores and inns that they had just purchased in England. After her eldest brother had thoroughly checked the businesses out and reported to them that they were excellent and would make them alot of money they all sold their current stores and inns that they owned in Ireland. All the brothers unanimously decided to give their family home as well as the inn and restaurant that their father had owned to Caite. Before they left they hired a respectable businessman from Dublin to run it. The man had a wife and two children who would in addition reside with Caite in their family home so that she would not be alone. For appearances sake, their eldest brother suggested and the brothers all agreed to chip in a small amount of money every month and have their lawyer deliver it to Caite monthly. Happy that their obligation was complete her brothers all departed with their families to London and never looked back.

Without all of the beatings, her father’s cruel words and her brothers indifference, over the next thirteen years Caite began to heal. One of the first major changes that Caite made in her life was to move out of her parent’s home. It was too painful to stay there because of all the bad memories and the businessman that her brothers had hired to run the inn and restaurant as well as reside with Caite practically shouted with glee when she told him that she was moving out. So at least with some kind of encouragement Caite moved into one of the empty rooms in the servants quarters and never looked back.

During her stay at the inn she became an avid reader and for awhile books were her only friends. Caite love to read books of all kinds but what books Caite particularly loved were books about different places in the world. She would often daydream the day away by picturing herself in exotic places like Africa and China having great adventures and lots of fun. But Caite was a sensible girl. She told herself flatly and firmly that she grew up in Dublin and would die in Dublin, case closed. This was her home. After awhile, Caite grew bored with staying in her room and reading books. There was a great big world just outside of her bedroom door even if it was in Dublin so Caite opened her bedroom door and ventured out.

Over the next couple of weeks Caite began following the employees of the inn and restaurant around taking care to stay out of their way. And it was a new and exciting experience for Caite. When her father was alive she was never allowed to step foot inside the inn and restaurant unless it was a dire emergency but now that he was gone and she now owned the inn and restaurant, she could do whatever she pleased. It was a beautiful revelation. She felt light and happy. Caite realized that she was totally free and most importantly, it set her heart free. For the first time in her life, a genuine smile appeared on Caite’s face and stayed there.

As Caite continued to watch the employees at the inn and restaurant she found herself being drawn more and more to the kitchen of the restaurant watching the cook. Caite loved the smell of the cooked food, she loved the different things that the cook did to prepare the food, she loved the warm inviting feel of the kitchen, basically Caite loved everything about the kitchen and the food itself. A few more weeks passed before Caite knew with absolute certainty that what she wanted to do with her life was to cook. So the next morning Caite informed the cook at the restaurant that she wanted to be a cook herself and that she wanted the cook to teach her how.

At first the cook flat out refused but a fire burned in Caite that she had never known. After the cook’s refusal before she even knew what was happening Caite found herself blurting out the words, “This is my restaurant now! If you don’t want to teach me how to cook that’s fine, you can simply find employment and room and board elsewhere! Now. what’s it going to be?” Although it was difficult to understand the cook due to all of stammering, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she had won and was about to be granted her wish. Caite was going to learn how to be a proper cook!

This moment was another landmark in Caite’s life. Never in her life had she ever stood up to anyone or fought for something and she instantly knew the reason why. Just as a doting mother loves their child, Caite loved cooking. It was that important to her. And Caite knew that up to this point in her life she had never truly loved anything in her whole life and now she did. It not only made her feel wonderful it also made her feel powerful. Caite was invincible. So every day for the next couple of years the cook taught Caite everything that she knew about cooking and when she learned everything that she could from her she learned even more from other people. Over the years Caite’s brothers still continued to send her money monthly and Caite used that money to hire different cooks all over Ireland to teach her their skills. Thirteen years later, Caite became the best cook in Ireland.

Over the years with Caite’s cooking, the restaurant and the inn began to flourish. Under her father’s ownership the inn and restaurant always did well but under Caite’s ownership it became the best inn and restaurant in Ireland. People who had shunned Caite all of her life were now praising her. She slowly began to receive invitations to social gatherings all over Ireland and to many people’s surprise she accepted all of them, she carried no grudge. As the people of the community began to get to know Caite they came to realize what a lovely young woman she was. And the important thing was Caite began to realize it too. Cooking had changed her inside and out. She was thoroughly happy and she knew that there was no way things in her life could ever get any better. Unbeknownst to Caite, she was completely wrong because the very next day, Shameous O’Jadery walked into her inn and restaurant and three months later walked out with Caite as his wife. And it was on their honeymoon in France that they met Jamie.

James Ian McZonnelly was born a fraternal twin to Fitzgerald and Jane McZonnelly on a very cold night in Edinburgh Scotland in 1513. And from the moment that he was born he was a very angry young man. In fact one of James’ first memories was getting into a fist fight with another boy when he was just two years old. For awhile James’ whole young life seemed to revolve around anger and fights. But despite this, his parents, twin sister, Elizabeth and his other relatives continued to shower him with love no matter what he did. And unbeknownst to them that was the problem.

Unlike Caite who was never loved by her family, it was the complete opposite with James. He was the apple of his parents eyes. He was surrounded and lavished outrageously with love. And if the truth be told, James hated every minute of it. His family’s love was so excessive and stifling that he often prayed for death every night before he went to bed just so he wouldn’t have to put up with another day of it.

And the worst thing about James’ situation was that he couldn’t tell anyone because they would think that he was insane so he bottled it up and of course you can’t keep something bottled up forever without there being an explosion every once in a while hence the many fights that James got into. With fighting James was able to release some of his pent up anger and pretend that the boys that he was hitting were members of his family.

But as always because James’ parents loved him unconditionally they were always trying to think up new ways to help James get rid of his constant anger which they were convinced was just a childhood phase that he was going through and would one day grow out of. After many years of failure one day James’ father finally found the solution.

James’ father, Fitzgerald was a handyman in Edinburgh and one of its best. Around town he was considered a genius. And if the truth be told, he was. He could fix anything. So when James was nine years old his father started teaching him the tricks of the trade. And to James surprise, he loved it. And over the years he became just as skilled a handyman as his father. And unbeknownst to his father, James had found another way to release his anger. Hammering did his body alot of good. The pounding was extremely theraputic. And although James still continued to get into fights they slowly decreased over the years to the delight of his family.

However at school, noone was delighted by James. He had no friends. Nor did he have any in the close knit Edinburgh community because he had beat up practically all of his male classmates. All of them despised him and didn’t want him around. And James couldn’t have cared less. Unbeknownst to them, he loved being alone. When he was alone he felt free and that made him happy. Fixing things, fighting and being alone were the things that he loved most in life but again his parents had other ideas.

At age sixteen, James’ parents started encouraging his twin sister, Elizabeth to invite her girl friends to the house more and more secretly hoping that James would fall in love with one of them. But James was no fool he saw through their ruse right away and steered clear of the girls. If the truth be told, James couldn’t stand girls. To him they were extremely irritating and the most irritating one of all was his sister, Elizabeth.

While James hated every minute of his family’s love, Elizabeth absolutely loved and relished it. And the love that her family gave her showed brightly through her making her a magnet for everyone. While all of the kids in school hated James, they absolutely adored Elizabeth. And it was in their last year of school before University when James and Elizabeth turned eighteen years old that Elizabeth met Nicholas Riley. And unbeknownst to James this meeting would change his life forever.

Nicholas Riley was a young barrister who came from a family of extremely wealthy and successful barristers in England. On one of his many business trips to Edinburgh one of his colleagues invited him to his daughter’s school play. Elizabeth was playing the lead in the play and Nicholas had been bowled over by her. After the play Nicholas had immediately sought Elizabeth out and after she met him she was just as equally bowled over by him as he was with her. From that instant on Elizabeth and Nicholas were inseparable. A short time later Nicholas proposed to Elizabeth with her parents full approval. A few weeks later they were married.

After the wedding it was decided that James’ parents and James himself would move to England to live with Elizabeth and Nicolas. A few days later the family packed up and made their way to London and a whole new world opened up to James. London was so big and exciting. He began to diligently walk the London streets looking in awe at all of the posh shops, beautiful houses and nicely dressed people. Edinburgh of course had rich people but nothing like this. He even got into the habit of following some of the people and was often rewarded with snippets of their conversations.

They often talked about their wealth, children and houses but what James liked the most was when they talked about their travels. To James it was an anomoly. To tell you the truth, James never really envisioned a world outside of Edinburgh but from the way that these people talked there was a great big one waiting to be explored. And suddenly he was excited. He listened raptly when they talked about their trips to Spain, China and France. But his interest was immediately peaked when they talked about Africa. The people and animals sounded so foreign and exotic to James. A completely different world from his own. And it was at that moment that he knew that he had to go and see it.

Taking extreme care to not let his family find out what he was doing knowing full well that they would never approve or let him go over the next week James formulated a plan to get to Africa. And after doing some long hard thinking, James finally remembered something and he immediately got excited.

On the first day of their arrival, at first, James had been steaming mad that he had to leave Scotland but quickly changed his mind once they arrived in London and immediately became excited. For the first few hours all James did was wander around London looking at everything he could. Finally he became tired and came back to the house. While his mother was heating up his supper James began to explore thoroughly the large estate that his brother-in-law Nicholas owned, his new home. As he was walking by Nicholas and Elizabeth’s bedroom the door was half way open and he inadvertantly overheard a short conversation between them where Nicholas told Elizabeth about where several of his family members including himself secretly hid some of their cash and jewels in case of an emergency.

At that time James paid no attention to that conversation but several months later all he could think about was that conversation and hoped and prayed that the money that Nicholas secretly hid away was in the place that James overheard Nicholas tell Elizabeth. And he hoped it would be enough to get him to Africa. So James waited impatiently for a day when the whole family would be gone from the estate so that he could go to the secret place by himself and look.

It was three weeks later that James finally got his chance. The whole family had been invited to a ball thrown by the Duchess Mary of Cornwall. Pretending that he had a bad cold James begged off from going to the ball and insisted that the family go without him. After reassuring them all especially his mother that he was going to be fine they all left early in the afternoon for the ball.

James waited an hour after they left then jumped quickly out of his bed and hurriedly dressed. He then left his room and went downstairs. There were a few servants milling around doing different tasks. He told two of them that he wanted some fresh air and to stretch his cramped legs so he was going to take a walk around the estate. To James’ delight from the expressions on their faces they could have cared less. So James quickly left the house and made his way to the little garden house at the very back of the estate.

He carefully scanned the estate for servants. When he was positive noone was around he quickly opened the door and went inside. James spotted the window straight ahead and went directly to it. Outside of the window you could see the beautiful garden growing but James could have cared less. All he cared about were the rocks that made up the floor. He loudly took a breath of air in and slowly blew it out. “Please let it be here!” James said outloud. He then bent down and began trying to lift up the huge rocks one by one.

After trying fifteen of them with no success he started to get a little depressed but as he was tugging on the sixteenth rock it lifted easily and almost made him fall backwards. When James righted himself and looked down into the long square hole his heart jumped. There was a small cloth covering the hole. With trembling fingers James quickly reached his hand down into the hole and lifted the cloth and again James’ heart jumped. Under the cloth was some kind of sack with a cord tied around it. With still shaky hands James lifted the sack out of the hole and unwrapped the cord.

A second later, the biggest smile James had ever smiled in his entire life appeared on his face. The sack was bulging with money and alot of it. James quickly began to take it out and to briskly count it. Several minutes later James had counted out several hundreds of pounds of money. It was plenty of money to get him to Africa. James was so happy that he began to jump up and down while throwing the money into the air all over himself. It took James about twenty minutes to come to his senses and he hurriedly shoved all of the money back into the sack and rewrapped the cord around it and replaced the rock.

An hour later with the sack of money in his room safely hidden under his bed, James began making final plans for his journey. Late that night, James left a long letter for his parents on his bed then crept quietly out of the house with two differents sacks in each of his hands. One sack contained the money and the other one contained some of his personal possessions and some food. He quickly made his way directly to the stables where the horses were kept and attached the two bags on opposite sides of a horse that he had ridden a couple of times, got on and galloped happily away and never looked back.

Two months later, James was happily munching on a small warm loaf of bread that he had just bought while wandering around exploring Paris. He felt free as a bluebird. A few seconds later he was jolted out of his happy thoughts by a loud noise. When James turned to the direction of the noise he noticed that a wheel had come off a carriage. James quickly stuffed the last of the bread into his mouth, chewed it up and rushed over to the carriage to offer his assistance. The next thing he knew he was shaking hands with a very tall handsome man with black hair and bright green eyes and an equally handsome woman with pale blonde hair and big blue eyes. Their names were Shameous and Caite O’Jadery.

After James had fixed their wheel, Shameous and Caite insisted that he have dinner with them to repay him for his kindness. James happily accepted. Then another invitation came asking him to dine with the O’Jadery’s and again James happily accepted. James could not explain it but he had liked the O’Jadery’s the instant that he met them. And over the next couple of weeks, more invitations came and James happily accepted them all.

After that James saw the O’Jadery’s practically everyday and they eventually became close friends although some people mistakenly thought they were brothers instead of friends due to their similar physical appearance. After that they both began to see that they really could pass for brothers. A unique fact that they hadn’t really thought about until now. James and Shameous both had green eyes. But while Shameous’ eyes were bright green, James’ were a stormy dark green. They both also had black hair, were tall and extremely handsome. Even Caite began to comment that it was pretty easy to see why some people thought that they were related.

Over the course of those weeks, Shameous told James all about himself, Caite followed next then finally James poured out his whole life story to them. After that they all felt a kind of kinship, a special bond to each other which made them all extremely happy. Late one night, Caite pulled her husband aside and they had a serious discussion. Early the next morning at breakfast, Shameous and Caite told James that they loved him and he was the brother that the both of them had always wanted and wished they had. They also asked James to come and live with them and be a part of their small family.

For the first time in his life James cried which made Caite cry and even Shameous’ eyes became a little misty because he now knew what it was like to be loved and to love someone. Shameous and Caite loved him in a completely different way than his parents and other relatives did. Their love was so gentle and sweet while his parent’s love had been all consuming and aggressive and he not only hated it, he had ran far away from it. But this time James realized that he didn’t want to run away from love he wanted it to be in his life forever. He wanted Caite and Shameous to be in his life forever. James was so happy at this realization that he hugged Caite and Shameous tightly. He told them that he felt the exact same way about them too. So James happily agreed to go and live with them in Ireland.

Three months later as they were preparing to go back to Dublin, Caite noticed a sadness in “Jamie” as they now began to affectionately call him. In fact, because of a mild fear that his family would find him and since people often mistook him and Shameous for brothers anyway, Caite, Shameous and James all decided it would be best if James changed his last name to O’Jadery and they all agreed to tell people that they were brothers. So he was no longer James O’Zonnelly anymore he was Jamie O’Jadery.

One night after supper, Caite took Jamie aside and asked him what was wrong. Since Caite had become the kind of sister that Jamie had always wanted he couldn’t bring himself to lie to her. So he told Caite the only thing that he had not told them, his secret desire to visit Africa and see the different people and exotic animals. Caite scared the hell out of Jamie with her reaction. Jamie had braced himself and fully expected a close-minded or horrific response instead he got the total opposite.

Caite was absolutely thrilled about his wanting to visit Africa because she herself had always wanted to visit Africa too. The next thing Jamie knew, Caite was begging Jamie to take her with him. Jamie let out of loud, “yes”, along with several loud whoops of joy. And that is how Shameous found them when he rushed out of the kitchen. Jamie and Caite were jumping around the parlour and whooping with joy.

It took Shameous several minutes to calm the both of them down and after he did he made them tell him what was going on. Before Jamie could even open his mouth, Caite was spilling her guts. Ten minutes later it was Shameous’ turn to jump up and down and whoop with joy. And Caite and Jamie happily joined him. So after a quick stop in Dublin in order for Shameous and Caite to get their business affairs in order, tell their friends about their plans and to get the necessary items that they needed they then made arrangements to go to Africa. Three years later while Caite and Jamie were accompanying Shameous while he collected samples to evaluate in the makeshift tent/office that he set up in Zaire all three of them had accidentally come across Jannah.

When Jamie had finished telling Jannah his story along with the others, Jannah was truly astonished. As she looked from Jamie’s face then to Caite’s and finally to Shameous’ she couldn’t believe it. It was so strange. They were all so different but at the same time so much alike. Jannah let out a long low whistle at this revelation. “Jannah.” Jannah started a little bit when she heard her name. “Yes?” Jannah said quickly. “What are you going to do now?” Caite asked.

For a minute Jannah looked completely puzzled. Seeing Jannah’s expression Caite smiled and said, “I mean you told us that you want to travel the world and have exciting adventures. What I am asking is where exactly are you planning to go to have these adventures and what exactly are you going to do for excitement?”

Yet again Jannah was struck speechless because if the truth be told Jannah didn’t have the slightest idea. She really hadn’t thought that far ahead. Everything with her parents, the forced marriage, and the running away had all happened so fast in addition to the six weeks trekking through Zaire, Jannah had not had a chance to think where she was going to go for the exciting adventures that she so desperately wanted or even what she wanted to do. Then another realization hit Jannah. She had no money. How was she going to go to different places and have exciting adventures without any money. Tears started to pour from Jannah’s eyes and she involuntarily slumped forward in defeat.

Shameous, Caite and Jamie instantly began to comfort her. Caite pretty much had her answer about Jannah’s plans. But before Jannah had come into the tent, Caite, Shameous and Jamie were also making their own plans and they involved Jannah. A short time later after Jannah had stopped crying and was sitting crosslegged almost upright, Shameous lifted Jannah’s chin until they were both looking into each other’s eyes. He then said in a very gentle voice, “Jannah, we’ve all talked it over and we want you to come and live with us.”

At these words Jannah was instantly speechless, shocked, happy, scared and so much more. So many different emotions were running through her. A few minutes later Jannah was able to find her voice and she said, “Why? Why do you want me to come live with you? You don’t even know me.” Jannah then bit her lip and waited in fear for the answer.

It was Shameous again who answered. “Well, you’re right Jannah we don’t actually know you but in a strange way we all feel that we do know you. Caite, Jamie and myself all trust our instincts and those instincts are telling us that you are a wonderful young girl that we want to be a part of our small family. Please, Jannah come with us?”

And when Jannah looked away from Shameous’ sweet face into Caite and Jamie’s happy and encouraging ones she had her answer. “Yes, I will come with you.” A big smile appeared on Jannah’s face. For a few seconds they all just smiled at each other then Caite let out a loud whoop of joy and rushed to hug Jannah. Shameous and Jamie were hot on her tail and became a part of the hug too. At that moment Jannah’s heart was finally at peace because she had found in Caite, Shameous and Jamie the kind of family that she had always wanted. Jannah was truly happy.

Over the next twenty five years, Jannah traveled around the world with Shameous, Caite and Jamie. Before they left Zaire they came up with the cover story that Jannah was their slave which allowed Jannah to travel with Shameous, Caite and Jamie without any questions or trouble. Over those years Jannah’s mind and spirit were richly nourished and fully sated by her many travels to countries like China, France, England and many many more. It was such an exciting time in Jannah’s life. At times she couldn’t believe that her dream had come true. She was actually seeing the world. On her journeys, Jannah saw many things. She saw good things and many bad things but never complained once because the one thing that a Janu knew for certain was that you could not have good without having some bad. They went together. There was nothing you could do about it but accept it and Jannah had done that a long time ago.

And slowly over those twenty five years Jannah changed from a beautiful young girl of 18 to a beautiful well-traveled wise woman of 43. On Jannah’s birthday she couldn’t believe that she was 43 years old. Where had the time gone. But she already knew the answer. Jannah had traveled so much over the years plus she had had so much fun that the time seemed to breeze by without her being fully aware of it. Her 43rd birthday really got Jannah thinking. And not all of it was happy thinking. Although Jannah was currently very happy because she had so much in her life to be thankful for she ultimately started to feel a hollowness in her heart that she just could not get rid of.

At first she told herself that it was nothing but then quickly realized that was not true. After that Jannah often found herself chastising herself for feeling this way. I mean she had a roof over head which was currently in Spain and she loved it. She had plenty of food to eat, had seen so much of the world and had had the many exciting adventures that she had always dreamed about including riding on top of a huge gray elephant, saw some of the most beautiful treasures created by man in China and had met many soldiers and warriors of different races all over the world.

But most of all the thing that Jannah was most thankful for were her family. Jamie, Shameous and Caite. She loved them very much. They had been with her through it all. They loved her, supported her and encouraged her. They were a part of her. They were deeply embedded in her heart and her soul and she couldn’t imagine her life without them. Jannah knew that she was a lucky girl. She had so much to be thankful for but no matter how much Jannah scolded and told herself this the hollowness in her heart simply would not go away.

At first Jannah couldn’t understand what was happening to her but one day when Caite and Jannah were looking at fruit at one of the vendor stands owned by Mr. Hernandez it all came crashing back to her. While they were looking at the fruit all of a sudden Mr. Hernandez’ wife rushed up to them with tears running down her face. She then thrust a baby in Mr. Hernandez’ arms and told him that her mother had taken seriously ill and that she needed to be with her. She then gave Mr. Hernandez and the baby a quick kiss then rushed off. A few seconds later, Jannah got to hold Mr. Hernandez’ daughter, Salma. For Jannah it was love at first sight and heartache at first sight because Jannah now knew the reason why she felt so hollow and she couldn’t believe that she had forgotton that in addition to her dream of traveling around the world and having many exciting adventures one of her other dreams was to one day give birth to a girl child just like herself after she had these exciting adventures.

Then without warning another realization hit Jannah. For twenty five years she had traveled the world and had many exciting adventures and she knew that she would have more but now that one of her dreams had been fulfulled something deep down in her heart was telling her it was time to fulfill her other dream. As Jannah was thinking this she was suddenly struck with an emotion so strong that it shook her to her very core. Jannah realized that it was not only time for her to have a baby but that she actually wanted a baby, desperately!

And for the next few days that was all Jannah could think about. That’s all she saw. Babies, babies, babies, everywhere! And it began consuming her heart, body and mind. All of a sudden Jannah had no energy and she became unusually tired and began sleeping alot. She even started to decline going outside of the house. Shameous, Caite and Jamie instantly became frightened. None of them had ever seen Jannah like this before.

They didn’t know what was wrong but they were determined to find out after two weeks had gone by and Jannah was still the same. So early one morning Shameous, Caite and Jamie prepared all of Jannah’s favorite foods, put them all on plates and each carried one up to her room. Shameous softly knocked on Jannah’s door until he heard her tell him to come in then all three of them entered the room.

As they all sat down on Jannah’s bed with the plates of food in their laps they couldn’t help but notice the big black and blue circles around Jannah’s puffy red eyes. All three of them were suddenly at a loss for words. Absentmindedly they all began to nibble on the food that they had brought up for Jannah. They all started when Jannah said, “It can’t be that bad.” Her finger pointed at the food. Shameous, Jamie and Caite all gave nervous little giggles at Jannah’s attempt at humor. Again Jannah startled them when she said, “I know that you want to know the reason why I haven’t been feeling myself lately.” In unison all three heads whipped up and looked at Jannah waiting for the answer that they were all of a sudden too scared to ask.

For a few minutes the room was deafly quiet then the silence was broken by a loud sob. Soon tears began to spill from Jannah’s puffy red eyes down onto her cheeks. Shameous, Caite and Jamie’s fear instantly doubled. Then all of a sudden Jamie stood up and took the plates from the others and set them aside. He then sat back down on the bed closer to Jannah and took her hands into his own. He involuntarily sucked in his breath when he felt how cold her hands were. With worried tears in his eyes and in an uncustomary shaky voice he said, “Jannah, for god’s sake please tell us what’s wrong?”

The next few days were difficult ones in the normally happy house. While Jannah wiled the day away in her bed weeping and sleeping, Caite, Jamie and Shameous desperately tried to come up with a solution to Jannah’s problem. After a couple more days of many disagreements they all ultimately decided on the most reasonable solution. In order for Jannah to have a baby she was going to have to get married. A solution that they all knew that she would not like because it was no secret that Jannah did not want to get married to anyone. To Jannah, marriage was like a death sentence. To her it was like being tied down to a tree forever and they all knew that Jannah was a free spirit who did not like to be tied down to anything or particularly anyone. To put it simply, being single was being free to Jannah.

So the day before Shameous, Caite and Jamie were going to present their solution to Jannah they rehearsed what they would say to her thoroughly and had many facts to back up their statements. Their most powerful one being Shameous and Caite’s successful marriage. So the next day, Shameous, Caite and Jamie full of determination along with strong pangs of fear presented their solution to Jannah and she shocked the hell out of them when she told them that they were indeed right.

In between all of the weeping and sleeping that Jannah had done she told them that she had also done some hard thinking and came to the same simple solution that they had. If she wanted to have the girl child that she always wanted and she was positive that she was going to have a girl child although she would gladly take a boy child just as long as it was her own, she was going to have to get married. It was just as simple as that.

But she also told them that even though with all of her heart and soul that she wanted a girl child she wouldn’t settle for a marriage less than Shameous’ and Caite’s. If she was going to get married it was only going to be to a man that she loved and loved her equally back. She wouldn’t accept less. The man that she was going to marry had to be a good husband like Shameous who not only loved her but respected her, accepted her and let her be herself, good and bad. Huge smiles came to Shameous, Caite and Jamie’s faces as she said the last part with her usual proud no nonsense expression and high lift of her chin because they got a glimpse of the old Jannah that they loved so much.

Jamie was the first to hug Jannah closely followed by Shameous and Caite. Jannah returned their hugs fiercely and found herself smiling for the first time in a couple of weeks. All of a sudden a great weight had been lifted off of her shoulders as she now knew what she had to do and if she were being totally honest with herself she had known the solution to her problem all along and it was not bad at all. The thought of marriage didn’t frighten her as it once had. It suddenly hit Jannah that just because you were married didn’t mean that you couldn’t be free too.

Freedom was something that would always be with you if you really wanted it to be. I mean look at Shameous and Caite. They were married but you could easily see the freedom in their eyes. And at that moment Jannah really did see it and it not only opened her eyes but her mind too. And Jannah vowed right then and there that one of the first things that she was going to teach her child was the meaning of freedom. Jannah then sighed blissfully and began thinking only happy thoughts. One of her happy thoughts was that it might take weeks, months or even years but one day soon she would have the girl child or possibly boy child that she always wanted. Jannah then smiled even brighter because she was truly happy again.

In addition to being extremely happy again she was also extremely hungry again. Jannah realized that she had barely eaten anything in weeks. So to Shameous, Caite and Jamie’s delight Jannah quickly got out of bed and jumped down each one of the stairs happily then made her way to the kitchen. By the time the others got there Jannah had a chicken leg in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. As Shameous was raising his glass and was about to propose a toast to Jannah he was abruptly interrupted by loud, frantic knocking on the kitchen door.

No sooner had Jamie opened the door than Dr. Ortega, a good friend and colleague of Shameous’ came dashing in and went straight over to Shameous put his arm around him and began jumping up and down. Dr. Ortega then began speaking in a high squeaky excited voice. “Come my friend, you must come!” Jannah’s expert ears perked up immediately and the needle on her exciting adventures meter went into overdrive. “Dr. Ortega, can I come too?” Jannah quickly blurted out. “Of course, of course senorita! You all must come! But we must go now!” Dr. Ortega said with excited urgency and began to strongly pull on Shameous’ arm.

Two and a half hours later Jannah, Caite, Jamie and Shameous were all staring in disbelief with their mouths hanging open. None of them could believe what they were seeing. All of them were standing in a clearing on the highest ridge of the Peralta Valley and everywhere they looked there were smoking balls sending thick black smoke high up into the air. Jannah, Caite, Jamie, Shameous and even Dr. Ortega all jumped with fright when Dr. Alvergani Lawgood, another doctor and science friend of Shameous’ that Jannah absolutely adored said in a somewhat out of breath way, “I got the water!” When Jannah turned to fully look at Dr. Lawgood she noticed that he was leading a large horse up into the clearing who was towing a large wagon filled to the brim with water. Dr. Lawgood wasted no time in distributing the large buckets attached to each side of the horse to Jannah, Caite, Jamie, Shameous and Dr. Ortega.

For a moment Jannah, Caite and Jamie were at a loss of what to do but Shameous, Dr. Ortega and Dr. Lawgood weren’t. The three of them immediately rushed over to the wagon and filled their buckets then raced over to the nearest smoking ball and began to pour water all over it until it stopped smoking. Now that Jannah knew what to do the excitement immediately started to pulse through her again and it was not long before she ran over to the wagon filled her bucket and ran over to the left side of the clearing where the unknown balls were smoking the most and began slowly to pour water all over them. This immediately spurred Caite and Jamie into action and soon everybody was refilling their buckets and pouring them all over any ball that was smoking.

Six hours later all of the smoking balls were gone and in their place were large pieces of sparkly glass of some kind that at first they all mistook for diamonds. “What are they?” Caite asked her husband in awe but having no answer for his wife Shameous simply shook his head and told her that he didn’t know. “Well whatever the hell they are we had better pick them up and take them home with us because they sure as hell look damn important!” Dr. Lawgood said with a wicked grin then immediately started to pick up the large sparkly pieces of glass and began putting them carefully into the now empty wagon.

With big smiles on their faces, Jannah, Caite, Jamie, Shameous and Dr. Ortega also began to quickly put the pieces of the large sparkly glass into the wagon. As Jannah worked her mind began to wander. Just like Jannah, Dr. Alvergani Lawgood was from Zaire Africa. His tribe, The Alvergani were one of the most revered tribes in Africa. They were particularly well known for their healing and medicinal skills which were by far the most superior in the land. And Dr. Lawgood was no exception. If the truth be told he was the most brilliant of them all.

Many years ago when Dr. Ortega and a few other of his doctor/scientist friends were on an expedition in Africa they accidentally came upon The Alvergani and were instantly impressed especially with Dr. Lawgood. A short while later Dr. Ortega and Dr. Lawgood became close friends. At the end of Dr. Ortega’s expedition he invited The Alvergani tribe to come to Spain but they all refused except Dr. Lawgood who like Jannah was also eager to see the world. So Dr. Lawgood and his wife Lily who was currently pregnant packed up and made their way with Dr. Ortega and the other doctors back to Spain. Healing person after person with his unusual African remedies and methods Dr. Lawgood became an instant success and one of the most sought after doctor’s in Spain. It was absolutely inevitable that Dr. Lawgood, Dr. Ortega and Shameous would meet and all three become the best of friends.

Jannah started violently when Dr. Lawgood interrupted her thoughts by saying, “Well that’s it ladies and gentlemen and if the lovely Jannah Janu will pick up the last piece of glass we can all go home and eat and rest.” Abruptly brought out of her reverie, Jannah’s eyes immediately scanned the clearing noticing that it was totally bare except for one piece of sparkly glass that lay on the ground directly before her. Wasting no time, Jannah quickly bent down and picked up the last piece of sparkly glass and as she closed her hand around it so that it wouldn’t fall the piece of glass all of a sudden disintegrated into several small pieces.

“Oh no!” Jannah said while looking at the broken pieces in her hand in horror. Dr. Lawgood was the first to reach her. “Jannah are you alright? Did you cut yourself?” he asked, his face full of concern. Jannah quickly shook her head, “No doctor, i’m okay. It’s just that I accidentally broke the glass.” Jannah then immediately lowered her head in shame. “Sorry.” she mumbled. Dr. Lawgood began to laugh heartily. Jannah’s head whipped up instantly. Jannah immediately saw the playful glint in his eyes as he said, “Well my girl we’ll just have to make do with the wagon load of glass that we already have.” After making this statement Dr. Lawgood again started laughing heartily but this time he grabbed Jannah and pulled her into his arms and hugged her fiercely. His chest moved up and down and back and forth as he laughed. With relief Jannah started laughing too and so did the others.

After a few minutes when they all finally wound down, Jannah still felt the pieces of broken glass in her palm. On a hunch she asked the group, “Can I keep this one?” she said pointing at the broken pieces of glass in her hand. With big ol’ grins on Dr. Lawgood, Dr. Ortega, Caite, Shameous and Jamie’s faces they all said in unison, “No!” and instantly started laughing again. Jannah joined in a second later. “Hey everybody let’s go home! I’m so hungry that I could eat a horse or all of this glass and I really don’t think that i’ll like the taste of either.” Jamie said wickedly. Again they all began to laugh again and with the horse pulling the wagon full of glass they all happily and noisily made their way home. The broken pieces of glass that Jannah was allowed to keep were safely tucked away into her pocket.

Much much later, Jannah laid in her bed in her bedroom totally unable to sleep due to all of the extraordinary events of the past day. Once they all returned to the house they all ate, drank and talked about the events of the day and Jannah had been in absolute heaven! She could hardly believe her ears when Dr. Ortega and Dr. Lawgood told them how they had been out walking searching for different kinds of plants that they could use in their medicine making when they found themselves at the bottom of the Peralta Valley where there was a little stream. Both doctors decided that before they made the journey back home that they’d rest for awhile. So they’d each took out the apples that they brought along for a snack and dipped the cups that they’d also brought along into the stream of cold water and began eating and relaxing. It was less than 5 minutes later when they both heard a strange noise. Both of them quickly abandoned their food and stood up quickly not knowing what exactly to do.

As the noise grew louder they both looked up into the sky where the noise seemed to be coming from then all of a sudden the sky lit up with fire and a few seconds later the fire disappeared into the Peralta Valley. Dr. Ortega told them that it took him and Dr. Lawgood about 20 minutes to calm themselves from the shock of what they had just seen and walk up into the valley to investigate. Once they decided their course of action they quickly made their way up the Peralta Valley following the smoke until they came to a large clearing in the valley and found the smoking balls which turned out to be sparkly glass. After talking for a few minutes they formed a plan which ultimately had them deciding to tell noone what happened until they themselves knew exactly what happened. And in the meantime it was also decided that Dr. Lawgood would go home and fetch a strong horse, wagon and buckets then fill the wagon with water from the little stream at the bottom of the Peralta Valley and meet Dr. Ortega and Shameous back at the clearing while he went to get Shameous.

Jannah lovingly let her fingers run over the small bits of sparkly broken glass wrapped in a cloth lying in her lap. As she did this a thought struck her that she nor anyone else noticed before. Jannah quickly picked up all of the pieces in her right palm. “You’re not sharp!” Jannah said out loud with excitement. At this point, Jannah’s mind began to race. All of the glass that Jannah had ever come into contact with had always been razor sharp and would cut your fingers quite easily but not this glass. Experimenting Jannah closed her fist and pressed her hand closed as tightly as she could then after a few seconds opened it again. After transferring all the broken pieces of glass to her left hand even in the dim candlelight as Jannah examined her right hand she could see that it was completely unharmed. Her excitement went through the roof.

If this had been real glass her palm would have been all cut up and bloody. “You are not glass!” Jannah said out loud matterfactly. One second after she made this statement the sparkly glass started to brighten until it was a powerful effervescent white. Jannah immediately started to wriggle with excitement because she was sure it was a sign that she was right. “If you are not glass, what are you?” Jannah asked the broken pieces in her hand but they still only continued to glow brightly. But this did not deter Jannah, she was too excited.

Even though it took some effort Jannah made herself calm down. Once she did she then examined the broken pieces of the unknown stuff in her hand and all of a sudden her body gave a powerful involuntary lurch because in the center of the broken pieces now lay a broken piece in the shape of a heart which Jannah was positive had not been there before. Jannah quickly discarded the other broken pieces into her left hand and examined the heart piece in her right. It was about two centimeters big and one centimeter thick and it was absolutely perfect. In fact it was flawless. “What are you?” Jannah asked the heart piece in her right hand and the other broken pieces in her left hand. All the pieces still glowed brightly. Jannah was momentarily startled when she heard a voice inside her head, “I’ll bet you Shameous would know.” “Of course!” Jannah said out loud then raced out of her bed with the unknown broken pieces in both of her palms and within a few moments was filling Shameous in on what had happened.

Jannah sighed loudly. “If you keep doing that your going to get one hell of a sore throat.” Jamie teased as they both were walking to the open air market to shop for fruits. But Jannah couldn’t help sighing and she did admit that she had done alot of it lately but she just couldn’t help it. The past three months had been extremely frustrating not to mention extremely embarrassing for Jannah. From the very instant when Jannah had made her discovery about the broken glass and went in to show Shameous nothing happened no matter how much Jannah willed it. The heart piece and the other pieces wouldn’t light up as they had brilliantly in Jannah’s bedroom that night three months ago and this really annoyed her.

Even after Shameous, Dr. Lawgood and Dr. Ortega all took turns watching the broken pieces and performing different experiments on them they still would not light up and to Jannah this was the ultimate betrayal. It made her both angry and sad. Jannah felt like the biggest liar in the world which she wasn’t. But all of the doctors, Caite and Jamie all assured her that they believed her and in their eyes she could easily see that they were telling her the truth but it still frustrated Jannah none the less.

After three months, yesterday in fact, Shameous had given Jannah back all of the broken pieces including the heart to keep. He then told her if anything happened to let all the doctors know immediately. So not wanting to miss anything Jannah again on a hunch asked Jamie to make her a ring band and to attach the heart piece to it figuring that if one piece lit up the others would too so there was no sense in carrying around all of the broken pieces she would instead take along with her just the one. It took Jamie less than an hour to make Jannah the gold ring band and attach the heart piece to it. When Jamie playfully slipped it onto her marriage finger Jannah giggled girlishly. “You are the most beautiful ring in the world!” Jannah thought to herself happily momentarily forgetting her frustration of the past three months.

A day later as she and Jamie walked to the open air market for the millionth time Jannah looked down at the traitorous heart ring on her right hand and willed it to light up but of course it didn’t. Watching Jannah as they walked, Jamie shook his head then put his hand over Jannah’s hand that wore the ring and held it tightly. Then he looked deep into her beautiful light golden brown eyes with his equally beautiful dark green ones. “Forget about that blasted ring for one damn minute and let’s have some fun! Okay?” Jamie pleaded. Jannah sighed again loudly then she smiled at the frustrated look on his face then patted his hand with her other hand. “Okay.” she said grudgingly.

When they arrived at the open air market they had a ball selecting fresh fruit from all of the many carts. Once they finally made their selections they loaded them up into the small but deep wagon that trailed behind Jamie. As each of them ate a peach as they walked Jannah suddenly heard herself blurt out, “Let’s explore a little. I’m not ready to go home yet.” “Sure.” Jamie said agreeably. The wagon that trailed behind him was child’s play. In fact he was only using one finger to pull it. “Okay little lady, you lead the way.” So following Jannah they both walked and walked and walked until they found themselves at the scorched clearing up in the Peralta Valley.

Jannah sat down on the ground in the middle of the clearing and immediately began thinking. After securing the wagon of fruit on the edge of the clearing Jamie came and sat down right next to Jannah. His usually happy mouth was formed into one long unhappy slit. “Please light up!” Jannah said angrily to the ring! “Light up, damn you!” Jannah was momentarily startled when she heard a loud grunt. When she turned she saw Jamie’s face now full of unconcealed anger. Jannah’s shackles immediately went up. “What?” she said defensively. “Is that why you brought us all the way out here? To get that blasted ring of yours to light up!” Jamie said his voice shaking with rage. “So what if I did!” Jannah replied defiantly. “So what if you did!” Jamie echoed increduously. “Jannah you’ve gone mad, absolutely mad!” Jamie said now on his feet. He was flailing his arms wildly while stomping his feet.

A second later, Jannah was on her feet. Her shoulders squared for battle. “I am not mad! I’m perfectly sane you big oaf!” Jannah puffed with anger. “Yes you are! You’re obsessed with that stupid ol’ ring of yours lighting up so that you can prove to us that you weren’t lying. Well i’m going to let you in on a little secret that everybody already seems to know but you, we already believe that your blasted ring lit up, in fact we all believed you from the very start so stop acting completely insane. For god’s sake it’s all you care about! Don’t you care about anything else anymore Jannah? You used to you know!”

For a few moments Jannah was struck speechless by Jamie’s words because deep down in her heart she knew that he was right. The fact that the ring hadn’t lit up in front of the others was really bugging her and made her feel like a big liar and if there was one thing that the Janu valued in other human beings was honesty. Now that Jannah began to think about it her shoulders slumped in defeat. She really had become obsessed with proving to everyone that she was right when in fact was stupid because everybody already did believe her and they had from the very start.

At this realization Jannah let out a loud frustrated howl and hit herself on the side of her head. When she finally looked over at Jamie her anger came back full force when she saw that he was grinning at her smugly. Knowing full well that he was right but not quite willing to admit it to him just yet and not exactly knowing where the words were coming from Jannah quickly said with her hands on her hips, “I care about alot of things you idiot!”

“Like what?” Jamie asked her with the smug grin still on his face. Jannah immediately began to shake with rage. With every vein in her neck sticking out Jannah spat, “I care about Shameous, Caite, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Lawgood…” But Jamie quickly interrupted her. “And what about me? Do you care about me, Jannah?” Jannah instantly rolled her eyes. “Of course, I care about you! In fact, I love you! So, there!” Jannah said triumphantly.

However 30 seconds later Jannah wanted to find the nearest hole, climb into it and hide. “Why did I say that?” she asked herself increduously. And just as quickly a small voice inside her head replied, “Because it’s true.” Jannah’s hands immediately flew to her open mouth. “I love Jamie.” she said to herself and was shocked when this time it was her heart that spoke and confirmed her feelings. All of a sudden Jannah became instantly frightened. She couldn’t breathe, she felt trapped and she hated that feeling. Not knowing what to do she let her body guide her so running on pure instinct she turned to run away but Jamie quickly grabbed her arm. He then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him then savagely brought his lips down onto hers. Jannah’s whole body instantly felt like it was on fire and it was such a wonderful feeling that she never wanted it to end. Jamie’s lips against her own felt so good, felt so right. Their lips fit perfectly together and every single part of Jannah’s body rejoiced. “I’m in love! I love Jamie!” Jannah thought happily then kissed Jamie back with all of the passion that she could. Jannah and Jamie continued to kiss and kiss and kiss until Jamie’s lips abruptly moved away from her mouth and began to trail hot wet kisses up to her right ear. His voice was husky when he said, “I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time Miss Janu. And by the way, I love you too.”

Instantly tears came to Jannah’s eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Jamie tenderly wiped them away with his thumbs then gave Jannah a long kiss. When the both of them finally came up for air a long while later, Jannah lovingly caressed Jamie’s face as she looked deep into his dark green eyes. “I love you Jamie O’Jadery and I always will.” she said, her voice full of happiness. Jamie smiled bright. He then took Jannah’s hands off his face and held them in his own hands and began to tenderly kiss them. He did this for several seconds. He then looked up at Jannah and said, “I love you Jannah Janu and I always will too.” At these words Jannah hugged Jamie tightly loving the feel of his body up against hers. One second later they both jumped with fright when a bright white light suddenly appeared between them.

And as they involuntarily stepped back from each other all of a sudden the bright white light that both of them could now see was coming from Jannah’s ring lashed out quickly in both Jannah and Jamie’s directions. For a split second the light made contact with each of their fingers and just as quickly withdrew. With absolute shock on their faces both Jamie and Jannah examined their fingers where the white light had touched them and they both discovered that there was no injury whatsoever but they both began to rub them to sooth them all the same.

It was Jannah who saw it first. “Oh my god! Jamie, look!” Jannah cried while pointing her finger. When Jamie looked up he couldn’t believe his eyes. Two big droplets of blood were hovering in midair just a couple of yards away from them. And as if a magnet was in the center pulling them together both droplets of blood were slowly moving towards each other. A minute later when both droplets of blood made contact with each other a beautiful kaleidoscope of brilliant colors burst into the air. It was the most beautiful display that Jannah had ever seen.

And just as quickly as it had came it left and in its place was a small heart floating midair. Jannah now standing next to Jamie with one arm around his waist quickly tightened her hold and sucked in her ragged breath. She flinched when she felt Jamie’s fingers dig into her waist. At first Jannah thought it was her imagination but it wasn’t. One of Jannah’s hands flew to her open mouth while Jamie’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. There was no doubt about it the floating heart was getting bigger and bigger. It took only a few moments for it to grow to the size of a watermelon and when it stopped it started floating toward’s Jannah.

At this sight, Jamie’s protective instincts went into overdrive. He quickly clutched Jannah’s right hand and told her to run but something in Jannah told her to wait. Jannah quickly looked into Jamie’s eyes and pleaded, “No, Jamie. We’re going to wait. It’ll be fine, trust me.” she said. A few seconds later Jamie relented. And as both of their eyes turned back to the huge heart less than five seconds later it was lying in Jannah’s arms. The very instant that Jannah held the huge heart in her arms a feeling of euphoria washed over her that she could not explain. The one word that did come to Jannah’s mind was “complete.”

As Jannah continued to hold the watermelon sized heart in her arms she happily smiled up at Jamie with a smile so breathtaking that it took his breath away. Unbeknownst to Jamie, a huge smile appeared on his face and at that very moment the bright white light suddenly faded away and the bottom of the heart also slowly started to fade away revealing a pair of tiny sunshine yellow feet, then legs, then stomach, then head with beautiful chestnut brown hair streaked with light golden brown highlights exactly like Jannah’s. Jamie and Jannah looked at the baby in Jannah’s arms with excited wonder. And as if the baby could sense their excitement she quickly opened her eyes and tears instantly filled Jannah and Jamie’s eyes because looking back at them with a big ol’ grin on her face were dark green eyes the exact same color’s as Jamie’s.

This was truly one of the happiest days of Jannah’s life! She was sitting in a beautiful park filled liberally with lush trees filled with delectable fruits while beautiful and exotic flowers and plants grew everywhere and just to her right was a large lake with an attached beach piled high with mounds and mounds of navy blue sand. Currently the park was decorated for a king or a princess as Jannah and Jamie often called her. And as Jannah with tears pouring down her face watched lovingly and proudly as her best friend and husband, Jamie O’Jadery walked their now 18 year old daughter, Jalena down the aisle to get married to Shameous Lawgood Ortega, the youngest son of one of her oldest and dearest friends, Dr. Carlos Ortega she was filled with a happiness so great that it lit up the park with an atmosphere of pure and undying love.

For a moment Jannah was broken out of her reverie when her husband, Jamie sat down next to her and took her right hand and kissed it just as he had done everyday for the past 18 years. He then moved his head so that it rested up against Jannah’s and that is how they watched their daughter’s marriage ceremony. And as always Jannah’s mind began to wander. With the biggest smile on her face she began to reminise about how they had got to this moment. After all, it was truly amazing!

From the very instant that their daughter, Jalena was born she had steadily over the next 18 years filled in all of the missing pieces. Jannah silently chuckled to herself when after she and Jamie had rushed back to the house to tell Shameous what had happened on that glorious day the look of shock on his face when inside the little wagon was not fruit but a smiling laughing baby. And from the very moment that baby Jalena had met Shameous, Dr. Lawgood and Dr. Ortega she was already issuing orders to them by pointing her little finger and either laughing or crying when they were right or wrong about something.

Over the years they had found out many things from Jalena. One of the first was about their planet that Jalena had name Jytrimillya due to Shameous, Dr. Lawgood and Dr. Ortega’s constant scientific references. Three, in particular. Gigantic – which meant something of great size. And the words Million and Trillion – which were extremely large numbers. After years of investigating and research all three doctors and other doctors determined that the new planet was comprised of trillions of miles of lush diamond-like land. It was gigantic! Hence the name, Jytrimillya.

The sparkly pieces that they initially mistook for diamonds and glass were actually the foundation for the very planet that they were currently watching a marriage ceremony on. You see, trillions of miles away from the planet Earth and the other planets in the solar system as the three doctors called it there was a small planet called Glissereen. And on that planet lived a very brilliant doctor and scientist named Dr. Gliro Glyrin. As a scientist, it was one of his dreams to create a whole new planet consisting of organisms from his home planet of Glissereen and from organisms of another planet from the other planets in the solar system trillions of miles away. So one day he got to work.

After a while Dr. Glyrin came up with an idea and the key were the glisserite crystals that he had finally constructed. The crystals acted like sponges soaking up any organism that it could then stored them so that those new organisms could be used along with the organisms from the planet Glissereen already in them to populate the new planet. Inside each piece of crystal of course lay every single organism on Glissereen including organisms from it’s people, it’s lands, it’s animals, it’s insects, it’s food, it’s drink, etc. And there was even one piece of crystal that was above all of the rest because of its special procreation abilities. This piece was called “The Heart” and Dr. Glyrin had carefully hidden it among the other crystals. You see, in order to have a healthy thriving planet you had to have living organisms, in this case, people, animals and insects and much more to exist.

But unfortunately one day word leaked out through a spy about Dr. Glyrin’s project and pretty soon every scoundrel on Glissereen was trying to steal the crystals. So to protect his work one night he gathered up all of his belongings, research and the crystals then sneaked off of Glissereen. While he was riding through space on his Glisserglider he soon discovered that he was being followed. Wasting no time Dr. Glyrin quickly fired three inferno balls at his pursuers then jettisoned all of the crystals out into space except for one so that one day he could use it to locate the other jettisoned crystals when it was safe. Eventually Dr. Glyrin was able to escape his pursuers due to his high powered Glisserglider and sought refuge on the planet of Saturn.

After hearing about Dr. Glyrin it didn’t take Shameous, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Lawgood, Caite, James and Jannah long to figure out where those jettisoned crystals had wound up. Eventually Shameous, Dr. Ortega and Dr. Lawgood with Jalena’s help found out that the crystals that had disintegrated in Jannah’s hand on that day were “The Heart” and other glisserite crystals. They all later found out that those glisserite crystals were to be given out only to a select group of doctor/scientists to further construct the new planet.

After the rings with the glisserite crystals had been made and given out to those doctor/scientists personally selected by Shameous, Dr. Lawgood and Dr. Ortega the doctors were then sent out into the world to collect organisms from every single thing that they could in order to populate the new planet. And over the years that’s exactly what they did and were still doing even till Shamrock Girl’s day.

The rings had been specifically constructed to look like the ring that Jamie had made for Jannah so that they wouldn’t look suspicious when the doctor/scientists used them to suck the life force out of every single living thing that they could and make new organisms from these life forces. Over the years on the planet Earth, the rings collected organisms from people, animals, insects, food, drink, flowers, trees, soil, water and so much more and became intermingled with the organisms from Glissereen. Just like on Glissereen, on Earth, the rings collected the ugly and the beautiful, the solved and unsolvable, the good and the bad and in between. And eventually the good people on Jytrimillya would one day be called the Superheros, the bad people would one day be called the Supervillians and the in between people who were Jytrimillyans who would thanks to the slight defects in some of the glisserite crystals would one day be born with both the superhero and supervillian gene would be called Hervillings. A combination of the words hero and villian.

And over the years, the glisserite crystals in the rings that the doctor/scientists wore sucked up the collected organisms greedily until one day 10 years later filled with enough nourishment from the organisms, Jalena called all of the doctor/scientists back to Spain where the rings practically flew off of their fingers and began to attach themselves to the large pieces of remaining glisserite crystals that had been carefully hidden in Shameous’ laboratory. One by one the glisserite crystals then started attaching themselves to each other and hours later grew into a very large diamond shape sparkling and glissening bright as it floated trillions of miles away from Earth and eventually ended up on the exact opposite side of Glisserine where the planet Earth lay smack dab in the middle.

At first Shameous, Dr. Lawgood, Dr. Ortega and the other doctor/scientists were in a total panic about if they would ever see the plant again but as always 10 year old Jalena who was eternally connected to the planet patiently explained to them after giving them their new glisserite rings that they all had to now travel to Jytrimillya by the way of a “justice.” In Jytrimillyan terms, a “justice” was an ethereal floating shape that appeared when you commanded it and took you where you wanted to go. (In additon to that, it also had many other special abilities.) And from the very nanosecond (a time increment often used by Jytrimillyans) when Jannah had told her ring that she wanted to go to Jytrimillya she was hooked! She loved traveling by justice! Jannah would never forget her first ride to Jytrimillya on her justice. After her command, a large ethereal red heart, very much like the one that had brought Jalena to them, appeared several inches off the ground right in front of her. Jannah never one to miss an exciting adventure quickly wasted no time in hopping onto her justice and after a few nanoseconds of flying/floating bliss she was standing on the “Heart of Justice” but on the new planet of Jytrimillya. For Jannah and the others it was just one of the many extraordinary things that they all had to get used to.

At that moment so many wonderful feelings came over Jannah. Jannah involuntarily rubbed her finger with tears in her eyes where along with Jannah’s wedding band another ring containing a small extremely sparkly ruby shaped into a heart that Jamie had made especially for her also lay on her marriage finger. The ring was a combination of a regular ruby stone and one of the disintegrated glisserite crystals. You see, the moment after baby Jalena had opened her big beautiful dark green eyes and smiled at them “The Heart” that had been on Jannah’s finger instantly transferred onto baby Jalena’s extremely tiny one because she was the ring’s rightful owner. “The Heart of Jytrimillya” as the ring would later be known was designed to be worn by the mother or founder of the planet and that of course was Jalena Janu McZonnelly O’Jadery Ortega Jytrimillya or Jalena Jytrimillya as she would be eventually known.

Over time from Jalena and the other doctors Jannah found out that all those who wore the special glisserite rings which instantly appeared on the finger or around the neck of every person, animal and insect that was born on Jytrimillya that you could combine the glisserite crystals with a precious stone of your own choosing like a diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphine, etc. and personalize it to your own style and make it all your own. Jannah found herself now looking around at all of the different colored rings in all shapes and sizes on all of it’s wedding guests and the collar rings around their animals and insects. It was so wonderful to see each person’s, animal’s and insect’s personal style and that made her happy. Jannah loved individuality.

And she also loved the many other abilities of the glisserite rings including their ability to give you long life. In all of the doctor/scientist’s opinion a Jytrimillyan could easily live at least 200 years which was wonderful news to Jannah because even at the age of 61 she still had alot of living to do. Jannah also loved that the rings could make their wearers invisible. Oh how much fun Jannah had had playing minor tricks on people by making herself invisible while she tagged along with some of the doctor/scientists to various places on Earth to collect organisms. Jannah also loved the elongating ability that the glisserite ring gave her too. It still amazed her after so many times of doing it by simply pulling the skin either forward or backward you could change your age. Jannah often pulled her skin back to when she was 18 years old and would often reminise about the first time that she had met Jamie, Caite and Shameous or she would pull it back to when she was 43 when Jalena had first come into their lives. “Oh how Jannah loved her family!”

And as Jannah looked around at all of the good families at the wedding who would one day in the future be called “Superheros” her thoughts returned to her own small family and how it really came to be. As usual they all had learned from Jalena and eventually Dr. Glyrin himself who was currently winking at her. Jannah momentarily taken away from her thoughts quickly winked back then saw Dr. Glyrin turn his attention back to the ceremony with a big smile on his face. Jannah often wished that she could concentrate like that but her mind was always constantly wandering. Anyhoo, they all eventually found out that in order for the planet to come formally to life “The Heart” glisserite crystal not only needed organisms it also needed “true blood” which was blood from a good man and a good woman who were truly and eternally in love. Because that’s how every planet in the universe starts really with the love of a good man and a good woman.

At this point Jannah let out a long quiet breath. “It sure was an adventure getting here!” she thought. But Jannah also thought that after 43 years of exciting adventures and having her baby girl, Jalena she still of course wanted many exciting adventures but she also wanted stability. Badly! After traveling back and forth from Earth to Jytrimillya and vice versa, Jannah thought that she would never say this but finally she had had enough. A few weeks before Jalena’s wedding she had informed everybody of her feelings and of her intention to live permanently on Jytrimillya after the wedding. And of course like the close knit loving family that they were it didn’t surprise Jannah in the least when all of them decided to make Jytrimillya their permanent home too. Shameous, Dr. Lawgood and Dr. Ortega all agreed that they would do their scientific work from Jytrimillya and let the other doctor/scientists particularly the young ones continue to visit Earth and collect new and fresh organisms for the planet to consume so that it could continue to thrive and populate.

After that they all were very happy and excited about finally settling down permanently and started making big plans like building their own houses on Jytrimillya. Jannah was particularly excited by this because she would have her very own home (something she never truly had) and Jamie told her that whatever style she wanted their home to be in and whatever furnishings that she wanted she could have. The sky was the limit! He just wanted her to be happy. And Jannah was, very much so.

At that moment Jannah’s thoughts were broken abruptly by loud applause and a warm kiss on her cheek from Jamie. Seconds later there were many hugs and kisses from Jalena, her new son Shameous Lawgood Ortega, Caite, Shameous, Dr. Lawgood, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Glyrin, Dr. Glyrin’s cat Costas and many other friends and pets. And as Jannah hugged and kissed them all she finally realized that all of her dreams had come true and she was completely happy. For a minute Jannah’s mind wandered back to the 18 year old girl forever buried inside her and involuntarily let out several loud whoops of joy and a second later all of the wedding guests including her family and the pets happily did the same.

As Shamrock Girl slowly stirred awake she felt so happy and for a nanosecond didn’t know why until she opened her eyes and looked around the park and instantly remembered. While Shamrock Girl was happily remembering her wonderful dream a cold droplet of water landed on her arm and startled her. And when she looked over in the direction that it had come from she saw Emeralda her beloved cat and best friend in the whole wide universe vigorously toweling her beautiful jet black fur dry. When Emeralda finally noticed that Shamrock Girl was awake she smiled at her and with expert eyeball telepathy said, “Hey sleepy head, I have a surprise for you.” And before Shamrock Girl could say anything a tray floating in midair carrying two cups of TCBY’s cake batter yogurt, two spoons and several napkins suddenly appeared before her.

Shamrock Girl smiled brightly and took a cup, spoon and a couple of napkins, a nanosecond later Emeralda the Cat took her cup, spoon and the rest of the napkins and the floating tray instantly disappeared. A semi-dry Emeralda laying in the rocker/recliner on her belly asked her after taking a huge bite of her cake batter yogurt, “Did you have a nice nap, girl?” The smile on Shamrock Girl’s face got even brighter as she looked lovingly around the park that Jannah Janu had watched her daughter and their planet’s founder, Jalena Jytrimillya, get married in so long ago and said, “Yes, kitten, I had a very nice nap indeed.” With the effervescent smile still on her face, Shamrock Girl took a bite of her delicious TCBY cake batter yogurt and sighed with pleasure. “This is the life!” she thought happily then Shamrock Girl let out several loud whoops of joy and a nanosecond later not only did Emeralda join her but all of the superheros, supervillians and superpets in Jannah Park did too.


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